Saturday, July 3, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland teaser

I didn't think this was gonna be any good but geez was I wrong, it's a great movie that basically is a guide of how to survive in this world with its retarded authority figures, just think magical and keep laughing :)

Mark Ronson Feat. Q-Tip & MNDR - Bang Bang Bang

Mark Ronson Feat. Q-Tip & MNDR - Bang Bang Bang

No way, bang your dead, here's your silhouette
je te plumerai la, tête

we're never gonna, believe in, the stories that you're weaving
we're believing in the proof, we're believing in the truth
we're believing in each other, not you, you, you

Stories (you with the tall tales), how many stories (so many tall tales)
we climb the structure (you scale the ladder)
you build it higher (you make us madder)
we take our aim (so now we're bearing off)
you perch above your nest (in your charms)
the stories in your head (it's a crazy bald head)
that's what got you dead!