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Leary & RAW discuss Ketamine @ Lilly's

Political Hell

A powerful senator dies after a prolonged illness. His soul arrives in heaven and is met by St. Peter at the entrance.

"Welcome to Heaven," says St. Peter. "Before you settle in, it seems there is a problem. We seldom see a high official around these parts, you see, so we're not sure what to do with you."

"No problem, just let me in," says the guy.

"Well, I'd like to but I have orders from higher up. What we'll do is have you spend one day in Hell and one in Heaven. Then you can choose where to spend eternity."

"Really, I've made up my mind. I want to be in Heaven," says the senator.

"I'm sorry but we have our rules."

And with that, St. Peter escorts him to the elevator and he goes down, down, down to Hell. The doors open and he finds himself in the middle of a green golf course. In the distance is a clubhouse and standing in front of it are all his friends and other politicians who had worked with him, everyone is very happy and in evening attire. They run to greet him, hug him, and reminisce about the good times they had while getting rich at the expense of the people. They play a friendly game of golf and then dine on lobster and caviar. Also present is the Devil, who really is a very friendly guy who has a good time dancing and telling jokes. They are having such a good time that before he realizes it, it is time to go. Everyone gives him a big hug and waves while the elevator rises. The elevator goes up, up, up and the door reopens on Heaven where St. Peter is waiting for him.

"Now it's time to visit Heaven."

So 24 hours pass with the head of state joining a group of contented souls moving from cloud to cloud, playing the harp and singing. They have a good time and, before he realizes it, the 24 hours have gone by and St. Peter returns.

"Well then, you've spent a day in Hell and another in Heaven. Now choose your eternity."

He reflects for a minute, then the senator answers, "Well, I would never have said it, I mean Heaven has been delightful, but I think I would be better off in Hell."

So St. Peter escorts him to the elevator and he goes down, down, down to Hell. Now the doors of the elevator open and he is in the middle of a barren land covered with waste and garbage. He sees all his friends, dressed in rags, picking up the trash and putting it in black bags. The Devil comes over to him and lays his arm on his neck. "I don't understand," stammers the senator."Yesterday I was here and there was a golf course and club and we ate lobster and caviar and danced and had a great time. Now all there is, is a wasteland full of garbage and my friends look miserable.

The Devil looks at him, smiles and says, "Yesterday we were campaigning! Today you voted for us! The election is over."

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I go on

This poem (I know) by John Lilly is helping me go through a very scary time in which I have one month left to find a suitable affordable appartement while going through great financial uncertainty.

First another passage from the book appendix 1: Reality to help clarify the poem.

Reality (excerpt)
The primitive Romans, in expressing what appeared to them the most real object, used the word res, a law-court.
A law-court in their time meant the power to judge over life and death, family and possessions, in short, everything that their existence consisted of. Their minds couldn't quite express the meaning of our word reality, so they used this appropriate word to signify the most positive fact of their life. Through successive generations res gradually assumed the meaning of the modern thing - an object of thought. Thing itself, in the original Anglo-Saxon and Teutonic, meant law-court. Here we have two separate primite peoples expressing their concept of reality by a law-court. Reality has evolved directly from these concepts.
(Kinda scary seeing how quite unreliable and expensive the "just-ice" systems of today are.)

"Res, the Lawcourt Reality" Poem by John C. Lilly,
7 sept 1969 (Appendix 2 of Simulations of God).

Res is the thing, the real a lawcourt.
What is so real as being in front of a court as defendant?
Those others in the court are human, I hope.
But they play an old honored game, as if not humane.
They use procedures, rules adapted to win or lose.
Win or lose what?
Everything in consensus group reality - money, property, wife, child, mistress, reputation, power.
Up against power, into court I go, propelled by lawyers.
The true nature of the game, the real rules cloaked in jargon, appals my naïve mind.
I shudder, shake, wish for more power, money, better lawyers - thus wishing, I fall into their game.
I lose.
By their judgment I am depleted of money, power, repute.
Why play? To lose? Why play to lose this game?
Outside of this game are other games, to avoid this one.
Direct messages of direct feeling - goodwill, friendship, the right people, the right activities.
Another reality, not res, the thing, the lawcourt.
Love everlasting, right living, right friends.
Trusting Them, out there, I go on.

Björk - All is full of love

I been listening to Björk a lot lately, loads of her lyrics (and videos) seem really great, she's definitely tapped into something creatively and beyond it seems.

You'll be given love
You'll be taken care of
You'll be given love
You have to trust it

Maybe not from the sources
You have poured yours
Maybe not from the directions
You are staring at

Twist your head around
It's all around you
All is full of love
All around you

All is full of love
You just ain't receiving
Your phone is off the hook
Your doors are all shut

Philip K. Dick

"What I was sensing was the manifold of partially actualized realities lying tangent to what evidently is the most actualized one, the one which the majority of us by consensus agentium agree on." PKD

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Dr.John Lilly - In the province of the mind

John Lilly channeling Davy Crocket lol

"In the province of the mind, what one believes to be true is true or becomes true, within certain limits to be found experientially and experimentally. These limits are further beliefs to be transcended. In the mind there are no limits."

This video is an excerpt, Full Video here, Full text.

MISHLOVE: Well, I suppose for our culture the really special thing about you is the fact that you really have a foot in both worlds, the scientific camp and the mystical camp. And in a way you seem dissatisfied with both of them. Neither camp seems to provide an adequate enough model of reality for you.

LILLY: That's right. My own beliefs are unbelievable.

MISHLOVE: And you seem to be saying that it's up to each person to in effect make the same bridge that you have, and to create their own belief system, so that in creating that belief they can move into the state that that belief leads them to, so that they can then discard it again.

LILLY: That's the gnostic point of view -- self transcendence, not transcendence through a church or a group.

MISHLOVE: Back fifteen years ago or so, you were exploring the mystical states, as described classically as the various levels of samadhi, in your work with Oscar Ichazo in Chile, in the Arica school.

LILLY: Right.

MISHLOVE: You had achieved, as we have described earlier, some of the very highest states of those mystical traditions, and you wrote about them from your own personal experience. People in the mystical traditions view these states as being ultimate states. I get the sense that you don't think of them that way. You think of them more the way a scientist would look at tools.

LILLY: Well, Patanjali, for instance, in 400 B.C. said, "When you reach the highest form of samadhi, you realize there are hundreds more beyond that." I agree; there's no limit.

MISHLOVE: Well, John Lilly, it's been a pleasure having you with me. Thank you very much.

LILLY: Thank you. It's a pleasure being here. You sure do know how to ask the right questions.


Benefits of Laughter Yoga with John Cleese

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Amgod - Psalm 23

"...So to describe myself in a scientific way, I must also describe my surroundings, which is a clumsy way getting around to the realization that you are the entire universe."
Alan Watts

During my absence in escapism, words I kept singing to myself over and over and over and over every day were "don't you know who you are?" in my native tongue like a mantra.
Psalm 23
(dedroidify version)

I am my own guide, I lack nothing.
Whatever I may encounter, I am at peace.
I return to myself: wherever I go, there I am.
Even in complete darkness, I can see:
I am that I am all that is;
I have faith in myself and my abilities.
I am provided for, even when confronted with opposites:
I am blessed; with abundance.
Bliss is mine forever, as I will always be myself.

(The sad tone stems from their amnesia)

The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.
I am my own guide, I lack nothing.
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures:
he leadeth me beside the still waters.
Whatever I may encounter, I am at peace.
He restoreth my soul:
he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.
I return to myself:
wherever I go, there I am.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil:
for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
Even in complete darkness, I can see:
I am that I am all that is;
I have faith in myself and my abilities.

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies:
thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.
I am provided for, even when confronted with opposites:
I am blessed; with abundance.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life:
and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.
Bliss is mine forever, as I will always be myself.
"But at any rate, the point is that God is what nobody admits to being, and everybody really is."
Alan Watts

Lend me your eyes I can change what you see
But your soul you must keep, totally free
Har har, har har, har har, har har

In these bodies we will live, in these bodies we will die
Where you invest your love, you invest your life

Awake my soul, awake my soul
Awake my soul
You were made to meet your maker

I will not fall
Once more I'm called
Time comes for all
Then dark is whole

But oh, my heart was flawed
I knew my weakness
So hold my hand
Subscribe me not to darkness

I will not speak of your sin
There is a way out for him
The mirror shows not
Your values are shot

But oh, my heart was flawed
I knew my weakness
So hold my hand
Subscribe me not to darkness

And I fall short

But oh, my heart was flawed
I knew my weakness
So hold my hand
Subscribe me not to darkness
"You are the eternal thing that comes and goes that appears - now as John Jones, now as Mary Smith, now as Betty Brown - and so it goes, forever and ever and ever."
Alan Watts
Forever is a long, long time when you've lost your way.
The Magic Numbers: Forever Lost:
Darling, what'cha gonna do now?
Now that you noticed it all went wrong
I've been, I've been thinking
That you don't know me any more
Don't let the sun be the one to change you baby
I wanna learn how to love, if I'm to know
Cause I wanna go where the people go
Cause I'm forever lost
Oh yeah, I'm forever lost
Darling, what'cha gonna do now?
Now that you've noticed
What you gonna do now?
Now that you know

The Stygian Port: Here Is Wisdom

don't you know who you are?

we're number 1
we're number 1
we're number 1


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Symphony of Science: Ode to the Brain!

Information in the form of energy
Streams in simultaneously
Through all of our sensory systems
In the form of energy

And then it explodes into this enormous collage
Of what this present moment looks like
What it feels like
And what it sounds like

And then it explodes into this enormous collage
And in this moment we are perfect
We are whole and we are beautiful

John Lilly's Simulations of God - Science of Belief excerpt 6

God as Consciousness-Without-an-Object

If by getting into a state of High Indifference, of Nirvana, Samadhi, or Satori, then one can function as a teaching example to others and it may be that if a sufficiently large number of us share this particular set of metaprograms we may be able to survive our own alternative dichotomous spaces of righteous wrath. If righteous wrath must go as a nonsurviving program for the human species, then it may be that High Indifference is a reasonable alternative.
Setting up a hierarchy of states of consciousness with High Indifference at the top, Nirvana next, Satori next, Samadhi next, and Anada at the bottom is an interesting game, especially when one becomes capable of moving through all these spaces and staying a sufficient time in each to know it.
This may be a better game than killing our neighbors because they do not believe in our simulations of God. At least those who espouse these states claim that these states are above any other human aspiration; that once one has experienced them, he is almost unfit for wrath, for pride, for arrogance, for power over others, for group pressure exerted either upon oneself or upon others. One becomes fit only for teaching these states who are ready to learn them. The bodhisattva vow is no longer necessary for those who have had direct experience. One becomes the bodhisattva without the vow. One becomes Buddha without being Buddha.
One becomes content with the minimum necessities for survival on the planetside trip; one cuts back on his use of unnecessary articles - machines, gadgets and devices. He no longer needs motion pictures, television, dishwashers, or other luxuries. One no longer needs much of what most people value above all else. One no longer needs the excitement of war. One no longer needs to be a slave to destructive thoughts or deeds. One no longer needs to organize.
Krishnamurti's story of the Devil is pertinent here. Laura Huxley furnished me with a copy of it. The Devil was walking down the street with a friend, and they saw a man pick something up, look at it carefully and put it in his pocket. The friend said to the Devil, "What's that?" The Devil said, "He has found a bit of the truth." The friend said, "Isn't that bad for your business?" "The Devil said, "No, I am going to arrange to have him organize it."
So it behooves us not to organize either the methods or states... It is better not to try to devise groups, techniques, churches, places, or other forms of human organization to encourage, foster, or force up on others these states. If these states are going to do anything with humanity, the must "creep by contagion," as it were, from one individual to the next.
God as Consciousness-Without-an-Object, if real, will be apperceived and introcepted by more and more of us as we turn toward the inner realities within each of us. If God as Consciousness-Without-an-Object inhabits each of us, we eventually will see this. We will become universally aware. We will realize consciousness as being everywhere and eternal. We will realize that Consciousness-Without-an-Object in each of us is prejudiced and biased because it has linked up with a human brain.

Excerpt 1, number 2, number 3, number 4, number 5.

Quicksilver Messenger Service - What About Me?

Sweet hippie goodness, yeah man!

Keith Barry does brain magic

First, Keith Barry shows us how our brains can fool our bodies -- in a trick that works via podcast too. Then he involves the audience in some jaw-dropping (and even a bit dangerous) feats of brain magic.

About Keith Barry

Think of Keith Barry as a hacker of the human brain -- writing routines that exploit its bugs and loopholes, and offering a revealing look at the software between our ears.

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DMT: The Spirit Molecule

I was looking forward to this documentary for so long, finally viewed it and what an excellent job they did with it!

Dr Strassman's DMT research is one of the corner stones of my Mystical Reality Tunnel. What a great documentary, I highly recommend the book to anyone as well, click the Rick Strassman label for related posts.

Landslide (from RAW's The Universe Next Door)

The story herein (Robert Anton Wilson's Schrödinger's Cat Trilogy: The Universe next Door) is set in a variety of parallel universes in which most of the politicians are thieves and most of the theologians are maniacs. These universes have nothing in common with our own world, of course.

Of course.

Bryce S. DeWitt states: "The Copenhagen view promotes the impression that the collapse of the state vector, and even the state vector itself, is all in the mind." . . . One fact which seems to emerge from the present discussions of the nature of consciousness is that it is nonlocal (i.e., not confined to a certain region of space-time). . . .
-lawrence beynam, Future Science

Furbish Lousewart V was elected President of the United States in 1980 with the greatest landslide since Roosevelt II buried poor Alf Landon alive in 1936. The People's Ecology Party also gained control of both the House and the Senate and twenty-three governorships out of the fifty-one.

The PEP platform, a weird mixture of tangled religiosity and New Left antirationalism, became official policy.

The New Order began mildly-at least by comparison with what was to follow-and the major changes of the first administration consisted only of cutting the NASA budget to zilch; banning McDonald's hamburger shops (which resulted in underground "Steakeasies," where you gave the right password and got a Big Mac for $7); outlawing tobacco (a "lid" of Chesterfields was soon selling for $50 to $75 coast to coast); appointing three antitechnology fanatics to the first three vacancies in the Supreme Court; forbidding the teaching of Logical Positivism in colleges; throwing everybody off welfare (the streets were soon full of crippled and schizophrenic beggars, some of whom also slept there or even starved there on occasion, creating that Third World look which PEP regulars regarded as "spiritual"); cutting the use of electricity by 50 percent, gas by 70 percent, and atomic energy by 97 percent, thereby causing millions to freeze to death and millions more to join the army of unemployed beggars on the streets; beginning all Cabinet meetings with hatha yoga sessions and Krishna chanting; serializing the collected works of Ralph Nader in the official Party newspaper, Doom; encouraging Party members to beat up mathematicians, geologists, science-fiction fans, and other "non-ec" types ("non-ec" types were those either known to be disloyal to the Party or suspected of such disloyalty); encouraging the reemergence of cottage industry by rigidly repressing every more advanced kind of industry; introducing Zen meditation to grammar schools; and most important of all, blaming the host of new and tragic problems that resulted from government policies on an alleged conspiracy of "scientists" and instituting a nationwide witchhunt to round up the members of this conspiracy for incarceration in reeducation centers.

The Revolution of Lowered Expectations had triumphed. By 1984 nobody in the country had any higher expectations than a feudal serf.

Actually, the apotheosis of Furbish Lousewart V had been engineered by the same group of alpha males who had been promoting the Revolution of Lowered Expectations all along.

These were very cunning old primates in several of the most skillful predator bands on Terra. Because of the stealth and skill of these bands-made up of successful predator families that had been intermarrying for several generations-they collectively owned 99.4 percent of all the territory and resources of Unistat.

They only owned about 40 percent of the rest of Terra, and that seriously annoyed them.

The Revolution of Rising Expectations annoyed them even more, because it led many primates to argue that the reason poverty and starvation still continued in an advanced technological society was that Somebody Was Getting More Than Their Share. Whenever anybody asked who that Somebody might be, all eyes turned on these royal old primate males who owned so much. The eyes were not friendly. Sometimes, in far-off lands where these royal primates did not completely control the governments, some of their boodle was actually seized and redistributed to the people they had stolen it from. As Rising Expectations had mounted in the first half of the century, this regrettable pattern of expropriation also escalated.

The alpha males of these tough old predator families did not like this at all. They therefore invested a prudent sum in promoting the careers of everybody who preached Lowered Expectations, from Ralph Nader and the Club of Rome to Oriental gurus and the neo-Stoics of the post-Marxist Left. When Furbish Lousewart came along, they invested in him, too-enough to buy the election for him.

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Starhawk thought he had a right to steal anything and everything he could get away with from the white people.

The white people had stolen all the land in Unistat from his ancestors.

Starhawk, like the grim moralists in POE, was determined to get even.

Getting even was the basis of many primate semantic confusions, such as "expropriating the expropriators," "an absolute crime demands an absolute penalty," "they did it to me so I can do it to them," and, in general, the emotional mathematics of "one plus one equals zero" (1 + 1 = 0).

The primates were so dumb they didn't realize that one plus one equals two (1 + 1 = 2) and one murder plus one murder equals two murders, one crime plus one crime equals two crimes, etc.

They did not understand causality at all.

The few primates who did understand causality slightly called it karma. They said all sorts of foolish things about it.

They didn't even know enough mathematics to describe quantum probability waves. They said, in crude hominid metaphor, that bad karma led to "bad vibes."

From RAW's Schrödinger's Cat Trilogy: The Universe next Door

Phoenix - Lasso

Forever is a long long time
When you lost your way
Trying to follow your ideals
(Oh sorry) But your so-called life
It is such a waste

When you realize
No you don't realize
What you say yes to
What you say yes to

Where would you go
Where would you go with a lasso
Could you run into
Could you run into
Could you go and run into me

Forever is a long long time
When you lost your way

Forever is a long long time
When you lost your way

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Robert Anton Wilson: Schrödinger's Cat

The first words of the novel The Universe Next Door of the Schrödinger's Cat Trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson. Which can be described as a wonderful way of exposing reality tunnels for the funny little things they are.

The Universe Next Door

Not until the male become female and the female becomes male shall ye enter the
Kingdom of Heaven.
-Jesus, in The Gospel of Thomas


History is a nightmare from which none of us can awaken.
-stephen prometheus in carl jung's Odysseus

The majority of Terrans were six-legged. They had territorial squabbles and politics and wars and a caste system. They also had sufficient intelligence to survive on that barren boondocks planet for several billions of years.

We are not concerned here with the majority of Terrans. We are concerned with a tiny minority-the domesticated primates who built cities and wrote symphonies and invented things like tic-tac-toe and integral calculus. At the time of our story, these primates regarded themselves as the Terrans. The six-legged majority and other life-forms on that planet hardly entered into their thinking at all, most of the time.

The domesticated primates of Terra referred to the six-legged majority by an insulting name. They called them "bugs."

There was one species on Terra that lived in very close symbiosis with the domesticated primates. This was a variety of domesticated canines called dogs.

The dogs had learned to achieve a rough simulation of guilt and remorse and worry and other domesticated primate characteristics.

The domesticated primates had learned how to achieve simulations of loyalty and dignity and cheerfulness and other canine characteristics.

The primates claimed that they loved the dogs as much as the dogs loved them. Still, the primates kept the best food for themselves. The dogs noticed this, you can be sure, but they loved the primates so much that they forgave them.

One dog became famous. Actually he and she was a group of dogs, but they became renowned collectively as Pavlov's Dog.

The thing about Pavlov's Dog is that he or she or they responded mechanically to mechanically administered stimuli. Pavlov's Dog caused some of the domesticated primates, especially the scientists, to think that all dog behavior was equally mechanical. This made them wonder about other mammals, including themselves.

Most primates ignored this philosophical challenge. They went about their business assuming that they were not mechanical.

The fact that plutonium was missing originally leaked to the press in the mid-1970s. At first there was a minor wave of panic among those given to worrying about such matters, and there was even some churlish grumbling about a government so incompetent that it couldn't keep track of its own weapons of megadeath.

But then a year passed, and another, and soon five years had passed, and then nearly a decade; and the missing plutonium was still missing but nothing really drastic had happened.

Terran primates, being a simpleminded, sleepful race, simply stopped worrying about the subject. The triggering mechanism of the most destructive weapon ever devised on that backward planet was in unknown hands, true; but that was really not much more unsettling to contemplate than the fact that many of the known hands which had enjoyed access to plutonium belonged to persons who were not in all respects reasonable men.
(See Terran Archives: Reagan, Ronald Wilson, career of.)

The primate philosophy of that epoch was summed up by one of their popular heroes, Mr. Satchel Paige, in the aphorism, "Don't look back-something might be gaining on you." It was a comfortable philosophy for sleep-loving people.

The use of atomic weapons was widely blamed on a primate named Albert Einstein. Even Einstein himself had agreed with this opinion. He was a pacifist and had suffered abominable pangs of conscience over what had been done with his scientific discoveries.

"I should have been a plumber," Einstein said just before he died.

Actually the discovery of atomic energy was the result of the work of every scientist, craftsman, engineer, technician, philosopher, and gadgeteer who had ever lived on Terra. The use of atomic energy as a weapon was the result of all the political decisions ever made, from the time the vertebrates first started competing for territory.

Most Terran primates did not understand the multiplex nature of causality. They tended to think everything had a single cause. This simple philosophic error was so widespread on that planet that the primates were all in the habit of giving themselves, and other primates, more credit than was deserved when things went well. This made them all inordinately conceited.

They also gave themselves, and one another, more blame than was deserved when things went badly. This gave them all jumbo-sized guilt complexes.

It is usually that way on primitive planets, before quantum causality is understood.

Quantum causality was not understood on Terra until physicists solved the Schrödinger's Cat riddle.

Schrödinger's Cat never became as famous among the primate masses as Pavlov's Dog, but that was because the cat was harder to understand than the dog.

Pavlov's Dog could be understood in simple mechanical metaphors. To understand Schrödinger's Cat you needed to first understand the equations of quantum probability waves. Only a few primates were smart enough to read the equations, and even they couldn't understand them.

That was because the equations seemed to say that the cat was dead and alive at the same time.

Every character in this book looks like Pavlov's Dog from a certain angle. If you look at him or her a different way, however, you'll see Schrödinger's Cat.

Robert Anton Wilson on Acceleration of Knowledge

Terence Mckenna: The Singularity

Take it easy dude, but take it!

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History Channel: Ancient Discoveries: Machines of the Gods

LOL... some harsh stuff in here man, statues crying blood, thunder machines in temples and churches, and to top it all off Cybele's many nipples spraying milk!

Machines of the Gods... I might call them "Belief Systems"...

We still have "Belief Systems" convincingly manipulating some... belief systems... for example here are two I can think off fast:

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Saw this band open for the Editors last year, the sound was really bad but I heard such good riffs I had to check it out online and glad I did!

Start the spirit party!

Full session of 21 minutes