Saturday, May 31, 2008

Alex Grey: The Vast Expanse

I acknowledge the privilege of being alive in a human body at this moment, endowed with senses, memories, emotions, thoughts, and the space of mind in its wisdom aspect;

It is the prayer of my innermost being to realize my supreme identity in the liberated play of consciousness, the Vast Expanse; Now is the moment, Here is the place of Liberation;

Witness the contents of mind, the visions and sounds, the thoughts, as clouds passing through the Vast Expanse - the skylike nature of mind; The rootedness of Being is in emptiness, clarity and awareness: Unborn, unspoilt, stainlessly pure;

The infinite vibratory levels, the dimensions of interconnectedness are without end; There is nothing independent; All beings and things are residents in your awareness;

I subject my awareness to the perfection of being, the perfection of wisdom and perfection of love, all of these being co-present in the Vast Expanse; I share this panorama of Being and appreciate all I can share it with;

The seamless interweaving of awareness with each moment creates perfection wherever you go; That is why this teaching is admired by artists - they sense the correctness of the response to life as creative;

Life is infinite creative play; Enjoyment and participation in this creative play is the artist's profound joy; We coauthor every moment with universal creativity;

To bare our souls is all we ask, to give all we have to life and the beings surrounding us; Here the nature spirits are intense and we appreciate them, make offerings to them - these nature spirits who call us here - sealing our fate with each other, celebrating our love;

I am an intersecting kaleidoscope of Being in a rainbow refractive wave pattern: A corpuscle of light on the ocean; the transparency of my body with the rocks; sometimes the only way to summarize my feelings is to draw - to collapse the frenzy in my limbs enough to make a mark out of profound appreciation for my existence;

Share your presence with others, no boundaries, completely, openly, lovingly; Love is what makes us alive, that is why we feel so alive when we love; Service is being available to love; Life is the combustion of love; That we love ourselves here, that is the true magnificence in the mountains of being;

We are constantly drawing the line between love and not love - enter into the Nonduality Zone; All judgements dissolve in the Vast Expanse;

It's as though we are co-conspirators of consciousness - everyone, everywhere, everywhen, mixing up our openable minds; It's as though we could gather clouds in the sky and people into our lives; Like an eruption of consciousness, we discover the most important force is love;

Experience yourself as the Source and appreciate every moment as perfection; Sunrise - Sunset; Thank you, thank you, Creator, Profound unstoppable connectedness of all beings, Pattern to everything, most radical no-thing, the Vast Expanse;

Alex Grey

August 22, 1994

The Aristocracy Unveiled

The Aristocracy Unveiled

Acharya S Debunks the Debunkers

Acharya S Debunks the Debunkers

Acharya S, known from 'the Christ conspiracy', debunks the Zeitgeist debunkers which are usually biased towards Christian or other highly filtering belief systems.

Thanks Secret Sun

Daily Dedroidify: Lady

There was a young lady named Bright
Whose speed was much faster than light;
She departed one day
In a relative way
And returned on the previous night.

Inflicted by Arthur Henry Reginald Buller, in the December 19, 1923 issue of Punch (from Robert Anton Wilson: Cosmic Trigger)

Friday, May 30, 2008

Incredible pictures of one of Earth's last uncontacted tribes firing bows and arrows

Daily Mail: It is extraordinary to think that, in 2008, there remain about a hundred groups of people, scattered over the Earth, who know nothing of our world and we nothing of theirs, save a handful of brief encounters. (update: 1, 2)

The uncontacted tribes, which are located in the jungles of South America, New Guinea and a remote and the beautiful and remote North Sentinel island in the Indian Ocean all have one thing in common - they want to be left alone.

And for good reason. The history of contact, between indigenous tribes and the outside world, has always been an unhappy one.

Contact is usually a disaster for these remote tribespeople, who live a life probably unchanged for more than 10,000 years. Even if the loggers do not shoot them (which they often do) or force them off their land, diseases against which these isolated humans have no resistance typically wipe out half an uncontacted tribe's numbers in a year or two.

Ms Ross added: 'These pictures are further evidence that uncontacted tribes really do exist. The world needs to wake up to this, and ensure that their territory is protected in accordance with international law. Otherwise, they will soon be made extinct.'

Learn How To Meditate

Learn How To Meditate 5 Parts

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

We've been goofing around on this blog for too long, so it's time to get freaking serious! I posted this cause I learned about androgony from my synchromystic buddies. And am opening up to it for the first time. So join me, in loosening BS filters, take this stuff and your gender lightly, why so serious? Remember when I said back to normal yesterday, haha there's no such thing.

A transcendent seraphim radiating light and creativity, a horrid abomination of darkness wallowing in wickedness, or some unnatural merger of the two. The status of this enigmatic visual artist is still up for debate.

Daily Dedroidify: Hmmm

I saw a man upon the stair
A little man who wasn't there.
He wasn't there again today -
Gee, I wish he'd go away!

based on William Hughes Mearns "Antigonish" (1899)
(from Robert Anton Wilson: Cosmic Trigger 2)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Terence McKenna: Awake in the Dream of Reality

Terence McKenna: Awake in the Dream of Reality

This vid should make up for this chaotic day ;) Excellent McKenna.

M.I.A. - Paper Planes

M.I.A. - Paper Planes

Hey everybody I found something to post! :p Aww a music vid. Cheap huh, but trust me this song is better than it first seems. Btw again, I only post music vids related to the blog's topics with no regard for genre and especially 'taste' (but don't label them correctly mostly :p). If a song sounds intelligent, always check out the lyrics and dig further! I could have woken up years earlier if I paid more attention to my tool and radiohead albums ;p. When I woke up the first things I explored too was looking for what & who inspired what & who inspired me! Btw, tomorrow will be back to usual business.

Daily Dedroidify: Kenny

Daily Dedroidify: Kenny

"I know I am deathless. No doubt I have died myself ten thousand times before. I laugh at what you call dissolution, and I know the amplitude of time."
Kenny (Walt Whitman :p)

And one day
I'm going to grow wings
A chemical reaction...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Spin by Brian Springer

Spin by Brian Springer

Brian Springer examines media bias and spin during the 1992 election year. They still use the same tricks. The documentary captures the behind-the-scenes maneuverings of politicians and newscasters in the early 1990s. Decent candidate gets excluded like Ron Paul. Pat Robertson banters about "homos," Al Gore learns how to avoid abortion questions, George Bush talks to Larry King about halcyon, Larry King suggests to Bill Clinton that Ted Turner may "serve him." -- All presuming they're off camera. Composed of 100% unauthorized satellite footage, Spin is a surreal expose of media-constructed reality. (You can find it on YouTube too if Googlevideo is too slow.)

John C. Lilly audio & video

John C. Lilly, M.D., was a consciousness pioneer, mind and brain researcher, author, trained psychoanalyst, neuroscientist, inventor, cetaceans and dolphin researcher. His interspecies communication research inspired the film Day of the Dolphin. He worked extensively in biophysics, computer theory, and electronics. He invented the isolation tank to understand how the brain works in sensory deprivation. He explores inner consciousness and psychoactive substances, and inspired the film Altered States. He considered his book, Programming and Metaprogramming the Human Biocomputer, his most original work. He was a founding Director of the Association for Cultural Evolution.

Somebody buy all this stuff and put it online, now :p

Man summons UFO on camera

Man summons UFO on camera

This is what Steven Greer & his people said they could do but didn't find necessary to get on tape lol. The vid is pretty damn cool though, I can't believe how old it is and that I haven't seen it before.

"What the flying saucers are doing is erroding faith in science, they are an antidote to the scientific paradigm that has evolved over the past 400 years and which has led us to the brink of global catastrophe."
Terence Mckenna

"The ufo is a mirage, being cast backward into time by the transcendental object at the end of time. (...) It's a compensatory image that haunts time because time is a kind of hologram, time is a fractal and fractal means that the same pattern is embedded again and again in a relationship of self-similarity. So because the transcendental object exists somewhere ahead of us in history there must be necessarily a tiny part of it somewhere nearby. And this is what the ufo is I think, and this is why nobody's ever gonna show you a chunk of it, and they're never gonna put an extraterrestrial on television, because it isn't that kind of a creature, it's a compensatory image from the end of time."
Terence McKenna

Daily Dedroidify: Piri Reis map

Daily Dedroidify: Piri Reis map

In 1929, a group of historians found an amazing map drawn on a gazelle skin, which showed continents people had never seen before! The map accurately depects longitude, something the Europeans were only capable of doing in the 18th century, and it is a 16th century map!

Research showed that it was a genuine document drawn in 1513 by Piri Reis, a famous admiral of the Turkish fleet in the sixteenth century. His passion was cartography. His high rank within the Turkish navy allowed him to have a privileged access to the Imperial Library of Constantinople. The Turkish admiral admits in a series of notes on the map that he compiled and copied the data from a large number of source maps, some of which dated back to the 4th century BC or earlier.

The Piri Reis map shows the western coast of Africa, the eastern coast of South America, and the northern coast of Antarctica. The northern coastline of Antarctica is perfectly detailed. The most puzzling however is not so much how Piri Reis managed to draw such an accurate map of the Antarctic region 300 years before it was discovered, but that the map shows the coastline under the ice. Geological evidence confirms that the latest date Queen Maud Land could have been charted in an ice-free state is 4000 BC! And we only know Queen Maud Land's true configuration since 1949! (adapted from ('Ik reis' means 'I travel' (verb) & 'reis' = 'journey' in dutch/flemish) (Again I'm not saying this is a conspiracy with this label, I'm hinting at a possibility, perhaps I should start a mystery label ;p)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Manly P. Hall: Victory of the Soul Over Circumstance

Manly P. Hall: Victory of the Soul Over Circumstance

Manly Palmer Hall (March 18, 1901 - August 29, 1990) was a Canadian-born author and mystic. He is perhaps most famous for his work The Secret Teachings of All Ages: An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic and Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy, which is widely regarded as his magnum opus, published in 1928 when he was just 27 years old.

He has been widely recognized as a leading scholar in the fields of religion, mythology, mysticism, and the occult. Carl Jung, when writing Psychology and Alchemy, borrowed material from Hall's private collection.

In 1934, Hall founded the Philosophical Research Society (PRS) in Los Angeles, California, dedicating it to an idealistic approach to the solution of human problems.

In 1973 (47 years after writing The Secret Teachings of All Ages), Hall was recognized as a 33º Mason (the highest honor conferred by the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite), at a ceremony held at PRS on December 8th, despite never being initiated into the physical craft.

In his over 70-year career, Hall delivered approximately 8,000 lectures in the United States and abroad, authored over 150 books and essays, and wrote countless magazine articles.

Chaos Matrix

Chaos Matrix has some good info available on What is Chaos Magick? Rituals, Workings, Spells, and Techniques. Sigils, Servitors, Egregores, and Godforms. Gnosis. Austin Osman Spare (writing and art). Cthulhu/Necronomicon. Ouranian Barbaric. Chaos Science. Temple of Psychick Youth (TOPY). Peter Carroll/IOT. Frater U:.D:. Discordianism. Chaos Magick Miscellany.

The Fountain Music Video Together we will live forever

The Fountain Music Video Together we will live forever

Definitely check out this wonderful movie.

The Pharmacratic Inquisition

How deep does the rabbit hole go? Gnostic Media is proud to present the official online edition of The Pharmacratic Inquisition 2007. If you enjoyed “Zeitgeist - The Movie”, you will love this video; the creators of this video are listed as one of the sources for the Zeitgeist Movie. The Pharmacratic Inquisition 2007 is a video version of the book, “Astrotheology & Shamanism” by Jan Irvin & Andrew Rutajit. The painstakingly detailed and heavily footnoted research in the book comes to life in this video and is now available to you for FREE!
For further research of the claims made in this video, please read AstroTheology & Shamanism - this book is available to order as a combo with the DVD. Thousands of years ago, in the pre monarchic era, sacred plants and other entheogenic substances where politically correct and highly respected for their ability to bring forth the divine, Yahweh, God, The Great Spirit, etc., by the many cultures who used them. Often the entire tribe or community would partake in the entheogenic rites and rituals. These rites were often used in initiation into adulthood, for healing, to help guide the community in the decision process, and to bring the direct religious experience to anyone seeking it. In the pre literate world, the knowledge of psychedelic sacraments, as well as fertility rites and astronomical knowledge surrounding the sun, stars, and zodiac, known as astrotheology, were anthropomorphized into a character or a deity; consequently, their stories and practices could easily be passed down for generations.
Weather changes over millenniums caused environmental changes that altered the available foods and plant sacraments available in the local vicinity. If a tribe lost its shamanic El-der (El - God), all of the tribe's knowledge of their plant sacraments as well as astronomical knowledge would be lost. The Church’s inquisitions extracted this sacred knowledge from the local Shamans who were then exterminated…It is time to recognize the fact that this Pharmacratic Inquisition is still intact and destroy it.

Daily Dedroidify: Karma

Too Funny & Too Serious

Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. If one opportunity is missed, another will appear until the student of the life experience grasps that a lesson is being offered and undertakes to learn it.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Stewart Swerdlow - History of Mind Control

Stewart Swerdlow - History of Mind Control

A lecture during a storm and you can see the lightning through the window, which gives it a pretty cool effect. Though sometimes I wonder where the line between belief systems and truth is drawn with researchers like this, I like exploring their different reality tunnels to challenge catma.

2 comments from the google video page:
"it was going pretty well until he started saying that Leary, Ginsberg et al were all working for the PTB along with most of the rock stars of the 60s & 70s." Tribal Oscillator

"yeah, the crap he spews at lennon, leary, morrison, et al, is such nonsense he is lucky he isn't living in a mental hospital .. he is just making this s**t up .. who knows where the lies end & the truth begins he is a mind controller himself spewing his own fear tactics .. he is probably being used by the illuminati himself." Blyleven

I have to say I call bullshit too at first catma glance. Alan Watt (not Watts) says similar things and was unconvincing too. How liberating information, entheogens & techniques can be mind control is beyond me, though obviously there is a lot of crappy stuff around too in the New Age, Spirituality, and so on, it doesn't negate the good. He apparently doesn't discard all consciousness material, though it's unclear from this lecture what his stances are. I'm willing to explore this further if anyone has convincing information of how mysticism could be used against us. (Which apparently isn't Watt or Swerdlow).

Psychic Witness

Digital TV is getting big in Belgium and we recently have the Discovery Channel (a few of them) and I gotta say the programming is way better than National Geographic (Air Crash Investigation :p). I saw a great episode of this show Psychic Witness yesterday.

They are the secret weapon in the investigative arsenal. The last resort for desperate families. The downfall of some of the most heinous criminals. They are forensic psychics, and their growing role in crime fighting is real. Follow along as detectives across the country turn to the uncanny abilities of psychics and solve the most baffling crimes with their help. Through dramatic re-enactments, stunning visual effects and interviews with actual participants, each episode of Psychic Witness tells two captivating stories straight from the case files of real cops — and real psychics.

The Science of Lost

Above Left: a Dharma Initiative logo. Right: Large Hadron Collider (CERN)

This Popular Mechanics article on “debunking” the science of Lost does little debunking and much fawning and speculating. (LOL, sounds like their work on "debunking" 9/11 conspiracy theories - they even had to cancel interviews because they were being hammered in debates. These guys actually make money? :p).
What I love about lost (inspired also by RAW and John Lilly!) is the weird science, the emerging consciousness, synchronicity, dharma & karma, the little hints and symbolism. I can't believe they're stretching this show until 2010 though.

Thanks very much Hatch 23

Dubai is Mordor


Don't you just love saying that? Mor-Dor, sounds a bit like Murder, it actually means Black Land or Land of Shadow in 2 of Tolkiens own created languages. (Btw, I highly recommend the Silmarillion to learn about the beginning of the LOTR world, including the mythology. I read this before I was interested in belief systems and comparative religion etc, so that says a lot!) That tower in the mist is pretty insane.

"One does not simply walk into Mordor." Boromir

Thanks Atlantean Times

Daily Dedroidify: Some advice from Jack Black

Daily Dedroidify: Some advice from Jack Black

"If I was gonna say just one thing, I'd say set the artist free. I'm saying quit your day job. Now I know a lot of you here are saying: 'I can't quit my day job, I got kids to feed Jack'.

Quit ya day job, focus on your craft one time. Before it's all over, you've died, you've squandered it,
Jack Black

Robot Circuitry

Sunday, May 25, 2008

DMT & the Third Eye

Terence McKenna: DMT body

The most illegal drug in the world our own bodies metabolise naturally.

David Wilcock: Pineal Gland Third Eye clip (2 minutes in)
And the rest here and here

The NETHERlands

The Checkpoint in the Netherlands (Nether, also see: 'void' :p), a border town coffee shop was raided by authorities, there is only 500 grams allowed in a coffee shop at one time. Which is freaking hilarious cause in the border towns that won't last the shop an hour :p. They had several kilos and 1600 rolled joints along with another 64.000 in a storage house. The owner and some employees were arrested. This was just before they were gonna try using admittance-passes to lessen the stampede... for weed. Haha, there's another coffee shop in that town but it's nowhere near as good.

So we're looking for other ways of amusement, and we checked out the closest smart shop catalogue. A smart shop is a place where you can buy entheogens and other crazy shit. Don't worry, I only take entheogens with at least 3 month intervals and despite having only had a big handful of trips on 2 kinds of shrooms, am a living encyclopedia on altered states of consciousness.

Some of my friends have appreciated what I learned & shared about entheogens and my own trips, and some have requested to trip with me to try out more potential (metaprogramming and beyond experiences) than some laughs and visual distortions. (Makes me very happy.) I'm looking for some more information on the following four below, and google isn't helping a lot. Btw, at this moment, I'm not looking to try any of these and am sticking to my darling Psylocybin Tampensis (Truffles, like shrooms, only much less to eat :p). I might try Salvia one time in the future though.

Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds, Cam I think you told me about these before? Similar to LSD. I read on erowid taking dramamine is advised to reduce nausea, that makes me turn away fast. (I do not combine anything when it comes to entheogens, I also once spoke to someone who loved taking psychedelic cocktails and planned trips with going up on another entheogen while going down on another, he didn't take much time to recuperate between trips either. He said he burned up his entire lightbody with his shenanigans.)
Voacanga africana, Right now all I know is it may be similar to Iboga.
Yopo, painfully snorting DMT? No thanks?
Dionysus capsules, mix of Morning glory, Guarana & H.B. Woodrose, not touching that with a ten foot pole :p.

Thanks in advance if you have anything to share.

All the world's problems and scientists have their heads up their ass this far.

Ms Frankenstein's Jellyfish Pig

Educated fools, their wallets and their 'stress relieving toys'.
Do we really understand what we're doing here? No.

Spider Goats (a truthy docu "Google spider goats" took its name based on this 'weird shit'.)

The Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension

A great website with excellent design featuring articles on a range of consciousness topics, a wiki feature, videos, news embedding, a forum, irc, and a webchatbox with philosopher bots (cause the webmaster didn't like the chatter of the users, lol).

Here are some great pages: 8 Circuit model, DNA, Shamanism, Omega and Incunabula.

There are also pages on great people like Lilly, RAW, Leary, McKenna, Watts and McLuhan.

Radiohead - Electioneering

Radiohead - Electioneering

I will stop
I will stop at nothing
Say the right things
When electioneering
I trust I can rely on your vote

When I go forwards you go backwards and somewhere we will meet

Riot shields
Voodoo economics
It's just business
Cattle prods and the IMF
I trust I can rely on your vote

When I go forwards you go backwards and somewhere we will meet

Send this to everyone who still believes in the political BS of yesterday.

Daily Dedroidify: Osho

Daily Dedroidify: Osho

Rajneesh Chandra Mohan Jain (December 11, 1931 - January 19, 1990), better known during the 1970s as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and later as Osho was an Indian spiritual teacher. He lived in India and in other countries including, for a period the United States.

The Sanskrit word Bhagwan means "Blessed one" (historically, it is used to refer to a Hindu god, such as Bhagwan Ram or Bhagwan Krishna or to a spiritually awakened being in Mahayana Buddhism). It is also used to denote individuals who possess a great wealth of spiritual knowledge.

'Osho' is an ancient Japanese term that is used to address a spiritual master in certain Zen traditions. The name "Osho" in this context means "The Friend". It fit how Rajneesh wanted to be known by his followers and lovers.

Osho has been described by the Sunday Times of London as one of the "1000 Makers of the 20th Century" and by American novelist Tom Robbins as "the most dangerous man since Jesus Christ." More than a decade after his death in 1990, the influence of his teachings continues to grow, reaching seekers of all ages in virtually every country of the world.

"Anybody who gives you a belief system is your enemy, because the belief system becomes the barrier for your eyes: you cannot see the truth. The very desire to find the truth disappears. But if all your belief systems are taken away from you, in the beginning certainly, it is bitter. I know the fear, the anxiety, that will surface immediately which you have been suppressing for millenia. But it is there, very alive, no God can destroy it. Only the search for truth and the experience of truth, NOT a belief is capable to heal all your wounds. To make you a whole being, and the whole person is the holy person to me."

"Only when there are many people who are pools of peace, silence, understanding, will war disappear."

"I am here to seduce you into a love of life; to help you to become a little more poetic; to help you die to the mundane and to the ordinary so that the extraordinary explodes in your life."

"When you are no more, only then for the first time will you be."

"Each person comes into this world with a specific destiny - he has something to fulfill, some message has to be delivered, some work has to be completed. You are not here accidentally - you are here meaningfully. There is a purpose behind you. The whole intends to do something through you."

"Mind is very serious, and meditation is absolutely nonserious. When I say this you may be bewildered, because people go on talking about meditation very seriously. But meditation is not a serious thing. It is just like play. Nonserious. Sincere, but nonserious. It is not something like work; it is more like play. Play is not an activity. Even when it is active, it is not an activity. Play is just pleasure. The activity is not going anywhere; it is not motivated. Rather, it is just pure, flowing energy. But it is difficult, because we are so involved in activity. We have always been so active that activity has become a deep-rooted obsession. Even while asleep we are active. Even when we are thinking about relaxing we are active. We even make relaxation an activity; we make an effort to relax. This is absurd! But it happens because of the robotlike habits of the mind.
So what to do? Only nonactivity leads you to your inner center, but the mind cannot conceive of how to be nonactive. So what to do?"

(fair warning: this is a liberating circuit 6 meditation, which includes catharsis - each stage lasts 10 minutes)

(From The New Alchemy: To turn you on)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Maurice Cotterell - Secrets of the Super Gods (Must See)

In 1989 engineer and scientist Maurice Cotterell found a way of calculating the duration of long-term magnetic reversals on the Sun. Using this knowledge he was able to break the codes of ancient sun-worshipping civilizations, first the Mayas of Central America, those of Tutankhamen of Egypt, and Viracocha of South America, before cracking the codes of the Terracotta Warriors of China.

Maurice Cotterell - Secrets of the Super Gods 1 & part 2

A must see lecture on 2012, the science of sunspot cycles, mayan mythology and symbolism explained, decoded hidden knowledge from tombs, religious symbolism, astrotheology, venus, consciousness, emotion, spirituality, evolution, reality, illusion, ascension, etc! You will see how when you overlay transparent copies of the lid and mask of the Mayan Pacal tomb in the temple of Palenque, hundreds of pictures of secret knowledge appear. And also at Viracocha, Tutankhamun, the Terracotta Warriors tomb and much more. Bear with the bad quality of the projector at times, it's so worth it (and there's more illustrative evidence at Cotterell's site.)

"Mankind is a conduit to make god grow."
Maurice Cotterell

For more on Cotterell's research visit the dedroidify sunspots & tombs page.

Police officers to be 'microchipped' by top brass in Big Brother style tracking scheme

Police officers to be 'microchipped' by top brass in Big Brother style tracking scheme.

Showing the 'good example'

"But many serving officers fear being turned into 'Robocops' - controlled by bosses who have not been out on the beat in years."

Chuck Palahniuk Quotes

The unreal is more powerful than the real. Because nothing is as perfect as you can imagine it. Because it's only intangibles, ideas, concepts, beliefs, fantasies that last. Stone crumbles. Wood rots. People, well, they die.

I think they've always gone on. I've gotten some irate letters from oldsters saying "We did this in the 1930s. You didn't invent anything." And I'm like, "Gramps, you should have put a name on it and sold it, because that’s all I did."
On the creation of Fight Club

I haven't had a TV in 10 years, and I really don't miss it. 'Cause it's always so much more fun to be with people than it ever was to be with a television.

It's easy to attack and destroy an act of creation. It's a lot more difficult to perform one.

How sweet! You still believe in death... that's just so... quaint. Well, sorry to pop your death bubble, but there's no such thing. So make the best of things. Any real belief in death is just wishful thinking. Don't waste good drugs on killing yourself. Share them with friends and have a party. Or send them to me.

The first step — especially for young people with energy and drive and talent, but not money — the first step to controlling your world is to control your culture. To model and demonstrate the kind of world you demand to live in. To write the books. Make the music. Shoot the films. Paint the art.

All I do is track a profane route to something (I hope) profound. Like swimming a river of shit for a kiss.

Why have I sold out? You think I'm supposed to grow old, beating some trite old protest drum that people don't hear anymore? Please; protest is now just a backdrop for a Diesel clothing ad in a slick fashion magazine. My goal is to create a metaphor that changes our reality by charming people into considering their world in a different way. It's time — for me, at least — to be clever and seduce people by entertaining them. I'll never be heard if I'm always ranting and griping.

Time & the Technosphere

In Time and the Technosphere, Jose Arguelles presents a groundbreaking study that distinguishes the natural time of the cosmos from the artificial mechanistic time under which we currently live. Arguelles defines the actual nature of time as the frequency of synchronization. Applying this Law of Time to an understanding of the entire system of life on Earth, he shows that in order to not destroy Earth's ability to sustain life, we must change our definition of time and adopt a natural harmonic calendar based on the 13-moon 28-day cycle. Until the creation of the Gregorian calendar and the 60-minute hour, most of humanity lived by the 28-day cycle of natural time. The adoption of artificial time has subjected us to a 12:60 time frequency that governs the entire global industrialized civilization-the technosphere. With the collapse of the Twin Towers on September 11, a fissure was created in this artificial technosphere, opening up the nosphere (Earth's mental envelope).

Humanity has a golden opportunity to leave the strife of the past and enter a time of peace by adopting a harmonious natural calendar that will repair the damages caused by the irregular tempo of technospheric time. Our last best chance to adopt this natural time and step into the bright new future promised by the galactic shift of 2012 is the Great Calendar Change of 2004, a new discovery based on the author's mathematical research into the Mayan calendar first begun in his landmark work The Mayan Factor. In Time and the Technosphere, Arguelles reveals the clear distinction between third-dimensional astronomical time and the fourth-dimensional synchronic order of the Law of Time, which holds enormous potential for the future of humanity. José Argüelles, Ph.D. works full time on behalf of the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement and is president of the Foundation for the Law of Time. He is the author of numerous works, including The Mayan Factor, Earth Ascending, and Surfers of the Zuvuya.

First Excerpt:
A science or any scientist that unquestioningly follows the Gregorian calendar is, in reality, not worthy of the name. What is science? A concern for logic and precision of measure, we might answer, as well as standards of measure which utilize uniform units of measure in accord with what is being measured. Yes, the year is calculated as being 365.241299 days in length, but if the annual standard of measure that is used is irregular and unscientific, then it avails nothing, and indeed deforms the mind leading it down byways that may only end in self-destruction. Thus, the pursuit of a true and accurate year in itself may be an illusory pursuit, blinding us to the actual nature of time, and leading us away from a genuine understanding of ourselves, and our role and purpose on this Earth.

To change and replace the calendar with the thirteen moon standard is to return us to our original purpose, leading us back to pathways of harmony and natural health. According to the Law of Time, the damage already inflicted in the time humanity last hesitated and lost the chance to alter its timing frequency, 40 years ago, has been incalculable. The final opportunity to change the calendar and the timing frequency is now upon us. Because of this we must be very clear and unshakable in our understanding and determination to expose and eliminate the current civil calendar for once and for all. Even apologist David Duncan's unabashedly pro-Gregorian book Calendar (1999) concludes with its time line on the date 2012, "Current Mayan Great Cycle will end." But will we also end? By 2012, it will be too late to change. We must begin to change now.

In reviewing the quirks and twists of history that constitute the Gregorian calendar, we must ask: why do we continue to use such an instrument, and what are its effects? Is a calendar something more than a tool for scheduling the payment of debts (calends), or is it an instrument of synchronization? The harmony or disharmony of time is a profound matter rooted in the instrument of time reckoning that we use. There can be little question that we live more in a time of chaos than of harmony. We may also say in regard to the effect of standards of measure on the mind, that the chaos of the time is embedded in the calendar we use. If we are to leave this time of chaos and enter a time of harmony, then we must exchange the instrument in which the chaos is embedded for an instrument that is the very model of harmony - the Thirteen Moon/28-day count. This is the choice humankind must now make.

The issue of the nature of time, or of the times in which we are living, cannot be separated from the issue of the calendar. The very nature of the calendar that the world follows has stunted the mind and warped the body's innate timing sensibility, reducing the understanding of time to being merely a matter of chronology. "Chronology is a register or reckoning of successive years, a time scale. It may also be described as a system of registering time massively." Virtually all time reckoning has proceeded from astronomical indicators, the major exception being the Maya, who actuated from a solely mathematical outlook. Yet, with this mathematical outlook, the Maya devised a chronological method that has never been surpassed, a fact attested to by many, including the architects of the Kitt Peak Observatory, Tucson, Arizona, where a mosaic mural depicting the civilization of the Maya asserts the superiority of their calendar over that of the Europeans.

It is significant that the earlier calendar reform movement, while occasionally acknowledging the brilliance of the Maya, made no use of the Mayan knowledge. But this was because the time sensibility was restricted to thinking of time solely in terms of chronology, or at best as a schedule for keeping good accounts, with little comprehension at all of the synchronic nature or order of time. And since the system of chronology was synonymous with the system of control embedded in the Gregorian calendar system, the earlier reform movement failed altogether to make any impact on the Vatican, much less on the global power structure itself.

All of the thought, action, and good intention put into the years of calendar reform notwithstanding, the Gregorian calendar prevailed, and tragically, not one of the proposals or recommendations was ever even considered for adoption by the papal authorities who maintain control over the calendar. In the 1930s, the propaganda of the Church was aimed at limiting any possibility of reform, for it would not give up the succession of the seven day week. In any perpetual calendar, such as the Thirteen Moon/28-day calendar, the observance of the Day Out of Time is necessary for maintaining the harmony of the 52 weeks which completes itself in 364 days. The continuous succession of the week does not stand in a constant relation with the other elements of the calendar and is one of the main causes of confusion in the Gregorian calendar. Arguing that such a break as a Day Out of Time, no day of the week at all, would plunge the world more deeply into chaos, barbarism and war, the Vatican effectively blocked all effort at reform. The completion of the century of total war, capped by the Inevitable Event, roundly refutes this point. It may just as easily be argued that because we did not change the calendar, we are now plunged into the final barbarism and unholy war.

Second Excerpt:
Communication is the fifth component that unifies the technosphere into one whole system in touch with itself everywhere. From telegraph to telephone, radio, television, and then finally fax, cell phone, and the Internet, the industrial-era technologies, with their electronic instantaneity, have created the vast communication networks and media empires that keep the world humming and promote globalization above all. When considering modern communication we must also bring into focus the chief method of globalization, which is marketing-propaganda on behalf of consumerism. Marketing is the use of means of mass communication to control the mind of the consumer. In the final stage of globalization, marketing replaces consciousness, or rather, marketing is the manipulation of consciousness-the latter already having been reduced to a stunted level-for purposes of consumerism, or for ideological needs such as patriotism and fear campaigns. The Internet, the marriage of computer and telephone technologies, represents the final state of the Tower of Babel, and the completion of the process of globalization. The only place to go after the Internet is technology-free telepathy.

From the biospheric perspective, this five-tiered complex of the technosphere is a whole unit. All the subsystems evolved together to establish the structure and operating procedures of the technosphere. When the technosphere goes, the entire system folds. This is what is now beginning to occur. Following the Inevitable Event, the whole technospheric system will be coming down slowly over the next few years, like a giant circus tent that has lost its central prop. How gracefully or gracelessly this happens is dependent on the response of the Pentagon-or the will of humanity to rouse itself in the face of even worse barbarisms.

Because it consists of five interactive components, the technosphere can be graphically depicted as a pentagon, a five-sided figure. At the center of this pentagon of the technosphere are the World Trade Center Twin Towers. The actual Pentagon, which was attacked along with the Twin Towers, was designed in the late 1930s to house the U.S. Department of War. Its construction occurred in the years 1941-1943, in an old neighborhood of pawnshops and bars called Hell's Bottom.2 When it was built it was the world's largest office building in terms of actual space. Of course, when they were built, the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center were the world's tallest office buildings. The structure of the Pentagon is the prototypical morphology of the structure of the five systems that constitute the technosphere. The Pentagon was the impregnable fortress of the American war machine, protecting American interests and globalization around the world. If there were two central points-actual and symbolic-to what is known as the military-industrial complex, it was the Pentagon and the World Trade Center, and this is undoubtedly the reason why they were both targets of the Inevitable Event.

What is architecturally noteworthy about the Pentagon is that it is designed with five inner pentagonal corridors and office slabs, and that it is constructed with its odd point to the south. Since a pentagon is actually a pentagram, a five-pointed star with its points connected, the Pentagon represents an inverted pentagram, as its odd point faces south rather than north. In the traditional Tarot deck it is interesting that the Fifteenth Major Arcana, The Devil, contains an inverted pentagram between the horns of the Beast. Paul Foster Case writes, "This is a key to the whole meaning of the figure [of the devil]. For the Pentagram is the symbol of man, and an inverted Pentagram suggests the reversal of true understanding of man's place in the cosmos"3 While the Fifteenth Major Arcana contains the pentagon as the inverted pentagram, the next card, the Sixteenth Arcana, is The Tower, which shows the tower being struck and broken apart by lightning (fire of heaven), with humans falling or jumping out of the windows to their death-as accurate a symbolic depiction of the collapse of the Twin Towers as could be found.

End Excerpt.

Praise for Time and the Technosphere...
"José Argüelles' timely work Time and the Technosphere makes a vital contribution to the great paradigm shift in human cultures that is now accelerating. There is a higher dimension of natural time inscribed in the cosmos and a natural calendar that would help humanity mature into the awakening global consciousness that is now essential for future sustainability and well being. This book is an important contribution to the awakening event that is now emerging on a planetary scale."

Ashok Gangadean, Ph.D.
Professor of Philosophy, Haverford College

Thanks to Shekinah Radha

The Holy Mountain

"The grave receives you with love. Surrender yourself to the Earth. Return what was loaned to you. Give up your pleasure, your pain, your friends, your lovers, your life, your past, what you desire. You will know nothingness, it is the only reality. Don't be afraid, it's so easy to give. You're not alone, you have a grave. It was your first mother. The grave is the door to your rebirth. Now you will surrender the faithful animal you once called your body. Don't try to keep it, remember, it was a loan. Surrended your legs, your sex, your hair, your brain, your all. You no longer want to possess, possession is the ultimate pain. The earth covers your body, she came to cover you with love, because she is your true flesh. Now you are an open heart, open to receive your true essence your ultimate perfection. Your new body, which is the universe, the work of god. You will be born again, you will be real. you will be your own father, your own mother, your own child, your own perfection. Open your eyes, you are the earth, you are the green, you are the blue, you are the Aleph, you are the essence. Look at the flower, look at the flower, for the first time look at the flowers."

Daily Dedroidify: Ancient Aircraft

Daily Dedroidify: Ancient Aircraft

# Precolombian Airplane Models - not comparable to any known animals capable of forms of flight.
# An Egyptian model plane found in 1898 in a tomb at at Saqquara, Egypt and was later dated as having been created near 200 BCE.
# Vimanas: References to these flying machines are commonplace in ancient Indian texts, even describing their use in warfare. As well as being able to fly within Earth's atmosphere, vimanas were also said to be able to travel into space and travel submerged underwater. Also mentioned in Vedic Boom text.

"European scholarship regards human civilization as a recent progression starting yesterday with the Fiji islander, and ending today with Rockefeller, conceiving ancient culture as necessarily half savage culture. It is a superstition of modern thought that the march of knowledge has always been linear. Our vision of 'prehistory' is terribly inadequate. We have not yet rid our minds from the hold of a one-and-only God or one-and-only Book, and now a one-and-only Science."
Shri Aurobindo Ghosh - Indian Philosopher

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2012 Pole Shift - Mayan and I Ching prediction

2012 Pole Shift - Mayan and I Ching prediction

Jenkins, Pinchbeck and McKenna and the I Ching are featured. I think it's from this docu Decoding the Past: Mayan Doomsday. Tsss History Channel, the title, even the narration sucks so I'm not vouching for it, but at least the people and content are interesting. Btw, look out for two better 2012 posts tomorrow.

Ultraculture Journal One

"Real Magick happens when you drop the bullshit and remember that you're God. Just like everybody else. No ritual required."

"So welcome, welcome. Welcome to the party and welcome to the first issue of Ultraculture Journal, the periodical of choice for Discerning Divinities. Buddhists say your soul changes phase every seven years and biologists say that your body completely replaces its cells every seven years too, but we aim to take the high road and get both done by the time you're done reading our first issue. You've been forewarned. Nothing will be the same ever again."

"And that's all Ultraculture is. You and your friends, armed with the certainty that comes knowing that you are God. All of them, in fact, among all of them. Here to play, here to create., along with everybody else. Everybody else, who just happen to be God too, conspiring to make the best of all possible Universes. That's my Truth. That's what I'm offering you, along with a suitcase full of joys."

Ultraculture Journal One

The Kingdom

The Kingdom Trailer

A team of U.S. FBI investigators set out to find the perpetrators behind a deadly attack in Saudi Arabia. Highly recommended! Great oil history intro, social commentary, atmosphere, story, acting, everything!

Climbing the Mountain

El camino del Rey

You have to watch this video fullscreen. I can't seem to embed it properly on blogger. The vid is like a kind of meditation. From the vid info: Originally built in 1901, this walkway now serves as an aproach to makinodromo, the famous climbing sector of El Chorro.

Snakes in a Torture Dungeon

FBI watched Guantanamo abuse: "The most frequently reported techniques included sleep deprivation or disruption, prolonged shackling, stress positions, isolation and the use of bright lights and loud music," the report said. Other abuse allegations include the use of a snake, dogs and pornography on detainees.

Also, the United States has detained approximately 2,500 people younger than 18 as illegal enemy combatants in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay since 2002, according to a report filed by the Bush administration with the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child.

Daily Dedroidify: Peace

Daily Dedroidify: Peace

"If someone thinks that love and peace is a cliche that must have been left behind in the Sixties, that's his problem. Love and peace are eternal."

"I don't believe in killing whatever the reason!"

"Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I'm liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That's what's insane about it."
John Lennon

"The whole folderol and whoop-de-do about the 1960s was that the crypto fascist bullshit agenda was damn near overthrown by a bunch of 19 and 20 year olds on campuses scattered around the high tech world. The male dominant agenda is so fragile that any competitor is felt as a deadly foe."
Terence McKenna

The U.S. VS John Lennon

The Life of John Lennon

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William Burroughs and Kurt Cobain

Extract from Ulysses by James Joyce

"the day I got him to propose to me yes first I gave him the bit of seedcake out of my mouth and it was leapyear like now yes 16 years ago my God after that long kiss I near lost my breath yes he said I was a flower of the mountain yes so we are flowers all a womans body yes that was one true thing he said in his life and the sun shines for you today yes that was why I liked him because I saw he understood or felt what a woman is and I knew I could always get round him and I gave him all the pleasure I could leading him on till he asked me to say yes and I wouldnt answer first only looked out over the sea and the sky I was thinking of so many things he didnt know of Mulvey and Mr Stanhope and Hester and father and old captain Groves and the sailors playing all birds fly and I say stoop and washing up dishes they called it on the pier and the sentry in front of the governors house with the thing round his white helmet poor devil half roasted and the Spanish girls laughing in their shawls and their tall combs and the auctions in the morning the Greeks and the jews and the Arabs and the devil knows who else from all the ends of Europe and Duke street and the fowl market all clucking outside Larby Sharons and the poor donkeys slipping half asleep and the vague fellows in the cloaks asleep in the shade on the steps and the big wheels of the carts of the bulls and the old castle thousands of years old yes and those handsome Moors all in white and turbans like kings asking you to sit down in their little bit of a shop and Ronda with the old windows of the posadas 2 glancing eyes a lattice hid for her lover to kiss the iron and the wineshops half open at night and the castanets and the night we missed the boat at Algeciras the watchman going about serene with his lamp and O that awful deepdown torrent O and the sea the sea crimson sometimes like fire and the glorious sunsets and the figtrees in the Alameda gardens yes and all the queer little streets and the pink and blue and yellow houses and the rosegardens and the jessamine and geraniums and cactuses and Gibraltar as a girl where I was a Flower of the mountain yes when I put the rose in my hair like the Andalusian girls used or shall I wear a red yes and how he kissed me under the Moorish wall and I thought well as well him as another and then I asked him with my eyes to ask again yes and then he asked me would I yes to say yes my mountain flower and first I put my arms around him yes and drew him down to me so he could feel my breasts all perfume yes and his heart was going like mad and yes I said yes I will Yes."

Richard Alpert (Ram Dass) explains Psychedelics

Richard Alpert (Ram Dass) explains Psychedelics

"All wars are civil wars because all men are brothers."
François Fenelon


The word nous is somewhat ambiguous, a result of being appropriated by successive philosophers to designate very different concepts.

* Homer used nous to signify mental activities in general, but in the pre-Socratics it became increasingly identified with knowledge and with reason as opposed to sense perception.

* Anaxagoras's nous was a mechanical ordering force that formed the world out of an original chaos. It began the development of the cosmos.

* Plato described it as the immortal, rational part of the soul. It is a godlike kind of thinking in which the truths of conclusions are immediately known without having to understand the preliminary premises.

* Aristotle asserted that nous was the intellect, as distinguished from sense perception. He divided it into an active and passive nous. The passive is affected by knowledge. The active is an immortal first cause of all subsequent causes in the world.

* To the Stoics, it was the same as logos. This is the whole cosmic reason. It contains human reason as a part.

* Plotinus described nous as one of the emanations from divine being.

* Some modern followers of the God Antinous consider him the oppossite of nous, the irrational, Dionysian aspect of Spirit.

Daily Dedroidify: String & M Theory

Daily Dedroidify: String Theory and M Theory could lead to the theory of everything. In short (very short) they state that the universe is made up of little strings of energy which vibrate at resonant specific frequencies. You can compare it to the strings of a musical instrument vibrating differently to make up different tunes, so you could say this multiverse is a collection of symphonies! The theories also include hidden dimensions and parallel universes - hello astral planes, shamanic altered states and other-dimensional beings!

Online Streaming: Michio Kaku Interview
20 minute online streaming BBC interview with physicist Michio Kaku who explains these theories in layman's terms quite wonderfully.

Streaming docu: The Elegant Universe Documentary
Awesome online streaming 3 hour Documentary based on Brian Greene's book "The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory" featuring himself as presenter and interviews of the world's leading physicists. There's some cool CGI too :p
article: Elegant physicist makes string theory sexy

"Genesis takes place continually in a timeless ocean of Nirvana."
Michio Kaku

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Timothy Leary - Start Your Own Religion

Timothy Leary - Start Your Own Religion (updated post with working link as was removed from scribd)

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Close Encounters of the Third Kind clip (Steven Spielberg)

Close Encounter of the 1st Kind - UFO Sighting
Close Encounter of the 2nd Kind - Physical Evidence
Close Encounter of the 3rd Kind - Contact
Close Encounter of the 4th Kind - Abduction
Close Encounter of the 5th Kind - 'Contactee'

Quotes on Authority/Stupidity (synonyms?)

"The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts." Bertrand Russell

"The state calls its own violence law, but that of the individual, crime." Max Stirner

"To be governed is to be watched over, inspected, spied on, directed, legislated over, regulated, docketed, indoctrinated, preached at, controlled, assessed, weighed, censored, ordered about, by men who have neither right, nor knowledge, nor virtue." Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

"Still, instead of trusting what their own minds tell them, men have as a rule a weakness for trusting others who pretend to supernatural sources of knowledge."
Arthur Schopenhauer

"Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the U.S. media."
Noam Chomsky

"The ruling class has the schools and press under its thumb. This enables it to sway the emotions of the masses." Albert Einstein

"You can't fight City Hall, but you can goddamn sure blow it up." George Carlin

"Take me to the Brig. I want to see the real Marines."
Major General Chesty Puller, USMC

"Loyalty to petrified opinions never yet broke a chain or freed a human soul in this world - and never will." Mark Twain

"Battle not with monsters - lest ye become a monster." Friedrich Nietzsche

"To fight the empire is to be infected by its derangement. Whoever defeats part of the empire becomes the empire; it proliferates like a virus... thereby it becomes its enemies." Philip K. Dick

Thanks to Rich

Howard Marks DMT Video

Howard Marks DMT Video

Intro to Kundalini Yoga with GURMUKH

Intro to Kundalini Yoga with GURMUKH

I have the full version of this and it's pretty good, exhausting though. I don't do it much cause the last thing I want is a prematurely awakened kundalini.

Daily Dedroidify: P.D. Ouspensky's In search of the miraculous

Daily Dedroidify: P.D. Ouspensky's In search of the miraculous

There is nothing dead or inanimate in nature, there are simply different degrees of animation and different scales of time and life. Everything in its own way is intelligent and conscious, only this intelligence and consciousness is expressed in a different way on different levels of being - i.e. on different scales. “Time is the life-breath” and the duration of “life” of differing states varies on different time scales of existence, e.g. fractional seconds for atomic electrons, minutes for molecules, various terms for the cells of organic life, milliards for earth, eons for suns, etc. Each level “lives” in its own transient “state”, and having lived, its energy is reworked, transformed according to the will of the larger cosmos of which it is a component.

Evolution of man is the development in him of those powers and possibilities which never develop naturally by themselves, i.e. mechanically. Man cannot conquer nature. In living, in reproducing, in degenerating, in dying, in decomposing, man equally serves the purposes of nature. The evolution of large masses of humanity is opposed to nature's purposes, but a small number may evolve as exceptions, which is of interest not to nature but only to the individuals concerned; personal evolution is the result of conscious struggle.

"The answer is never the answer. What's really interesting is the mystery. If you seek the mystery instead of the answer, you'll always be seeking. I've never seen anybody really find the answer - they think they have, so they stop thinking. But the job is to seek mystery, evoke mystery, plant a garden in which strange plants grow and mysteries bloom. The need for mystery is greater than the need for an answer." Kevin Kesey

Exercises to free your mind

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2012: Consciousness is the key, a hip hop video

2012: Consciousness is the key, a hip hop video (Naada, Propaganda Anonymous, 2HL, and iLL SpoKKinN)

Thanks Technoccult!

K2 and the 2012 Maya Mega Ritual

Check out K2 and the 2012 Maya Mega Ritual, another super synchromystic post by Jake Kotze. That 11:11 t-shirt is pretty cool! Also thanks to Jake I finally know where it's from! :p (See the post!)

Bill Maher about the french phobia

Bill Maher about the french phobia

Pretty hilarious, though France isn't the utopia Bill makes it to be, I mean Sarkozy pretty much nullifies a lot of statements lol.

Six Ways to Start Thinking More Rationally

More of an intuition guy myself ;) but hey, very decent advice.

8 Child Prodigies So Amazing They'll Ruin Your Day

Dumbass title. HP Lovecraft ftw. ROFL at Picasso.

Daily Dedroidify: Master Key excerpt by Charles Haanel

The Master Key, by Charles Haanel

There is a principle of mathematics, but none of error; there is a principle of health, but none of disease; there is a principle of truth, but none of dishonesty; there is a principle of light, but none of darkness, and there is a principle of abundance, but none of poverty.

How shall we know that this is true?
Because if we apply the principle of mathematics correctly we shall be certain of our results. Where there is health there will be no disease. If we know the truth we cannot be deceived by error. If we let in light there can be no darkness, and where there is abundance there can be no poverty.

When the power's out in the heart of man
take it from your heart
put it in your hand!
Arcade Fire - Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)

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Alan Watts: Meaningless Life

Alan Watts: Meaningless Life

Douglas Rushkoff & The Merchants of Cool

You can watch it here on the PBS website
They spend their days sifting through reams of market research data. They conduct endless surveys and focus groups. They comb the streets, the schools, and the malls, hot on the trail of the "next big thing" that will snare the attention of their prey--a market segment worth an estimated $150 billion a year.

They are the merchants of cool: creators and sellers of popular culture who have made teenagers the hottest consumer demographic in America. But are they simply reflecting teen desires or have they begun to manufacture those desires in a bid to secure this lucrative market? And have they gone too far in their attempts to reach the hearts--and wallets--of America's youth?

FRONTLINE correspondent Douglas Rushkoff examines the tactics, techniques, and cultural ramifications of these marketing moguls in "The Merchants of Cool." Produced by Barak Goodman and Rachel Dretzin, the program talks with top marketers, media executives and cultural/media critics, and explores the symbiotic relationship between the media and today's teens, as each looks to the other for their identity.

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Quotes

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (July 1 (June 21 Old Style) 1646 – November 14, 1716) was a German polymath who wrote primarily in Latin and French.

He occupies an equally grand place in both the history of philosophy and the history of mathematics. He invented calculus independently of Newton, and his notation is the one in general use since. He also discovered the binary system, foundation of virtually all modern computer architectures. In philosophy, he is most remembered for optimism, i.e. his conclusion that our universe is, in a restricted sense, the best possible one God could have made. He was, along with René Descartes and Baruch Spinoza, one of the three great 17th century rationalists, but his philosophy also looks back to the Scholastic tradition and anticipates modern logic and analysis. Leibniz also made major contributions to physics and technology, and anticipated notions that surfaced much later in biology, medicine, geology, probability theory, psychology, linguistics, and information science. He also wrote on politics, law, ethics, theology, history, and philology, even occasional verse. His contributions to this vast array of subjects are scattered in journals and in tens of thousands of letters and unpublished manuscripts. I highly recommend the Monadology, which influenced Terence McKenna's writings.

Everything that is possible demands to exist.

And as every present state of a simple substance is naturally a consequence of its preceding state, so its present is pregnant with its future.

Thus it may be said that not only the soul, the mirror of an indestructible universe, is indestructible, but also the animal itself, though its mechanism may often perish in part and take off or put on an organic slough.

The soul is the mirror of an indestructible universe.

To love is to place our happiness in the happiness of another.

This miracle of analysis, this marvel of the world of ideas, an almost amphibian object between Being and Non-being that we call the imaginary number.

Although the whole of this life were said to be nothing but a dream and the physical world nothing but a phantasm, I should call this dream or phantasm real enough, if, using reason well, we were never deceived by it.

Every substance is as a world apart, independent of everything else except God.

I am convinced that the unwritten knowledge scattered among men of different callings surpasses in quantity and in importance anything we find in books, and that the greater part of our wealth has yet to be recorded.

There are two famous labyrinths where our reason very often goes astray. One concerns the great question of the free and the necessary, above all in the production and the origin of Evil. The other consists in the discussion of continuity, and of the indivisibles which appear to be the elements thereof, and where the consideration of the infinite must enter in.

Music is a hidden arithmetic exercise of the soul, which does not know that it is counting.

I have said more than once, that I hold space to be something purely relative, as time; an order of coexistences, as time is an order of successions.

If there were no best among all possible worlds, God would not have created one.

I do not believe that a world without evil, preferable in order to ours, is possible; otherwise it would have been preferred. It is necessary to believe that the mixture of evil has produced the greatest possible good: otherwise the evil would not have been permitted.

it must be confessed that perception and that which depends upon it are inexplicable on mechanical grounds, that is to say, by means of figures and motions. And supposing there were a machine, so constructed as to think, feel, and have perception, it might be conceived as increased in size, while keeping the same proportions, so that one might go into it as into a mill. That being so, we should, on examining its interior, find only parts which work one upon another, and never anything by which to explain a perception. Thus it is in a simple substance, and not in a compound or in a machine, that perception must be sought for.

Leibniz Translations

Chaos Magick

Chaos magick is a form of magic which was first formulated in West Yorkshire, England, in the 1970s. Through a variety of techniques often reminiscent of Western ceremonial magic or neoshamanism, many practitioners believe they can change both their subjective experience and objective reality, though some chaos magicians dispute that magic occurs through paranormal means.

Although there are a few techniques unique to chaos magic (such as some forms of sigil magic), chaos magic is often highly individualistic and borrows liberally from other belief systems. In this way, some chaos magicians consider their practice to be a form of paradigm piracy. Some common sources of inspiration include such diverse areas as science fiction, scientific theories, ceremonial magic, shamanism, Eastern philosophy, world religions, and individual experimentation. Despite tremendous individual variation, chaos magicians often work with chaotic and humorous paradigms, such as the worship of Hundun from Taoism or Eris from Discordianism.

Notable Chaos Magicians are Phil Hine, Peter Carroll, Ray Sherwin, Grant Morrison, etc.

Sacred Texts - - Open Dir

Faithless: I want more

Faithless: I want more

More oneness, less categories.
Open hearts, no strategies.
Decisions based upon faith and not fear.
People who live right now and right here.
I want the wisdom that wise men revere.
I want more!

Daily Dedroidify: God is dead... the Overman emerges

Daily Dedroidify: Overman

Have you not heard of that madman who lit a lantern in the bright morning hours, ran to the market-place, and cried incessantly: "I am looking for God! I am looking for God!" As many of those who did not believe in God were standing together there, he excited considerable laughter. Have you lost him, then? said one. Did he lose his way like a child? said another. Or is he hiding? Is he afraid of us? Has he gone on a voyage? or emigrated? Thus they shouted and laughed. The madman sprang into their midst and pierced them with his glances.

"Where has God gone?" he cried. "I shall tell you. We have killed him - you and I. We are his murderers. But how have we done this? How were we able to drink up the sea? Who gave us the sponge to wipe away the entire horizon? What did we do when we unchained the earth from its sun? Whither is it moving now? Whither are we moving now? Away from all suns? Are we not perpetually falling? Backward, sideward, forward, in all directions? Is there any up or down left? Are we not straying as through an infinite nothing? Do we not feel the breath of empty space? Has it not become colder? Is it not more and more night coming on all the time? Must not lanterns be lit in the morning? Do we not hear anything yet of the noise of the gravediggers who are burying God? Do we not smell anything yet of God's decomposition? Gods too decompose. God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. How shall we, murderers of all murderers, console ourselves? That which was the holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet possessed has bled to death under our knives. Who will wipe this blood off us? With what water could we purify ourselves? What festivals of atonement, what sacred games shall we need to invent? Is not the greatness of this deed too great for us? Must we not ourselves become gods simply to be worthy of it? There has never been a greater deed; and whosoever shall be born after us - for the sake of this deed he shall be part of a higher history than all history hitherto."

Here the madman fell silent and again regarded his listeners; and they too were silent and stared at him in astonishment. At last he threw his lantern to the ground, and it broke and went out. "I have come too early," he said then; "my time has not come yet. The tremendous event is still on its way, still travelling - it has not yet reached the ears of men. Lightning and thunder require time, the light of the stars requires time, deeds require time even after they are done, before they can be seen and heard. This deed is still more distant from them than the distant stars - and yet they have done it themselves."

It has been further related that on that same day the madman entered divers churches and there sang a requiem. Led out and quietened, he is said to have retorted each time: "what are these churches now if they are not the tombs and sepulchres of God?"

The Overman (Übermensch, Super-Human) emerges:
"I teach you the overman. Man is something that shall be overcome. What have you done to overcome him? All beings so far have created something beyond themselves; and do you want to be the ebb of this great flood and even go back to the beasts rather than overcome man? What is the ape to man? A laughingstock or a painful embarrassment. And man shall be just that for the overman: a laughingstock or a painful embarrassment..."

by Friedrich Nietzsche:
Thus spoke Zarathustra - Beyond Good & Evil - The Anti-Christ

"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will often be lonely, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself."

"Alas, I can see that you do not know what it means to be alone. Wherever there have been powerful societies, governments, religions, or public opinions - in short, wherever there was any kind of tyranny, it has hated the lonely philosopher; for philosophy opens up a refuge for man where no tyranny can reach: the cave of inwardness, the labyrinth of the breast; and that annoys all tyrants."