Thursday, June 30, 2011

George Carlin on Motivation

and an extra quote:
"Motivation is bullshit, if you ask me this country could use a little less motivation. The people who are motivated are the ones who are causing all the trouble! Stock swindlers, serial killers, child molesters, Christian conservatives? These people are highly motivated, highly motivated. I think motivation is overrated, you show me some lazy prick whose lying around all day watching game shows and stroking his penis and I'll show you someone who's not causing any fucking trouble ok?"
George Carlin

lol just realized how badly timed this post is considering the next post is about rioting for revolution :P

I predict more Riots

Riots in Greece are still on, a branch of the Ministry of Finance has been set on fire, and a fire bomb tragically killed 3 people in a bank. Earlier police killed a 15 year old boy which has only fueled the riots more. The stars are not aligned for governments pulling stupid shit if you're looking at the news worldwide. I hope governments keep trying to pull stupid shit though and the revolutions keep cascading so the rich Powers That Be (going down) have no choice but to start backing down and owning up for their own fuck-ups instead of making the lower classes pay for them, again.

Austerity was chosen word of the year in 2010 by Merriam-Webster Dictionary. The top ten was completed by pragmatic - moratorium - socialism - bigot - doppelganger - shellacking - ebullient - dissident - furtive. Sounds like a spell to me? :p The top 10 of 2011 should be fascinating...

"Poverty is the biggest brutality."

Cause everybody in the hood has had it up to here,
It's getting harder and harder and harder each and every year.

Some kids went in a store with their mother,
I saw her when she came out she was gettin some pampers.

They said it was for the black man,
they said it was for the mexican,
and not for the white man.

But if you look at the streets it wasn't about Rodney King
It's about this fucked up situation and these fucked up police.
It's about coming up and staying on top
and screamin' 187 on a mother fuckin' cop.
It's not written on the paper it's on the wall.
National guard??!
Smoke from all around!

Osdorp Posse

Oldschool Dutch hip hop I listened to in the nineties that formed a cornerstone of my early real education, they rapped about music, the system, speaking from the heart, love, and much later 9/11, ancient astronauts and much more. Check out the first two crazy flowing songs, even if you don't speak dutch you can recognize how good this hip hop is.

Zo Simpel - De Goeie in het Vloeie - Mic Check - Godvoordomme/Waarom altijd Waarom/Echte Liefde - Sleur - Onkwetsbaarheid is Eenzaamheid - Harder dan te Hard - Hulp met Eigen Gevaar - (Weer) Geen Clubhit - Biobakmuziek - Bietbijters en ouwe koekhappers - Vragen aan Bush - Geen Spijt - Hardcore Blijft - Hoofdschakelaar - Verwoorde Verwarring - Gewone Boerenlul - Prostitutie - Def P: Annunaki

I tried translating the lyrics and including some in the post but the magic gets lost in translation a bit, so if you really want to use google translate for the lyrics or learn dutch or something ;)

Alex Jones is getting so desperate

Alex Jones claims the ruling elite is taking DMT and the machine elves are an evil influence, lmao. This youtube audio clip is so retarded I can't even embed it, the man obviously has no clue what DMT is about, clearly hasn't read Strassman's work and is just ranting like a crazy man again. Even using PKD in his stupid rant. Terence Mckenna is laughing so hard at this somewhere. I honestly don't know what drives professional liars and how much they believe their own B.S., and I don't want to know either. So sad. He should take some DMT and experience his ego death, what an explosion that would be lol.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Importance of Inner Understanding

Let no one imagine that if they were duly pushed through all the Rites of the Mysteries, and met every Master available who told them every secret there was, and whatever teaching they demanded, all this incredible experience would make one iota of difference to their fundamental being by itself. In any case, the genuine Mysteries do not work in such a fashion. Real 'Teaching' comes to and through the individual Initiate himself, via his Inner contacts with sources of spiritual enlightenment.
This true teaching and learning cannot come through books, lectures, or ordinary verbal instructions. These may inform, but they do not teach. Information collects in a mind, but teachings changes an entire soul because it is imparted by Spirit. An informed person is not necessarily a truly instructed one. In 'occult' circles, it is not uncommon to encounter those with books and equipment valued at perhaps thousands of pounds, yet with no real Inner Understanding. Possibly in the same room may be a much more advanced soul with no literary possessions to speak of, or any great intellectual achievements, who, by direct contact with Inner Wisdom has acquired truths beyond the power of death to take away.
This is why it is considered 'un-Wise' in the Mysteries to rely overmuch on written matter and accumulations of what has been lightly termed 'Occult haberdashery'. We lose all our physical properties at death, and our mental stock-cupboard soon becomes exhausted or valueless as we change our nature. Only the Inner Realities of Spirit substationally remain with our souls, and those are to be obtained by our accomplishments in their particular force-fields.
At one time, a few of the stricter Schools forbade Initiates to write of any spiritual subject, or even to read about them. This was not for the sake of mere secrecy itself, but to compel the Initiate to seek Truth Inardly rather than from externals. They were allowed to communicate their traditions orally within a Circle of their own Companions only. This was to ensure that the Spirit of Wisdom which comes to those who 'gather in the Name', did so under the most favourable conditions for its reception.
One of the commonest questions asked in all sincerity by Neophytes is: 'What shall I read to help me on my Path?' Very few would accept the truth that only fractional representations of spiritual Verities can be made in human words, and they would be better employed seeking these within themselves than looking for them in other people's findings and opinions.
Nothing except sheer experience of life will get the notion out of their heads that the more they stuff themselves with second-hand arcana the more Initiated they will be. They might as well try to appease hunger by reading an account of a banquet on a menu card, or dress themselves from the illustrations in a catalogue. All that books can do is supply information on methods. They do not, and never have supplied the means.
The craving for sheer information is natural enough to modern Westerners however, though it should be guided into useful channels where possible. Recommending books is always a difficult matter on account of individual needs, but on the whole probably the best idea is to suggest reading that encourages the seeker to look for Light Inwardly, and proposes methods of approaching this spiritually vital problem. Whatsoever deals directly with these topics, and inspires a reader to do, be, and become a more perfectly evolved soul, is worth recommendation. The rest is intellectual entertainment, worth while for mental decoration and display, but scarcely likely to result in betterment of actual being.
This should not signify that intellectual achievements are to be despised or belittled, but they must be placed in proper perspective when seen by the Light of Illumination. They are means and not ends in themselves. If they are sought as useful means to assist the spiritual development of a conscious entity, then they have values in the eyes of Inner Awareness. If on the other hand, they are acquired purely for personal gratification and advantage, then they are worth no more than exactly that. By themselves they will not lead us along the Line of Light towards Divinity, but only to a simulated state of self-importance. Therefore they should not be sought for their own sake, but for a higher use they might serve.
Once more it is a case of seeking the Kingdom first, and then making necessary additions afterwards. If we face facts honestly, we shall find most individuals are drawn towards the Mysteries by the hope and desire of having new and thrilling experiences of consciousness or gaining superior powers over others. To put matters crudely, they are looking for kicks. The genuine Mysteries have a good way of dealing with such approaches - they offer neither thrills nor unfair advantages over anyone. No wonderful visions, exalted experiences, incredible personal powers, sensational successes with sex and finance. Nothing in fact, except hard spiritual effort with no particular reward except in its own achievement. Faced with such a disappointing prospect, sensation seekers soon abandon the purlies of the Holy Mysteries and look elsewhere for excitement. Who shall blame them?

From 'William G Gray - Inner Traditions of Magic'

Shooting shit and taking shots with Hunter S. Thompson

Monkey Politics

Circuit 2 territorial bullshit

Dedicated to Greece, that decided to fuck the middle class
and spare the rich and politicians, so surprising! Again, territorial...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

[Adult Swim] Music Video: Bump, Flying Lotus Zodiac Shit

Refused - The Refused Party Program & The Apollo Programme Was A Hoax

In the wake of our existence, in our parades and in our dances;
touch, see and behold the wisdom of the party program.
Essential in our lifetime and irresistible in our touch,
the great spirits proclaim that capitalism is indeed organized crime
and we are all the victims.
This next one is called Refused Party Program.

This is the pulse, this is the sound
This is the beat of a new generation

This is the movement, this is the rhythm
This is the noise of revolution
Yeah! Yeah! Arrrrh!

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Refused party program
Refused party program
Refused party program
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Petrol bombs and barricades
Anything to have our say.
Consequence of no choice at all
Empires rise and empires fall.
Now its time to flip some coins.
And it's time to turn some tables.
Cause if we have the vision I know that we are able.
Suck on my words for a while, choke in the truth of a million dead.
There is no prestige in your title, we are after your head.
The destruction of everything is the beginning of something new.
Your new world is on fire and soon you'll be too.
Sabotage will set us free.
Throw a rock in the machine.

And of course, New Noise:

Good frames won't save bad paintings
New art for the real people

Monday, June 27, 2011

Ex Nihil Omnis Est

Belief and Faith is an absolute pre-requisite in all matters connected with the Mysteries. We are definitely and clearly told to 'Believe first'. For those who say: "I cannot believe in anything", the rather odd counsel is to believe firmly and positively in NOTHING as an Absolute, and out of This will eventually emerge Everything. Ex Nihil Omnis Est.

A useful formula in connection with Faith is the well-known "Ohms Law"

Amount = Pressure / Resistance

This shows in the simplest ways the relative factors concerned. The obtain a given amount of faith we must either increase pressure, decrease resistance, or both. It might appear that resistance should be removed altogether, but this would be highly unwise. A proportion of resistance is strictly necessary in order to maintain balance. We are all too familiar with what happens in the case of those who believe unrestrictedly and indiscriminately in anything. Fanaticism, insanity, and all kinds of stupidities arise from blind credulity and unreasoning enthusiasms coming from usually sincere but quite unjustified faith. Belief must always be qualified by discrimination in order to obtain good results. Another way of expressing the formula is

I will / I won't = I might

In other words what might happen is the outcome of Will over Won't.

So while Faith is a vital necessity, it must be effectively controlled with Wisdom if it is to be a practical proposition in working the Mysteries well. The position may be crudely but soundly summed up in the ale-house adage: "In God we trust - All others, cash!" We can only afford unreserved, complete and unresisting Faith in the Supreme Spirit Itself.


In Mystery practice, Initiates are taught to use belief with discrimination. This means specification of faith in order to direct energies along appropriate paths. The principle is to use a formulary such as: "I believe all Energy is One, but for such and such a purpose the Divine Aspect of So and So operates through this type of Archangel, that sort of Angel, and this particular kind of Spirit." Then an attitude of faith is adpoted towards these beings as intermediaries of Divine Energy on their respective levels of Consciousness, and an individual Adaptation made to them by means of whatever prayer or practice the Initiate may be capable of. Blind belief is not encouraged in the Mysteries of Light except in the Origin of Light, Life, and Love from whence all Energy emanates.
No intelligent Initiate believes that Angels or Spirits of any species are winged people in nightgowns flitting around Inner Space. However their Telesmic Images are shaped as Symbols, they themselves are Active Agencies of Awareness, or catigorical concentrations of Divine Consciousness, each existing for some particular purpose in the Plan of Perfection.

Another Excerpt from the highly recommended 'William G Gray - Inner Traditions of Magic'

Nas & Damian Marley - Count your Blessings

Their entire joint charity album Distant Relatives is highly recommended.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

What's going on!

Woooooo, first of all big thanks to Keith B!

I'm finally living at my new place since a few days, still crazy busy with installing & organizing the place etc. I'm really enjoying it here, it's a totally different lay-out than my last appartement and living room so feels very new, and it's a real cozy place with a nice terrace in the back. Great neighborhood too, very open and green compared to the big city row-house street I'm coming from, and close to the beach and dunes (SANDWORMS!). Posting won't be returning back to normal right away but I'm working on getting there asap!

Alienpunk and yours truly also went to see Sublime with Rome and it was great fun, we were in two traffic jams cause of accidents and were on the road for six hours getting there but made it just in time, the opener band Jaya the Cat had just finished when we arrived and we had just enough time to get ourselves a drink and get a good spot! Cause of the fun we were having catching up etc we barely even noticed we were on the road this long, it was the GPS that showed us cause we noticed we took an hour to drive five kilometers to an exit :P Great concert & road trippy, awesome vibes and everybody shaked and sang along to the old songs. Thanks again for the fun Alienpunkdizzle!

Here is a huge post with lots of links to live performances including most if not all from the Effenaar gig by Alienpunk.

Kung Fu - grasshopper dialog

- "Old man, how is it that you hear these things?"
- "Young man, how is it that you do not?"

Thanks Darren

Joe Rogan about the Weiner scandal

Thanks Relaxed Focus

Our prime minister has a scandal of his own, mistakingly posted Twitter publicly instead of privately, and a former mistress has shared 800+ text messages with a tabloid lol. This is the scandal of course, not the fact that we don't have a government after a freaking year :p

Finally, via TIME - "The psychedelic drug in magic mushrooms may have lasting medical and spiritual benefits

The psychedelic drug in magic mushrooms may have lasting medical and spiritual benefits, according to new research from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

The mushroom-derived hallucinogen, called psilocybin, is known to trigger transformative spiritual states, but at high doses it can also result in "bad trips" marked by terror and panic. The trick is to get the dose just right, which the Johns Hopkins researchers report having accomplished.

In their study, the Hopkins scientists were able to reliably induce transcendental experiences in volunteers, which offered long-lasting psychological growth and helped people find peace in their lives — without the negative effects.

Read more:

It's about time! Personally I think the 'dosage-bad trip' relation is a bit over-emphasized, obviously for beginners a lower dose is better, but let's not forget that heroic doses = heroic good trips too :P Oh my.

Thanks Relaxed Focus

Thursday, June 16, 2011

All roads lead to (Sublime with) Rome

Me and Alienpunk are taking a half-day trip tomorrow to the Netherlands to see Sublime With Rome in Eindhoven. I told you I was going to go check that out when I got the chance!

A 2 hour and 40 minute drive (at least), I hope we don't go the Wrong Way! So we have time over to drink some coffee in those shops they have over there :P

William G Gray - Inner Traditions of Magic

Whatever System evolves from the Mysteries, Telesmic Images (Magical Images, Sigils, Symbols) remain a necessity among mankind. So many attempts have been made at eliminating them, and rational explanations offered in exchange, phrased in terms of abstract principles or purely ethical values. Take the 'Gods' of humans away from them and what happens? They immediately make far worse Images for themselves. In place of Holy Ones and Pantheons, Saints and Heroes, humanity is producing amorphous concepts of State, 'People', commercial products, 'Pop' images, and all the rest of these unsatisfactory substitutes.

Humans do not want remote abstractions as 'Gods', but solid and substantial ones they can come to terms with on their own objective levels. They cling to their material 'God-forms' in the shape of cars, TV sets, and other Images with the same pathetic desire for comfortable assurance that motivated their remote ancestors to grasp at oddly shaped stones and twisted roots. Humanity needs Gods more than anything else, and should learn how to find Them as Inner Realities expressed through whatever Telesmic Image links their common consciousness together. Voltaire was quite right when he commented: 'If there were no God, it would be necessary to invent one.'

Just a small excerpt, I only finished chapter one and will finish this excellent book very soon.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dreams can be hilarious

What if I told you I had a dream last week, and I realized I was dreaming in this dream, and decided to sit down, and call upon my "HGA". So I do this, and do my breathing and kundalini visualising exercise as I repeat a mantra calling on my HGA. And suddenly I hear and feel a buzzing of energy, but nothing happens, so I just keep at it removing lust of result, and the buzzing and whirling starts again. And suddenly I'm in a forest, with the image of the fictional Pai Mei, and I ask him, "should I really pursue this NLP career?" And his answer was, while skipping about between some trees, and I shit you not: "yeah yeah sure, I'll keep you motivated, and read some Castaneda."
LOL. I woke up laughing out loud. So nearly finished with The Teaching of Don Juan :p, already heard the 3 audiobooks circling around the web years ago which I will re-listen to, will read the rest too lol. No idea what I'm supposed to get from this material but hey! Can't hurt lol.

Belief and Reality Tunnel Quote from Relaxed Focus

"Never believe anything until it's been officially denied."
Otto von Bismarck

"A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort."
Herm Albright

Thanks Relaxed Focus!

Terry Pratchett's Euthanasia Documentary backlash

900 people wrote in to the BBC to complain about the "one-sided documentary" (IS THERE ANOTHER KIND?) that showed euthanasia in an "overly positive light!". So I'm guessing 900 masochists, christians, sadists, etc. My opinion on Euthanasia is mind your own fucking business, what fucking right do you have to condemn someone who wants to end their own suffering. Terry Pratchett, author of the fantastic Discworld books and sufferer of Alzheimers, just became even more honorable in my view for working on this documentary.

here's an article on it: 63% of votes say yes, the BBC was right to show "an assisted suicide." Woop.

Goodreader for Ipod/pad/phone

Finally I found a pdf reader that allows me to copy my pdfs from my harddisc! It's the first and probably only app I will ever buy for my Ipod. It's ridicously small to read ofcourse, but just as decent as reading web text so works fine for me. I already copied a few RAW and PKD books, a Song of Fire and Ice, a few NLP books and more I will share when I've read some good stuff on the move when this busy. All the other apps just offered some free books to choose from, bah!
I'd actually love something like this on pc, having my last page automatically saved is so much fun for someone like me who likes to read ten books at a time lol.
If you don't have iOS 4.0 but lower, you can't use USB to transfer in itunes, but you can enable a wireless network folder within the app, and just copy pdf's in your web browser on your computer to your iThingy.
Speaking of pdfs, during the move I dropped off the wrong old computer at the container park and lost my pdf library of over 50GB :P ouch. Not to mention the audiobook library, and music, oh data! How you will be missed (and downloaded again :P). I'll be moving to my new place the 20th when Internet should finally be activated there.

Goodreader site, itunes

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Big plans

I (finally) have big plans (that I'll actually act on to realize)
what about you? :)

Fisher Z - The Worker

Hated journey on the train
Always been the same
Looking out windows
Second class and second best
What a waste of time

Sleep for five stops in a row
Prepare yourself to go
Waterloo station
Bought a '69 Capri
Failed the M.O.T.
What a waste of time
The Worker, the worker

Always kiss the wife goodbye
Often wonder why
Seven in the morning
Think it's time You had a change
Wouldn't that be strange
What a waste of time

The worker, the worker

Monday, June 6, 2011

Frequency update

Hey all, no worries posting will resume as soon as I find the time and material, just busy with work and getting my new place in order and all cosy ;)