Wednesday, August 17, 2016


This was the latest version of the website, unfortunately there are some problems with current browsers. Adblock may hide images on chrome, so disable it if needed. (it's my ISP's adds, I haven't seen any yet so it's not too intrusive.) Embedded vids and stuff will not all work either, I have my DPI (text size) increased because I'm never at a desk anymore but use my pc from the couch cause of my health, and that messes with the site too if you have yours increased. There's very little chance that I'll be able to update the site to work again decently in the near future because I can only use my hands/arms for a few minutes a day which is way too few to edit code or build it from scratch. But hey, at least it's something! on!

Thanks to alienpunk for the heads up on this! 
Pretty cool seeing it online again, 
 (unfortunately the embedded stuff doesn't work)

I'm uploading the newer site to my ISP webspace right now, 
will post when done