Friday, November 18, 2011

OWS Teach-In with Douglas Rushkoff

My name is Douglas Rushkoff
I am humbled and honored to be amplified by your voices.

You are not fighting against people, but against a machine.
It was put in place over 500 years ago.
By a wealthy elite - trying to repress a booming peer to peer economy.
Those people are all dead, but their program lives on.

They invented an operating system called central currency.
People who used to trade directly,
were now forced to borrow money from the king's bank.
At interest.

The elite also invented software for that operating system.
It was called the chartered monopoly. Today we call it the corporation.

It is a program designed to extract value.
It has legal monopoly over its industries.
We are legally prohibited from creating and exchanging value
unless we do it through the corporation.
We cannot work unless we have a "job."

We outsource our work, we outsource our savings, we outsource our borrowing, we outsource our investing - all instead of sourcing one another.

This 13th Century, printing-press era operating system
is incompatible with a 21st Century economy.
It is broken and dying. But it is still occupying our reality.

Too many are mistaking this operating system - for the way things are.
They see the Occupy Movement as the impediment.
We are not asking for wealth to be redistributed.
We are asking for the redistribution to STOP.

The Long Extraction is Over.

The peer to peer society is back.
We are ready to create and exchange value as people.

They say that the Occupy Movement has no leadership.
They are wrong.
You are the leaders

The rest of us are your followers.
What you do here - shows what we can do out there.

You are the classroom - we are the students.
You are the experiment - we are the results.
You are the proposition - we are the resolution.

If you can sleep under tarps
the rest of us can tell your story to our children at bedtime

If you can resist the cops.
The rest of us can resist the market and the mall

If you can live on shared food
The rest of us can buy and grow local crops

If you can live with no money
The rest of us can start using alternative currencies

If you can stand firm in the streets
The rest of us can stand firm in our foreclosed homes
and stand with our neighbors in theirs.

If you can occupy Zucotti Park
The rest of us can occupy reality.

And by that same logic:
As the nights get colder,
as the Mayor grows less tolerant,
or as the police get more violent,

Remember that you have already won.

Whatever happens in this square,
the day you leave is not the day you have lost
it is not the day you have surrendered.

It is the day you have spread out.
It is the day you have declared a bigger battlefield.Link
It is the day you teachers and we students become the same.

It is the day we Occupy the World.

F for Fake

So check out this amazing song's music video starring this apparently very confident young woman who seems to have been the victim of a horrible botox explosion... Seriously don't see the need for those hideous artificial lips, but maybe her management made her do it... They gave her her stage name in any case... Cause Elizabeth or Lizzy Grant sounds so mundane right...

Look in contrast at this second video at how insecure the girl is, and how she reacts to the question of her background. Wikipedia says she's the daughter of a "domain investor" so it's just not very interesting I guess. I'm just so shocked about the fakeness I had to post about this, why does the Record Industry insist on putting out Fake stuff out there, fake lips, attitude and name. I'd be even more smitten for this artist if she didn't have those scary ass lips. Her songs are beautiful, I just really hope she can ditch her retarded management and get the confidence she portrays in that first video, well maybe not that much. Ok silly rant over.

The Sunset Limited - Yin Yang

B: Belief aint like unbelief. If you're a believer and you finally got to come to the well of belief itself, then you aint got to look no further. There aint no further. But the unbeliever's got a problem. He's set out to unravel the world. For everything he can point to that aint true, he leaves two things laying there.

B: I ain't a doubter, but I am a questioner.
W: What's the difference?
B: A questioner wants the truth. A doubter wants to be told there ain't no such thing.

W: Do you really believe everything that's in there... the Bible?
B: The literal truth? Probably not, but then you already know I'm an outlaw. Probably the notion of original sin... you know, when Eve ate the apple, turned everybody bad. I don't see people that way. I think for the most part people was good to begin with. I think evil is something you bring on your own self, mostly from wanting things you ain't supposed to have.

W: I long for Darkness. I pray for death, real death. And if I thought that in death I would meet the people I knew in life, I don't know what I would do. That would be the ultimate horror, the ultimate nightmare. If I thought I was gonna meet my mother again an' start all of that over, only this time without the prospect of death to look forward to... that would be the final nightmare. Goddamn Kafka on wheels.

W: I don't believe in God. Can you understand that? Look around you, man. Can't you see? The clamour and din of those in torment has to be the sound most pleasing to his ear.

B: This book is a guide for the ignorant and the sick at heart. A whole man wouldn't need it at all. And if you was to read this book, you're gonna find there's more talk in here about the wrong way than there is the right way.

W: The Bible is full of cautionary tales...all of literature, for that matter... telling us to be careful. Careful of what? Taking the wrong turn, the wrong path. How many wrong paths are there? Their number is legion. How many right paths? Just one. Hence the imbalance that you spoke of.

W: Even God gives up at some point. There's no ministry in hell that I ever heard of.
B: No, there ain't. And that's well put. Ministry is for the living. That's why you're responsible
for your brother. Once he quit breathing you can't help him no more. He's in the hands of other parties. So you got to look after him now. You might even want to monitor his train schedule.

W: I gather it to be your belief that culture tends to contribute to human misery, that the more one knows, the unhappier one is likely to be.
B: As in the case of certain parties known to us.
W: It's the first thing in that book there... the Garden of Eden. Knowledge as destructive to the spirit, destructive to goodness.
B: I thought you ain't read that book.
W: Everyone knows that story. It's probably the most famous story in there.
B: Hmm, why you think that is?
W: I suppose from the God's point of view all knowledge is vanity. Or maybe it just gives people the unhealthy illusion that they can outwit 'the devil'.

W: The darker picture is always the correct one. When you read the history of the world you are reading a saga of bloodshed and greed and folly the import of which is impossible to ignore. And yet we imagine that the future will somehow be different. I've no idea why we are even still here. In all probability we won't be here much longer.
B: Them's some pretty powerful words, professor. That's what's in your heart though, ain't it?
W: Yes.
B: All right, well, I can relate to them thoughts.
W: You can?
B: Sure I can.
W: That surprises me.
B: But you could be wrong, you know.

B: The light is all around you but you don't see nothing but shadow. And you're the one causing it. It's you. You're the shadow. That's the point.
W: Well, I don't have your faith. Why don't we just leave it at that?
B: You ain't never thought about just starting over?
W: I did at one time. I don't anymore.
B: Well, maybe faith is just a case of not having nothing else left.
W: Well, I do have something else.
B: Well, why don't you just keep that in reserve? Just take a shot at starting over. I don't mean starting again. Everybody's done that. Over means over. Just walk away. I mean, if everything you are and everything you have and everything you done has brought you at last to the bottom of a whisky bottle or bought you a one-way ticket on the Sunset Limited, you can't give me one good reason on God's green earth for salvaging none of it, 'cause there ain't none. If you can bring yourself to close the door on all of that, it will be cold and it will be lonely and there will be a fierce wind blowing. But you don't say nothing. You just turn your collar up and keep walking.
W: I can't. I can't.

W: Banish the fear of death from men's hearts... They wouldn't live a day. Who would want this nightmare but for fear of the next?

Black asks a question at the end of the movie to God and the answer to me seems obvious, he may not have found the words, but despite everything he has the spirit and that's wonderful.He's proven he's saved himself.

Batman is the 1%

Haha. Anne Hathaway is gonna pull a Halle Berry in 3, 2,...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

George Carlin on Acid with Chris Rock

"...and I finally, boom, that clicked in, from the acid, thank god for acid."

"that's why they put it on that list of bad drugs, cause they know it opens up the mind. It can be dangerous, I ain't saying it's not dangerous, someway, you take too much, take the wrong kind..."

"I don't need it anymore cause it's a self-limiting drug, it's the kind of drug that you take it a few times, and it tells you: "that's enough, we're cool, now we're happening," and that's what happened to me."

tnx Alienpunk