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Jim Self - Mastering Alchemy Sacred Geometry Energy Meditation

Jim Self - Mastering Alchemy Sacred Geometry Energy Meditation

Very interesting meditation technique (the ending is basic spiritual beginners talk though), slightly similar to reiki shielding I already use. Look it's the diamond body!(?) It also shares similarities with Drunvalo Melchizedek's (for me hard to visualise) Merkaba meditation. I will definitely try Jim's techniques in the near future (time is an issue though). Jim Self has more vids online and here is his official site MasteringAlchemy.com. I'd appreciate any sharing of experiences or similar techniques.

Illuminati Conspiracy Part Two: Sniffing out Jesuits

Part 2 of Illuminati Conspiracy: Sniffing out Jesuits by Terry Melanson (ConspiracyArchive.com) exposes some of the apparent Jesuit BS in the Conspiracy community, though I'm clueless about the Jesuits so appreciate any additional or correctional informative comments. ('Illuminati Conspiracy Part One: A Precise Exegesis on the Available Evidence. A Metaprogrammer at the Door of Chapel Perilous' was posted earlier.) Part 2 Excerpt:
Orientation: The Bavarian Illuminati were the antagonists of the Jesuits, and vice versa.

I have chosen to critique parts of | this webpage | as a means to inform the reader on certain facts essential to a proper understanding of the 18th Century Bavarian Order of Illuminati. The other reason is this: a particularly rabid and extremely annoying "Jesuits-rule-the-world" theorist who spams many YahooGroups (always in the customary all-caps shouting mode), had deigned this "Religious Counterfeits" webpage as the proper authority - I am not sure why - on the following theories: 1) that Adam Weishaupt was a Jesuit - not just Jesuit-trained, but a Jesuit priest; and 2) that the Illuminati, therefore, are synonymous with the Jesuits and, in fact, the two are the same (that is, the former was merely the organ of the latter, and the proof of said assertion is the fact that Weishaupt was supposedly a Jesuit himself). To someone who has even a modicum of familiarity with the 18th-Century European Enlightenment, this is indeed a preposterous claim; it's based upon a falsehood - Weishaupt being a Jesuit - and displays ignorance of the history of the period to which we speak.

What follows is a quote/rebuttal format which will hopefully put to rest certain erroneous assertions being claimed by the Jesuits=Illuminati theorists
Quote: Weishaupt was a Jesuit Priest who was involved in "Illumination" or Witchcraft.

Not true, on both counts...

This is for Hhar who posted in the comments of part 1 about Alumbrados and Loyola, it is mentioned in this article (see the link for more):

These Alumbrados have no relation whatsoever to the Illuminatenorden of the 18th Century. The former were mystically inclined ascetics, while the latter was a child, through and through, of the rationalist philosophes of the Enlightenment and the "Aufklärung" popularphilosophen in German speaking lands.

Read the entire article here at ConspiracyArchive.com

Secrets of the Occult part 3 What is Occult?

The Magicians & The Scientists Secrets of the Occult Extras explores the fascinating interface between occult beliefs and modern discoveries of the mind and the physical world.

Jack Parsons: Jet Propelled Antichrist

Jack Parsons: Jet Propelled Antichrist

Clip from Jack Parsons: Jet Propelled Antichrist by Daniel Zuckerbrot

Alan Watts: The New Alchemy

An essay from "This is it and other essays on Zen and Spiritual Experience" by Alan Watts. Written in 1960. Read it on scribd.

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Bickford Shmeckler's Cool Ideas Trailer

Bickford Shmeckler's Cool Ideas Trailer

Some gems from this excellent movie's Bickford Shmeckler:

Nothing can ever be truly, fully understood.
Not even the simplest thing. Not even this.

That's too eloquent not to be true!

Everything is awesome.

Is this the U.S. Congress or the Board of Directors at Goldman Sachs! Dennis Kucinich

Is this the U.S. Congress or the Board of Directors at Goldman Sachs! Dennis Kucinich

Obama Goons Call Police Over Man's Brzezinski Questions

Obama Goons Call Police Over Man's Questions By Greg Nixon:
This past Sunday, a graduate student in electrical engineering learned that Fascists are not always goosestepping in uniforms behind tanks, sometimes they can appear to be innocent little old ladies or soccer moms. Our student, whom we will refer to as as just Brian, approached an Obama campaign table on Church Street here in Burlington and began to ask questions about Brzezinski's role as advisor to Obama. He also asked if the Obama supporters knew about how Brzezinski was the architect for the Mujahideen, a.k.a. Al Qaeda.

The Obama table wanted no discussion what so ever. In order to set up a table on Church Street, a group must apply for a permit from the market place board. The function of tabling is to educated the public on issues and allow dialogue. Apparently an open exchange of ideas did not apply to Obama supporters. After Brian questioned the table and realized the conversation was closed, he walked away.

Refusing to speak was not enough for the Obama people, they called the police! Two police officers chased Brian down, ordered him onto the ground. Brian called out for help, thinking he had committed no crime. The police told him to shut up or he would be tasered. Brian was handcuffed and taken to jail where he was held for 35 hours. He had to appear before a judge in shackles and will face a trial by jury in one month for: resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.
Read the entire article

Chaos Magick Blog

Check out http://chaos-magick.blogspot.com. Step into a Reality Tunnel where Imagination is 'God' and Magick is Creation.
Here is an excerpt from the post NLP can be considered as chaos magick:
"I think it can be. Remember, chaos magick is about finding what works for you and implement it in your magickal practice.

When you look at it from the perspective of chaos magick, anything can be considered as a magickal practice. The law of attraction, or by its popular name the Secret is also a kind of chaos magick in that sense.

If you look at the working mechanisms of sigil magick, you will find many similarities among sigil magick, nlp and the law of attraction. They are there with the intention of manipulating your consciousness because they firmly believe that the reality manifests is only caused by your thoughts, consciously or unconsciously.

Historical, ancient approach to magick says that magick primarily occurs in the body of the magician. This is something to think about."

¡Forward Russia! - Twelve

Forward Russia - Twelve

Facts based on Einstein and his followers
This had to work, he was an educated man
("The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education" Einstein)
All the equations worked perfectly
Arranged so he could have a front-row seat now

And your conscience is low
And your conscience is

Burning a path for us to share
Clothes draped on silos near the Emperor's gate now

And your conscience is low

But he couldn't find another way
He searched for years but yet he couldn't find the answer
A bleeding afterbirth of what was done
Still lurked in shadows and appeared in every corner

Give me a call, give me a call
Give me a call so I can teach you a lesson
Give me a call, give me a call
Give me a call so I can give you a reason to stay

And your conscience is low

Ninety nine
Two hundred and five
Pyrite (fool's gold)
Trickles down the spines of those without their enemies
Real or not, the spine still tingles it
So predictable, but I hope you're that aware
That people will notice this forgery

And your conscience is low

But he couldn't find another way
He searched for years but yet he couldn't find the answer
Give me a call, give me a call
Give me a call so I can give you a reason to stay

And your conscience is low

Rep. Marcy Kaptur: Let's Play "WALLSTREET BAILOUT" The Rules Are...

Rep. Marcy Kaptur: Let's Play "WALLSTREET BAILOUT" The Rules Are...

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Philosophy Joke

An eccentric philosophy professor gave a one question final exam after a semester dealing with a broad array of topics.

The class was already seated and ready to go when the professor picked up his chair, plopped it on his desk and wrote on the board: "Using everything we have learned this semester, prove that this chair does not exist."

Fingers flew, erasers erased, notebooks were filled in furious fashion. Some students wrote over 30 pages in one hour attempting to refute the existence of the chair. One member of the class however, was up and finished in less than a minute.

Weeks later when the grades were posted, the student who finished in one minute got an A.

The rest of the group wondered how he could have gotten an A when he had barely written anything at all.

This is what he wrote:

"What chair?"


Nick Herbert: Psychedelics & Consciousness

Nick Herbert: Psychedelics & Consciousness

Nick Herbert, Ph.D. physicist and author of Quantum Reality.

Hidden Agendas: Enochian Magick

Check out these 2 fascinating posts on Enochian Magick at The Hidden Agendas:

Enochian Magic: More Hidden Symbologies in Mediums?
"The 24 Elders rule over time: specifically the 12 hours of the day and the 12 hours of the night. They are measured or governed, by the seven lamps before the throne, which are the seven planets. In the heavens, the planets govern the time divisions of the 12 houses by moving through them. On Earth, the planets are represented by the days of the week, and in magic are assigned the 24 hours of the day to rule in a week long cycle! The planets repeat themselves in 24 sets of 7 over the 168 hours of the week. The assignment of the 42 Ministers to the hours in groups of 7, each of which rules 240 minutes, is another expression of this ancient temporal relationship between 24 and 7.

Did you digest all of that? Could this form of powerful ancient magic be permeated throughout our Western society in the forms of symbols, sigils, and ancient spells? In a society where 'magic' is our dominant form of entertainment/entrainment in mass venues of video games, movies, television shows, novels, role playing games [RPGs], etc. it may be well hidden in multiple layered forms, thusly complexing our "swayed" thought-forms. One must ask the question, "Are we, society, under a powerful magic spell?" Maybe."
Enochian Magic: Hidden Symbologies 2
"...Dee understood the apocalypse in the traditional Christian sense. This is not-exactly the same as the way the Enochian Angels understand it. To Dee, the apocalypse was to be a series of physical disasters brought about by the angelic agents of God at the will of God and at a preordained time. However, it is implicit from the Enochian conversations that the apocalypse will begin with the opening of the gates of the Watchtowers, and that these gates can only be opened by humankind from the inside. Enochian magic is the tool delivered by the angels that will enable humankind to open the gates.
The Enochian communications teach us that not only must humanity itself initiate the cosmic drama of the apocalypse through the magical formula delivered to John Dee and Edward Kelley more than 4 centuries ago, but humans must also be the physical actors that bring about the plagues, wars, and famines described with such chilling eloquence in the vision of St. John. : "We must let the demons of Coronzon into our minds by means of a specific ritual working. They will not find a welcome place there all at once, but will worm their way into our subconscious and make their homes there slowly over a period of years or even decades. In the minds of individuals that resist this invasion they will find it difficult to gain a foothold, but in the more pliable minds of those who welcome their influence they will establish themselves readily"."

Daily Show: Clusterf#@k to the Poor House - Dive of Death

Daily Show: Clusterf#@k to the Poor House - Dive of Death

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Dave Chappelle on Inside the Actors Studio

Dave Chappelle On Inside The Actors Studio

Hilarious moments, inspiring strategies and excellent observations.

on transmuting 'failure'
And that was the best thing that ever happened to me, because before that time I never bombed... That night was liberating because I failed so beyond my wildest nightmares of failing that it was like "hey, they're all booing, my friends are here watching, my mom, this is not that bad," and after that I was fearless. To get into the NY comedy circuit - is very closed circuit, and I got into all these clubs, in like a week, two weeks. Like, just reputation "have you seen this kid, have you seen this kid..."

David Chappelle: My dad takes me outside and he's like "listen," and this is some advice that applies to all you acting students, he says "to be an actor is a lonely life, everybody wants to make it and you might not make it" and I said to my dad "Well that depends on what making it is dad," smartass kid, "that depends on what making it is dad," he says "what do you mean?" I said "You're a teacher, if I can make a teacher's salary doing comedy, I think that's better than being a teacher," and he started laughing and he said "if you keep that attitude I think you should go," he said: "but name your price... in the beginning, if it ever gets more expensive than the price you name, get out of there" thus Africa. *laughter & applause* Oh man, you guys are gonna learn a lot tonight.
James Lipton: What can they learn?
David Chappelle: You know you guys are students now, so you're idealists, but you don't know about where art and corporate interests meet yet, just prepare to have your heart broken.
James Lipton: Hahaha.
David Chappelle: You see him laughing that evil laugh hahaha, because he knows man. And everybody laughs at me, but just, get your Africa tickets ready baby because it sucks. You have no idea.

Here's a quote the conspiracy community will eat up
David Chappelle: When we did Blue Streak, we were promoting it and Martin had a stroke. He almost died, and then after that I saw him and I was like "oh my god Martin, are you ok?", and he said "I got the best sleep I ever got in my life" that's how tough he is. So let me ask you this: What is happening in Hollywood that a guy that tough will be on the street waving a gun, screaming "they are trying to kill me" what's going on? Why is Dave Chappelle going to Africa? Why does Mariah Carey make a 100 million dollar deal and take her clothes off on TRL? It's just- A weak person can not get to sit here and talk to you, ain't no weak people talking to you. So what is happening in Hollywood, nobody knows. The worst thing to call somebody is crazy, it's dismissive, "I don't understand this person, so they're crazy" - that's bullshit. These people are not crazy, they're strong people, maybe their environment is a little sick. *applause and crowd goes wild*

About his father's death
"That's when I bought the farm, which I call the "Fuck you Hollywood Farm"... Look man at that point in your life, it's something so real in contrast to what Hollywood is, a very powerful illusion, and when your dad dies it kinda just broke the spell, oh this is bullshit."

Putin message for west and USA

Putin message for west and USA

Makes some remarkable points, the mainstream media called it cold war rethoric...

Lovecraft: Fear Of The Unknown Teaser

Lovecraft: Fear Of The Unknown Teaser

Terence McKenna on TV

Terence McKenna on TV

Terence McKenna talks about TV, violence and communication.

Psychedelic Salon RAW Podcast “The Acceleration of Knowledge”

Psychedelic Salon Robert Anton Wilson Podcast “The Acceleration of Knowledge”

[After giving a brief overview of history]
"So there is a definite acceleration in history."

"If you take history as starting on this planet at midnight and you assume the life of the planet is 15 billion years, which is the estimated life of a G-type star, it is now eight o’clock in the morning, and it’s time for us to wake up."

"There was only one Buddha twenty-five hundred years ago, and now you meet five or ten Buddhas in every city you go to."

"Knowledge, wherever it’s discovered, is traveling over the whole world faster and faster. So the movement of knowledge and power from East to West over the last several thousand years has now become an oscillation in which the knowledge is circling the globe faster and faster."

"The general pattern is that religious stupidity exists for millenniums, political stupidity exists for centuries, scientific stupidity exists only for generations before it gets cured."

"No matter what reality tunnel you live in, the world will organize itself in your perceptions to be compatible with that reality tunnel."

"So quantum physics turned out to be saying exactly the same thing that the psychedelic revolution was saying, that there is no objective reality separate from us. All we know is the reality that we are co-creators of. The reality perceived, conceived, created, put together by our nervous systems."

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Magnetic Liquid is Crazy

Magnetic Liquid is Crazy

Liquid Magnet Sculpture

From the vid info: A ferrofluid (from the Latin ferrum, meaning iron) is a liquid which becomes strongly polarised in the presence of a magnetic field.

Ferrofluids are composed of nanoscale ferromagnetic particles suspended in a carrier fluid, usually an organic solvent or water. The ferromagnetic nano-particles are coated with a surfactant to prevent their agglomeration (due to van der Waals and magnetic forces). Although the name may suggest otherwise, ferrofluids do not display ferromagnetism, since they do not retain magnetisation in the absence of an externally applied field. In fact, ferrofluids display paramagnetism, and are often referred as being "superparamagnetic" due to their large magnetic susceptibility. True ferromagnetic fluids are difficult to create at present.

Random stuff

The Killers - Human (listen here)

close your eyes, clear your heart, cut the cord
are we human or are we denser? (4th density, are we multidimensional?)
my sign is vital, my hands are cold
and I'm on my knees looking for the answer
are we human or are we denser?
full lyrics

Heroes has begun again, the logo is an eclipsed sun which kinda looks like an eye, the Eyeclipse to blind us from the truth I guess. I don't really like time travel silliness in fiction: just go back a few seconds earlier if something goes wrong :p like Hiro could have done with the formula. Another thing I don't like very much about the show is the entire disastrous timeline was averted by Peter Petrelli to butterfly effect something that's disastrous in a whole other way - as if a future of disaster is inevitable. (R)Ando(m) even turns bad, come on! (haha) Of course it'd be silly if we saw a future that was more interesting storywise and then go to something easy instead, wouldn't keep people watching for long. The baddies are called the Corporation (and in this series, bloodlines even come into play - and it's a confusing mess), same name for another "secret society" in Prison Break, of which the 3rd episode of its fifth season was absolutely horrible. You have to chuckle at so much fiction that's about trying to bring down a powerful conspiracy of the few over the many.

Another is 'Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles' which has the time travel thingy too, here you have the good guys sending back robots and people to avert the development of A.I. and robot takeover. Two shows projecting that even time travel won't stop the evil from doing what it does, of course it'd be a rather boring storyline otherwise. In the latest episode, an old b-movie suddenly makes loads of money after it's known the actor (evil Terminator took his face) wiped out an entire SWAT team. The blend of fiction and (fictitious) non-fiction I found quite interesting synchromystically. There's another part where John Connor's love interest mentions about the magazines: "You know what really creeps me out about these magazines, they all just wanna convert you into their cult. It's like all in the title: It's Us, and People, and OK, you know some of us people are not ok."
John Connor: "Yeah some of us are Popular Mechanics." (lol, the 9/11 official version defendahrs!) They also revealed the difference between machines and humans ;) Machines don't swim (in the ocean of consciousness) as the Terminators sink to the bottom because of the weight (though they can walk back to the shore again).
The interesting eulogy for John's father's second wife: "Do not lose heart, though outwardly we are wasting away, inwardly we are being renewed day by day. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. We know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. For God has given us the spirit as a guarantee and as long as we are at home with the body we are away from the Lord (tss, nah), we walk by faith (nah) not by sight and so fix our eyes not on what is seen but what is unseen, for what is seen is temporary, what is unseen eternal."

Sorry about the few posts lately, been swamped with mundane work, the government employment office and a project to hopefully get rid of both that BS!

The Magnetic Centre - “Revolution without Revelation is Tyranny.”

Dan Bartlett has an excellent new website:

Welcome to the Magnetic Centre, a transcendental launch zone and refueling station for modern seekers involved in self-directed transformation to a more conscious being, and all aspects of the great work of Conscious Evolution (a.k.a. "Illumination", "Awakening", "De-robotisation", "Getting Your Act Together", "Growing Up")

Also check out the blog and the links. You'll find info on A change in being, The Great Work, Gnosis, Human Biocomputer, Bodymind and Belief, Tranceformation, Epistemology (on Knowing), Science (Co-Creation),... Here is a link to explain the title of the site for the new people into this stuff.

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The Conspiracy Grimoire

The New Home of William Thuther! I love everything about it:
Conspiracy Grimoire: Unveiling the Matrix one Synch at a Time

Since I sold the old blog to the CIA, I decided to start up a new website. This is the new home of William Thuther - synchro searcher, hyper dimensional detective and all around conspiranoid.

Here at Conspiracy Grimoire, I trace the movement of signs, symbols, and public rituals as they meld together the occult underpinnings of our society.

Conservatives Scare More Easily Than Liberals, Say Scientists

Conservatives Scare More Easily Than Liberals, Say Scientists
"...Asked whether the findings imply a fearmongering strategy for conservatives, New York University psychologist David Amodio responded, "Yes. And some people believe that they are actively using this strategy."

The Bush administration has been accused of exploiting fears, though it's hardly a new approach.

"The whole aim of practical politics," wrote journalist gadfly H.L. Mencken, "is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins."

Jost condemned such tactics. "From an ethical standpoint, conservative campaigns should not exploit feelings of fear in the general population," he said.

Of course, ethics tend to be forgotten during election seasons -- but fear-mongering may be counterproductive.

"From a practical standpoint, I think that there will eventually be a backlash against those tactics as it becomes more obvious how exploitative they are," said Jost."
Read full article here

"When the bio-survival circuit flashes danger, all other mental activity ceases."
Robert Anton Wilson

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Illuminati Conspiracy Part One: A Precise Exegesis on the Available Evidence

"Oh foolish man, what can't you be made to believe?"
Adam Weishaupt

Fascinating article about the history of the Bavarian Illuminati, not only is it a huge article, but full of notes, references and links. Red Ice Creations posted part 2 of this which I will link too in a few days after I've read it. Part one is a must read for anyone who dares to use the word Illuminati! I might post some more of the enormous amount of links out of this article separately later. Disclaimer: If the length of the article conjures up resistance, you might wanna let your attention span know you're the boss of it and not the other way around ;) Breathe hehe.

Here is the intro and a few excerpts to spark your curiosity.

Illuminati Conspiracy Part One:
A Precise Exegesis on the Available Evidence
A Metaprogrammer at the Door of Chapel Perilous
By Terry Melanson (ConspiracyArchive.com)

In the literature that concerns the Illuminati relentless speculation abounds. No other secret society in recent history - with the exception of Freemasonry - has generated as much legend, hysteria, and disinformation. I first became aware of the the Illuminati about 14 years ago. Shortly thereafter I read a book, written by Robert Anton Wilson, called Cosmic Trigger: Final Secret of the Illuminati. Wilson published it in 1977 but his opening remarks on the subject still ring true today:
Briefly, the background of the Bavarian Illuminati puzzle is this. On May 1, 1776, in Bavaria, Dr. Adam Weishaupt, a professor of Canon Law at Ingolstadt University and a former Jesuit, formed a secret society called the Order of the Illuminati within the existing Masonic lodges of Germany. Since Masonry is itself a secret society, the Illuminati was a secret society within a secret society, a mystery inside a mystery, so to say. In 1785 the Illuminati were suppressed by the Bavarian government for allegedly plotting to overthrow all the kings in Europe and the Pope to boot. This much is generally agreed upon by all historians. (Not even that! See article) Everything else is a matter of heated, and sometimes fetid, controversy.

It has been claimed that Dr. Weishaupt was an atheist, a Cabalistic magician, a rationalist, a mystic; a democrat, a socialist, an anarchist, a fascist; a Machiavellian amoralist, an alchemist, a totalitarian and an "enthusiastic philanthropist." (The last was the verdict of Thomas Jefferson, by the way.) The Illuminati have also been credited with managing the French and American revolutions behind the scenes, taking over the world, being the brains behind Communism, continuing underground up to the 1970s, secretly worshipping the Devil, and mopery with intent to gawk. Some claim that Weishaupt didn't even invent the Illuminati, but only revived it. The Order of Illuminati has been traced back to the Knights Templar, to the Greek and Gnostic initiatory cults, to Egypt, even to Atlantis. The one safe generalization one can make is that Weishaupt's intent to maintain secrecy has worked; no two students of Illuminology have ever agreed totally about what the "inner secret" or purpose of the Order actually was (or is...). There is endless room for spooky speculation, and for pedantic paranoia, once one really gets into the literature of the subject; and there has been a wave of sensational "ex-poses" of the Illuminati every generation since 1776. If you were to believe all this sensational literature, the damned Bavarian conspirators were responsible for everything wrong with the world, including the energy crises and the fact that you can't even get a plumber on weekends. (pp. 3-4)
That short excerpt is perhaps the most honest and succinct introduction to the Illuminati as you'll ever come across. So it is more than a bit ironic that Wilson, throughout the rest of the text, proceeds to perpetuate and expand upon similar myths, and in the process manages to take it to a whole new level. In the end, the Illuminati had mystified Wilson as much as anyone in the preceding centuries.

Robert Anton Wilson (RAW) is an enigma in his own right: an archetypal Trickster in the tradition of Aleister Crowley or Timothy Leary, both of whom he greatly admires. The Cosmic Trigger Trilogy is meant to awaken the reader to multiple mind-blowing streams of thought and completely shatter preconceived notions of perception, time and space - much as the writings of illuminists themselves. Herein lies the seed of speculation to the effect that he must surely be in on the conspiracy - some have gone so far as to believe he's the Grand Master (or inner head) of the Illuminati himself. Wilson has always toyed with the accusations, and in typical RAW fashion, he's never denied it outright. (For those in doubt - congratulations - certainty is absurd after all, though you might consider the Grand Master wouldn't be doing a little activism in a wheel chair in his last years for Medicinal Marijuana as it helped the pain of his condition, and you might consider the Grand Master wouldn't die with financial troubles. Another hint, the 3 highest principles of RAW: Truth, Freedom, Humor. Or is it all part of the scheme? ;p jk)

Cosmic Trigger wasn't the first book Wilson dedicated to the theme, however. Two years earlier, in 1975, RAW and co-author Robert Shea popularized the modern wave of Illuminati conspiracies with the publication of the novel Illuminatus! Trilogy. A veritable cult classic, Illuminatus invigorated the underground market and spawned a whole new generation of conspiracy authors. One cannot read any of RAW's material without a healthy sense of humor ("A sense of humor results from perspective. The wider the perspective, the more humor you will perceive." RAW), though, and Illuminatus is definitely no exception. Written between 1969 and 1971 it reads like a subversive anarchist manual, yet satirical and surreal at the same time. The cut-and-paste job of excerpts right into the flow of dialogue - from books and pamphlets on a wide range of conspiracy theories - probably boosted its appeal from the beginning.

Any researcher investigating the Illuminati today would be remiss not to mention RAW - especially in a book or document purporting to cover the subject in detail. With the exception of Myron Fagan, "Wild" Bill Cooper, the John Birchers and Biblical endtimes literature, the formation of the current mythos surrounding the subject has a lot to do with the popularity of Wilson's books: have you ever seen the Illuminati and the star Sirius mentioned in the same paragraph?

Before plunging headlong into the history of the Bavarian Illuminati, it might be useful to have a look at Wilson's diagram - his interpretation (at the time) of the "occult conspiracy" as it has been transmitted through the ages (Cosmic Trigger: Final Secret of the Illuminati, p.188).

Adam Weishaupt quote from the article:

“Do you realize sufficiently what it means to rule - to rule in a secret society? Not only over the lesser or more important of the populace, but over the best of men, over men of all ranks, nations, and religions, to rule without external force, to unite them indissolubly, to breathe one spirit and soul into them, men distributed over all parts of the world? ... And finally, do you know what secret societies are? What a place they occupy in the great kingdom of the world's events? Do you think they are unimportant, transitory appearances?”

Adam Weishaupt, Nachtrag von weitern Originalschriften, II, pp. 44, 51.

And here is some of the evidence:
On October 11 police search Xavier Zwack's residence in Landshut. A number of books and over two hundred letters, between Weishaupt and the Areopagites, were confiscated. The documents were published by the Bavarian government under the title Einige Originalschriften des Illuminaten Ordens. [VS, TM]

The evidence discovered at Zwack's residence was considerable: besides the secret communications between the Illuminati Adepts, the authorities found tables containing the Order's symbols and the Persian calendar; membership rosters, statutes, instructions for recruiters, ceremonies of initiation and imprints of the Order's insignia; a eulogy of atheism and a copy of a manuscript entitled Better Than Horus; a proposal for a branch of Illuminism for woman²²; several hundred impressions of Government seals (with a list of their owners, princes, nobles, clergymen, merchants, etc.), for the purposes of counterfeiting; instructions for the making of the poison Aqua Toffana, poisonous gas and secret ink; "an infernal machine" for the safeguarding of secret papers - apparently a strong box that would blow up, destroying its contents; and receipts for procuring abortion and a formula for making a tea to induce the procedure.
²² The plan for the "Illuminized sisters" was the brainchild of Zwack. He had been pushing the idea for years; apparently making little headway, but Weishaupt liked the idea, nonetheless. "Plan for the Order of Woman - This Order shall be subdivided into two classes, each forming a separate society, and having a different secret. The first shall be composed of virtuous women; the second, of the wild, the giddy, and the voluptuous, auschveifenden." [AB: 417] The former class were to promote "the reading of goods books," structured as a female version of the Minervals; while the latter could "serve to gratify those brethren who had a turn for sensual pleasure." [Ibid. 418] In his zeal to persuade Knigge and Weishaupt, Zwack even offers up his wife and four daughters-in-law to be the first adepts!
Read the entire article

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Wayne Dyer on the Insanity of War

Wayne Dyer on the Insanity of War (no linky, have to be logged in somewhere)

Makes an excellent point about how the world can perceive the Bush doctrine and American WMDs.

Global Mind Change

Global Mind Change

Fight Club - This is your life

Fight Club - This is your life



From the vid info: Pythagoras (fl. 530 BCE) must have been one of the world's greatest men, but he wrote nothing, and it is hard to say how much of the doctrine we know as Pythagorean is due to the founder of the society and how much is later development. It is also hard to say how much of what we are told about the life of Pythagoras is trustworthy; for a mass of legend gathered around his name at an early date. Sometimes he is represented as a man of science, and sometimes as a preacher of mystic doctrines, and we might be tempted to regard one or other of those characters as alone historical. Dedroidify.com Pythagoras page.

Daily Show

Candidates' Generic-Off

The solutions to the financial crisis are probably unpopular and undoubtedly confusing, so it's time for a good old-fashioned generic-off.

Daily Show: Sarah Palin Won't Blink

Sarah Palin brings a fresh new idea to this presidential season by not blinking.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Invasion commercial

Invasion commercial

Read this first (hope we can break through the language barrier :p)
'Even Apeldoorn Bellen' means 'Let's call Apeldoorn' Apeldoorn: the city name of the head branch of the insurance company's of this commercial. So 'Let's call the insurance company'.

'Of even niet': Or (let's) not (again not a literal translation, for those who are picking up a little flemish/dutch from me :p)

Steve Willner & Jake Kotze vid & Willner Red Ice Interview #3

Steve Willner & Jake Kotze: Genetic Hybridization, The Nines, and the Amnesiac Godhead

Secret Sun's supplemental post Try To Remember

Download the excellent Steve Willner interview podcast at Red Ice Creations: We have Steve Willner from Labyrinth of the Psychonaut back with us on the program to discuss his triple episode team up with Jake Kotze and to further explore the topics of CERN, that did their first test run on the 7th anniversary of 9/11. Join us for a fascinating discussion.
Topics Discussed: 666, WWW, Spiritual Science, Shiva, Higgs Particle/God Particle, Scientists Received Death Threats, Quakes, Dubai's Tower of Babel: Burj, Energy, Rik Clay, Gate, Octagon, "Who is watching the Watchers?", Fake Alien Invasion, Black Water, Bear claw Logo, Benjamin Fulford, Jericho, The All Seeing Eye, Sanpaku Eye, 1776, 2010, 2012, Hurricanes, Oil, The Watchmen, 13 Floor, The Lawnmower Man, The Fisher King, The Matrix, The Stars & Movie Stars, Babylon A.D., Inspiration, working with the muse and much more.

Harry Frankfurt "On Bullshit"

One of the most salient features of our culture is that there is so much bullshit. Everyone knows this. Each of us contributes his share. But we tend to take the situation for granted. Most people are rather confident of their ability to recognize bullshit and to avoid being taken in by it. So the phenomenon has not aroused much deliberate concern, or attracted much sustained inquiry. In consequence, we have no clear understanding of what bullshit is, why there is so much of it, or what functions it serves. And we lack a conscientiously developed appreciation of what it means to us. In other words, we have no theory. I propose to begin the development of a theoretical understanding of bullshit, mainly by providing some tentative and exploratory philosophical analysis.

Read on

Ascent of Man

Ascent of Man

Check out Youtube and Google Video search result links for more.

Wiki page of the classic BBC docu series

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is one of the most empowering tools to transform us from passive witnesses to active collaborators in our own dreaming process. But dream work can lead us to wonder: who is dreaming and who is awake? Are most of us asleep?
Read full article by Paul Levy at Reality Sandwich.

Also check out the online Psiber Dreaming Conference.

DefCon 15 - T309 - Hacking UFOlogy

DefCon 15 - T309 - Hacking UFOlogy Richard Thieme

Thanks xo mopp

Microchip - National Geographic

Microchip - National Geographic

Prehistoric shark in Japan

Prehistoric shark in Japan

That shark is stoned out of its mind.

from the vid info: This prehistoric shark is rarely seen alive as its natural habitat lies up to 1,280 metres (4,200 feet) deep under the sea. Experts at the Awashima Marine Park were able to examine the creature, which was a female, and film it swimming around. Unfortunately though it died a couple of hours after it was moved to its new environment. (From Jan last year)

Rik Clay on Red Ice

Check out Red Ice Creations for a Rik Clay page with all four segments of the interview and also this interview with Ian Crane on Rik Clay, Integration, Conspiracy & Spirituality. (and Terence McKenna too)

Serj Tankian - Empty Walls

Serj Tankian - Empty Walls

Friday, September 12, 2008

Rupert Sheldrake's The Extended Mind: Recent Experimental Evidence

Rupert Sheldrake's The Extended Mind: Recent Experimental Evidence

A lecture by Rupert Sheldrake at GoogleTechTalks

2001 - The Making of a Myth

2001 - The Making of a Myth 1 & the rest

Dimitri Halley: The Observation Problem

Dimitri Halley: The Observation Problem 1 Part 2 Part 3

The language spoken is Papiamento with Dutch and English (I love it!). English subs included.

Antero Alli - Human Balance

Antero Alli - Human Balance

Excerpt from a Radical Change Group interview, you can find the full podcast conversations with Antero Alli about the 8 Circuit Model here. (The 8 Circuits are the different intelligences which are mentioned in the beginning of the video.)

Carl Sagan: Pale Blue Dot

Carl Sagan: Pale Blue Dot

Posted a different video with the same audio before.

Bush gets told on the 4th of JULY 2008

Bush gets told on the 4th of JULY 2008

Late as hell with this but still hilarious.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Legal Drugs

Legal Drugs

Ron Paul: Reject Obama & McCain

Ron Paul: Reject Obama & McCain!

AP article. Paul: Reject the major parties, go for a third

It's absolutely ridiculous that voting for someone who actually might change something is considered a wasted vote...

An Open Letter to Barack Obama: Symbolism Alone Will Not Bring Change

An Open Letter to Barack Obama
Symbolism Alone Will Not Bring Change

I have watched with keen interest and renewed hope as your campaign has mobilized millions of Americans behind your message of changing a political system that serves a small economic elite at the expense of the peoples of the United States and the world. Your election as president of the United States, where slaves and Indians were long considered less than human under the law, will undoubtedly constitute a historic moment in race relations in the United States.

Yet symbolism alone will not bring about change. Our young people, black and Native alike, suffer from police brutality and racial profiling, underfunded schools, and discrimination in employment and housing. I sincerely hope your campaign will inspire some hope among our youth to struggle for a better future. I am, however, concerned that your recent statement on the Sean Bell verdict, in which the New York police officers who fired 50 shots at a young man on the eve of his wedding were acquitted of criminal charges, displays a rather myopic view of the law. Until the law is harnessed to protect the victims of state violence and racism, it will serve as an instrument of repression, just as the slave codes functioned to sustain and legitimize an inhuman institution.

As I can testify from experience, the legal institutions of this nation are far from racial and political neutrality. When judges align with the repressive actions and policies of the executive branch, injustice is rationalized and cloaked in judicial platitudes. As you may know, I have now served more than three decades of my life as a political prisoner of the federal government for a crime I did not commit. I have served more time than the maximum sentence under the guidelines under which I was sentenced, yet my parole is continually denied (on the rare occasions when I am afforded a hearing) because I refuse to falsely confess. Amnesty International, South African Bishop Desmond Tutu, the Dalai Lama of Tibet, my Guatemalan sister Rigoberta Menchu, and many of your friends and supporters have recognized me as a political prisoner and called for my immediate release. Millions of people around the world view me as a symbol of injustice against the indigenous peoples of this land, and I have no doubt that I will go down in history as one of a long line of victims of U.S. government repression, along with Sacco and Vanzetti, the Haymarket Square martyrs, Eugene Debs, Bill Haywood, and others targeted by for their political beliefs. But neither I nor my people can afford to wait for history to rectify the crimes of the past.

As a member of the American Indian Movement, I came to the Pine Ridge Oglala reservation to defend the traditional people there from human rights violations carried out by tribal police and goon squads backed by the FBI and the highest offices of the federal government. Our symbolic occupation of Wounded Knee in 1973 inspired Indians across the Americas to struggle for their freedom and treaty rights, but it was also met by a fierce federal siege and a wave of violent repression on Pine Ridge. In 1974, AIM leader Russell Means campaigned for tribal chairman while being tried by the federal government for his role at Wounded Knee. Although Means was barred from the reservation by decree of the U.S.-client regime of Richard Wilson, he won the popular vote, only to be denied office by extensive vote fraud and control of the electoral mechanisms. Wilson's goons proceeded to shoot up pro-Means villages such as Wanblee and terrorize traditional supporters throughout the reservation, killing at least 60 people between 1973 and 1975.

It is long past time for a congressional investigation to examine the degree of federal complicity in the violent counterinsurgency that followed the occupation of Wounded Knee. The tragic shootout that led to the deaths of two FBI agents and one Native man also led not only to my false conviction, but also the termination of the Church Committee, which was investigating abuses by federal intelligence and law enforcement agents, before it could hold hearings on FBI infiltration of AIM. Despite decades of attempts by my attorneys to obtain government documents related to my case, the FBI continues to withhold thousands of documents that might tend to exonerate me or reveal compromising evidence of judicial collusion with the prosecution.

I truly believe the truth will set me free, but it will also signify a symbolic break from America's undeclared war on indigenous peoples. I hope and pray that you possess the courage and integrity to seek out the truth and the wisdom to recognize the inherent right of all peoples to self-determination, as acknowledged by the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. While your statements on federal Indian policy sound promising, your vision of "one America" has an ominous ring for Native peoples struggling to define their own national visions. If freed from colonial constraints and external intervention, indigenous nations might well serve as functioning models of the freedom and democracy to which the United States aspires.

Yours in the struggle.

Until freedom is won,

Leonard Peltier

Bonus: "Lipstick on a Pig." lol

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Osho: Truth

Only very few people have ever dared to discover truth. And it is risky, because it may not console you; it has no obligation to console you. It is risky: it may shatter all that you have known before, and you will have to rearrange your whole life. It is dangerous: it may destroy all your illusions, it may shatter all your dreams. It is really going through fire; it is going to burn you as you are, it is going to kill you as you are. And who knows what will happen later on?

How can the seed know that by dying in the soil it will become a great tree? It will not be there to witness the happening. How can the seed know that one day, if it dies, there will be great foliage, green leaves, great branches, and flowers and fruits? How can the seed know? The seed will not be there. The seed has to disappear before it can happen. The seed has never met the tree. The seed has to disappear and die.

Only very few people have that much courage. It really needs guts to discover truth. You will die as yourself. You will certainly be born, but how can you be convinced of it? What guarantee is there? There is no guarantee.

Hence, unless you are with a master who has died and is reborn, who has crucified himself and is resurrected -- unless you come across a man like Christ or Buddha or Atisha -- you will not be able to gather enough courage.

Seeing Atisha, something may start stirring in your heart, a chord may be touched, something may be triggered, a synchronicity. The presence of somebody who has arrived may create a great longing in you, may become the birth of an intense passionate search for truth.

Belief cannot give you the truth, it only pretends. It is cheap, it is a plastic flower. You need not take all the trouble of growing a rosebush, you can simply go to the market and purchase plastic flowers -- and they are more lasting too, in fact they are almost eternal. Once in a while you can wash them, and they are fresh again. They will not deceive you, but at least they can deceive the neighbors, and that is the point. You will know all along that they are plastic flowers.
How can you forget it? You have purchased them! The neighbors may be deceived, but how can you be deceived?

And I don't think that even the neighbors are deceived, because they have also purchased plastic flowers. They know they are deceiving you, they know you are deceiving them. Everybody is perfectly aware that everybody else is deceiving. "But this is how life is," people say. Nobody is really deceived. People just pretend to be deceived. You pretend that you have real flowers, others pretend that they are deceived. Just watch, observe, and what I am saying will be experienced by you. It is a simple fact; I am not talking philosophy, just stating facts.

There is this danger in belief: it makes you feel that you know the truth. And because it makes you feel that you know the truth, this becomes the greatest barrier in the search. Believe or disbelieve and you are blocked -- because disbelief is also nothing but belief in a negative form.

The Catholic believes in God, the communist believes in no God: both are believers. Go to Kaaba or go to the Comintern, go to Kailash or to the Kremlin, it is all the same. The believer believes it is so, the nonbeliever believes it is not so. And because both have already settled without taking the trouble to go and discover it, the deeper is their belief, the stronger is their belief, the greater is the barrier. They will never go on a pilgrimage, there is no point. They will live surrounded by their own illusion, self-created, self-sustained; it may be consoling, but it is not liberating. Millions of people are wasting their lives in belief and disbelief.

The inquiry into truth begins only when you drop all believing. You say, "I would like to encounter the truth on my own. I will not believe in Christ and I will not believe in Buddha. I would like to become a christ or a buddha myself, I would like to be a light unto myself."

Why should one be a Christian? It is ugly. Be a christ if you can be, but don't be a Christian. Be a buddha if you have any respect for yourself, but don't be a Buddhist. The Buddhist believes. Buddha knows.

When you can know, when knowing is possible, why settle for believing? But again, the society would like you to believe, because believers are good people, obedient, law-abiding. They follow all formalities and etiquette, they are never trouble-makers. They simply follow the crowd, whichever crowd they happen to be in; they simply go with the crowd. They are not real men, they are sheep. Humanity has not yet arrived.

Somebody once said to George Bernard Shaw, "What do you think about civilization?"
He said, "It is a good idea. Somebody should try it."

It has not yet been tried. Humanity is still arriving; we are still groping between animality and humanity. We are in limbo: man has to be born, man has to be given birth to; we have to prepare the ground for man to appear.

And the most significant thing that will help that man to come will be if we can drop believing -- if we can drop being Christians, Hindus, Mohammedans, Jainas, Buddhists, communists. If you can drop believing, immediately your energy will take a new turn: it will start inquiring. And to inquire is beautiful. Your life will become a pilgrimage to truth, and in that very pilgrimage you grow.

Growth is a by-product of the inquiry into truth. Believers never grow, they remain childish. And remember, to be childlike and to be childish are poles apart, they are not the same thing. It is beautiful to be childlike. The man of trust is childlike and the man of belief is childish. To be childlike is the ultimate in growth; that is the very culmination -- consciousness has come to the ultimate peak. To be childlike means to be a sage, and to be childish means to be just un-grownup.

The average mental age of human beings on the earth today is not more than twelve years. When for the first time this was discovered, it was such a shock. Nobody had ever thought about it; it was just by accident that it became known. In the First World War, for the first time in human history, the people who were candidates, who wanted to enter the army, were examined. Their mental age was inquired into, their IQ was determined. This was a great revelation -- that they were not more than twelve years; the average age was just twelve years.

This is childishness. The body goes on growing, and the mind has stopped at the age of twelve. What kind of humanity have we created on this earth? Why does the mind stop at twelve? Because by the time one is twelve, one has gathered all kinds of beliefs; one is already a believer, one already "knows" what truth is. One is a Christian, another is a communist; one believes in God, one does not believe in God; one believes in The Bible and the other believes in Das Kapital; one believes in the Bhagavad Gita, another believes in the Red Book of Mao Zedong.

We have drilled concepts and ideologies into the innocent minds of poor children. They are already becoming knowers. Do you know -- by the age of seven, a child already knows fifty percent of all that he will ever know. And by the time he is fourteen he has almost arrived; now there is nowhere to go, he has only to vegetate. Now he will exist as a cabbage. If he goes to college then, as they say, he may become a cauliflower. A cabbage with a college education is a cauliflower. But there is not much difference, just labels change. The cabbage becomes an M.A., a Ph.D., this and that, and just to show respect we call it a cauliflower. But the mental age is twelve.

The real man grows to the very end. Even while he is dying, he is growing. Even the last moment of his life will still be an inquiry, a search, a learning. He will still be inquiring -- now inquiring into death. He will be fascinated: death is such an unknown phenomenon, such a mystery, far more mysterious than life itself -- how can an intelligent man be afraid? If in life he has not been afraid to go into the uncharted and the unknown, at the moment of death he will be thrilled, ecstatic. Now the last moment has come: he will be entering into the darkness, the dark tunnel of death. This is the greatest adventure one can ever go on; he will be learning.

A real man never believes; he learns. A real man never becomes knowledgeable; he always remains open, open to truth. And he always remembers that "It is not that truth has to adjust to me, but just vice versa: I have to adjust to truth." The believer tries to adjust truth to himself, the seeker adjusts himself to truth. Remember the difference; the difference is tremendous. One who believes, he says, "Truth should be like this, this is my belief."

Just think of a Christian... If God appears not like Jesus Christ but like Krishna, not on the cross but with a flute and girlfriends dancing around him, the Christian will close his eyes; he will say, "This is not my cup of tea." Girlfriends? Can you think of Jesus with girlfriends? The cross and girlfriends can't go together. Jesus hanging on the cross and girlfriends dancing around? It won't fit, it will be very bizarre. He was waiting for Christ to appear, and instead of Christ this guy, Krishna, appears: he seems to be debauched. And the flute? The world is suffering and people are hungry and they need bread -- and this man is playing on the flute? He seems to be utterly uncompassionate, he seems to be indulgent. The Christian cannot believe in Krishna: if God appears as Krishna, then the Christian will say, "This is not God."

And the same will be the case with the Hindu who was waiting for Krishna: if Christ appears, that will not be his idea of God -- so sad, such a long face, so gloomy, with such suffering on his face.

Christians say Jesus never laughed. I don't think they are right, and I don't think they are representing the real Christ, but that's what they have managed to propagate. The Hindu cannot accept the revelation; he must think this is some kind of nightmare. Jesus will not appeal to him.

The believer cannot even trust his own experience. Even if truth is revealed, he will reject it, unless it fits with him. He is more important than truth itself: truth has an obligation to fit with him. He is the criterion, he is the decisive factor. This kind of man can never know truth; he is already prejudiced, poisoned.

The man who wants to know truth has to be capable of dropping all concepts about truth. Everything about truth has to be dropped. Only then can you know truth. Know well: to know about truth is not to know truth. Whatsoever you know may be utter nonsense; there is every possibility that it is utter nonsense. In fact people can be conditioned to believe any kind of nonsense; they can be convinced.


Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood (Trailer)

Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood (Trailer)

Joe Rogan: The problem with Conventional Education

Joe Rogan: The problem with Conventional Education

Scientologists charged with fraud in France

A French judge has ordered two departments and seven prominent members of the Church of Scientology in France to stand trial on charges of organized fraud, a judicial source said on Monday.

The case is the latest in a series of legal battles that have pitted the French judicial system against the Scientologists, who could be forced to stop their activities in France if found guilty.

The latest suit centers on a complaint made in 1998 by a woman who said she was enrolled into the Church of Scientology by a group of people she met outside a metro station.

In the following months, she said she paid 140,000 francs (21,340 euros) for "purification packs" and books which she said were a fraud. Other complaints then surfaced, prolonging the investigation.

Read on at the Washington Post article

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

IASD Psiber Dreaming Online Conference 2008

IASD Psiber Dreaming Online Conference 2008

Dream the Future of Dreaming
Between September 21 - October 5, 2008 join some of the world's foremost experts on the subject of Psi dreaming for two weeks of cutting-edge papers, discussions, workshops, and chats. If you've ever had a precognitive dream, a lucid dream, or simply an "unusual dream" that never quite made sense, this is the place for you.

We attempt to make this conference as affordable and enjoyable as possible, and the conference is included free with IASD membership between August 15 and October 1, 2008. The result is an international treat with participants from all around the globe.
Wow, excellent to learn about so much interesting research, will give me brainfood for a lot of posts to come. If you want to know more about lucid dreaming - which is becoming aware that you are dreaming in the dream - check out the sponsor page for links to great sites like Lucid Dreaming 4 all (and the dedroidify lucid dreaming label).

You can register here.

IASD Psiber Dreaming Online Conference 2008
IASD International Association for the Studies of Dreams - asdreams.org

Three men want to climb a hill to get out of some fog.

Mr Religion sits down, shuts his eyes, and imagines sunlit vistas.

Mr Model-Agnostic takes a step, turns randomly, takes a step.

Mr Science makes two rules for himself: he must not step downwards, and he must not stay put. He also makes a guideline: he should not normally step sideways unless the way upward is blocked.

Mr Science succeeds in getting a ways up the hill and he calls down "I haven't seen any gods up here yet, and I don't think there are any". Mr Religion, with his eyes shut, says "I see them just fine". Mr Model-Agnostic says "what do you mean by 'up here'?"

Thanks Julian Morrison (from reddit).
Shared for the humor. In my version the Model Agnostic would learn from the scientist but go beyond his limits. For instance the scientist might not reach the top depending on the shape of the mountain with those rules ;p

Perceiving Reality and Kabbalah

Tony Kosinec his website is www.kabbalah.info, where you can learn a lot about the kabbalah and the altruistic philosophy.

Psilocybin in the Park

Psilocybin in the Park - Part One

One Model of Reality

Rage Against the Machine RNC - 09.02.08 (Acapella in Crowd)

Rage Against the Machine: Bulls on Parade & Killing in the name of Performed Acapella in Crowd - RNC 09.02.08

Via Reality Sandwich

Monday, September 8, 2008

Richard Rose, Mystic

Richard Rose (March 14, 1917 - July 6, 2005) was an American mystic, esoteric philosopher, author, poet, and investigator of paranormal phenomena. He published a number of books and spoke widely in universities and other venues across the country during the 1970s and 1980s.

Rose developed a system which he described as the "retreat from untruth," an examination of personal belief systems and lifestyles. In that system one discards what one finds to be false on a case-by-case basis. He believed a spiritual Ultimate truth exists and can be found for oneself with sufficient application of effort, and recommended skeptical approaches such as his.

He studied human psychology, human weakness and human potential, then wrote challenges to psychology, psychiatry, religion, academia, the legal system, and the New Age movement. His criticism included issues of group-think, dogmatism, financial motives, emotional appeals, and reliance on questionable authorities.

"We live in a cloud of illusions and rarely realize that we are spinning this web of fiction for all the hours and days of our lives, unless we are fortunate or unfortunate enough to die slowly. Perhaps slow death may be the only moments of reality for the total life of many earthlings. Because the dying person is forced to face the fact that he is about to become zero."

"What is reality? We can only know the truth by teaching ourselves to face the truth in all things. If we encourage our computer to come up with erroneous answers, because they are more desirable, then we are developing a computer that we may never be able to trust. Truth is that which Is."

"My purpose is to outline a system which will prove itself as it goes along, and which will reward us at any point along the line by finding for us a more disciplined and skillful mind, and a mind that is more aware of itself."

"We inherit dispositions, not destinies."

"The highest form of spiritual work is the realization of the essence of man."

"Experience is a worthless and transient existence unless the experiencer is known."

"The path to Truth begins with the self. We cannot properly isolate, identify, or analyze the self, because it is the subject about which we know the least.""

"The mistake people make is to wait for something to happen to them before they begin searching. They want the voice of God, or something, to tell them to get started. Or maybe they know they should be doing something but they procrastinate, hoping that tomorrow they'll have more conviction and be more determined. What they forget is there may be no tomorrow for them."

"Even the desire for peace of mind or bliss is an ego. Life is a battle, and we don’t want to face that."

"An experience can’t be happy, eternally. We are bipolar beings. When there’s happiness, there’s automatically sorrow. If we were purely happy all the time, it would get so damn monotonous we’d wish for some sorrow or problem to overcome, just for the sake of a challenge."

"Enlightenment is the result of your thoughts being a certain distance apart."

"A man who is sincere and makes philosophy his life’s endeavor, will emanate that sincerity. A man who thinks it and lives it will touch the intuition of others."

"Don't build your happiness on someone else's unhappiness."

"The only meditation is what you devise for yourself. The best meditation is just to look at yourself: "Why did I think this?" or "What should I do more dynamically tomorrow?"

Monroe's Out-of-Body (OBE) Paranormal Transformation of Human Consciousness

Monroe's Out-of-Body (OBE) Paranormal Transformation of Human Consciousness 1 & the rest

Monroe Institute YouTube Channel

Dolphin Birth

Keith Olbermann (& Matthews) Fired as anchors of live political events

Keith Olbermann Smacks Down The RNC Over 9/11 Tribute

4 days later, Olbermann (and Matthews) fired as the anchors of live political events.

The last journalist who had a right to be called that is gone from Live political events.