Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"TSA Heroes"

Phoenix - Everything is Everything

Everything, is everything.
The more I talk about it, the less I do control.
 Everything, means everything.
 Can't understand a word, half of the stuff I'm sayin.

The things I do possess. Sometimes they own me too.

Monday, November 26, 2012


LOL! We need more trolling of the conspiracy community, would help to make a lot of idiots take themselves less seriously and stop making fools of themselves. Because Jesus Christ there is some retarded shit on the internet.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

We used to have the ability to generate an energy field that had a calming effect, allowing individuals to see reason.

STARK Are you serious? The Eidelons are remarkable mediators -- legendary for bringing the most intolerant enemies to common ground. 
CHIANA Scarrans aren't going to be reasoned with. 
PIKAL But they will... if... 
CHIANA If what? 

CHIANA (to Stark; unsure) Is he propositioning me? 
STARK No. That's a very special gland. 
CHIANA Small. In a weird place. 
STARK It's an antenna to feelings, an inner eye. Am I right, Pikal? 
PIKAL Yes. And -- our history leads us to believe -- substantially more. 
CHIANA It gets bigger? 
PIKAL Not that we know. However, it vibrates. 
PIKAL We used to have the ability to generate an energy field that had a calming effect, allowing individuals to see reason.
CHIANA But... your little limp thing, it can't do the trick anymore? 
PIKAL Unfortunately not. Our control of the gland has been dormant for generations. If our ancestors are indeed alive on Arnessk, I can only pray they will somehow show us the way to reignite this attribute within ourselves... 

From Farscape - the Peacekeeper Wars part 1.

Enlightenment in a gif


Stupidity, racism, territory, money and power are my guesses.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Thanks again to Relaxed Focus for these. 

Just wanna share, two of my buddies who do power training as I do, are both injured because they were (really) pushing it. One threw out his back, the other his shoulder, they liked to jest at me a bit cause I take it (very) easy. I knew I'd have the last laugh. I never do more than the exercises alotted tell me to and I won't work out a day if I feel I it's best left till tomorrow, I haven't been injured so far and any progress is progress. They will be losing a lot of their lead now that they're benched from doing anything and meanwhile my body is healthily developping on several fronts, which is all I care about.

Listen you fucking prick...

Mini-rant incoming

Well then I guess I do and I'm not setting foot on US soil until I know I'll be treated like a human being. I don't wanna go to jail for knocking an idiot in a uniform the fuck out.  I don't wanna visit China or Russia either, I wanna know I'll have a reasonable assurance I won't be molested, shot, tasered, jailed or killed when I go somewhere. Call it exaggeration, I call it sense.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Marble Sounds - Redesign

Ladies & gentlemen: this is beautiful, yes I'm drunk :p
Are we done with the others?
Can we make this work?
You control all my muscles
Can you bend my arm?

And take the glasses from my eyes
And kick off my entire but efficient redesign

Are we done with the others or will we get that far?
I can wait til tomorrow and take a flying start
Behaviour comes in different kinds and i chose mine

For this long but efficient redesign

All your feelings they reside in a bucket next to mine
And the dice they decide whether we go left or right
I am cutting memories so i can filter all my fears
And i wouldn't be surprised if you understand me now somehow

Are we done with the others?
Type the secret lines
Can you skip all my sorrows and get my accent right?
Erase the troubles on my mind
And render my entire but efficient redesign

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bit overly overt symbolism right here...

I can't in good conscience embed this kind of horrible shit, not even tagging the post with "music" :p, but if you feel you can waste a few minutes of your life check Ke$ha's die young video.
Got pentagrams? And that's a card of of Baphomet/the devil tarot card she pulls out at 1.31; I'm not drawing any conclusions like people in the comments, I just wonder why the music industry does this, well for one I can see that resorting to magick is necessary trying to sell this ear pollution ;)

Masks by Shel Silverstein

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Eliza Doolittle - Back to Front


Can anyone post a news link in the comments about this weed legalisation in 2 states in the US I heard about? I can't find any good links fast.

Thanks Alien Punk! Reuters link here, pretty awesome, let's see how much of a dick the Federal Gov is going to be about this. Btw I just quit again a few days ago :p, again. I'm a big fan of the wacky tobacky but sometimes you just have to get stuff done :p Meditation and water woooo!


Politics is the entertainment division of the military industrial complex

I freaking love Relaxed Focus
Holy shit, that's genius. I'm speechless (typing doesn't count).

Sometimes? Oh Friedrich you kidder.
I freaking love Relaxed Focus

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I hope Obama wins

Just wanted to express I hope the democrat puppet wins over the republican one. I've posted a lot under the hope-nosis tag to wake some people up that Obama isn't what his fervent supporters hope he was during the last election. That being said, he has far exceeded my expectations and is a president I can respect. Romney is a depressing candidate, pandering to the ignorant conservative population in the US as any republican puppet before him. So I wish you all the best Barack Obama, and truly hope you win the election!