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Kabbalah - Ways to group the Sephiroth

Just a word of warning to anyone planning to read Dione Fortune's Mystical Kabbalah, it's full of freaking typos, something went wrong with the scanning I think, it's not a major problem, I've been able to decipher 100% of the typos quite fast it's just a bit annoying. Anyway time to share some Kabbalah tidbits and here are the different ways to group the Sephiroth aka the Spheres of the Kabbalah. This will probably not make that much sense to the neophyte but there is some explaining and you can copy it in a textfile and keep it for future reference. Interesting thing happened yesterday, I was reading in the book about the different Tarot cards and their associations to the Sephiroth and the paths, and my third eye started throbbing for more than a few seconds, ok Universe, time to get myself a Tarot deck I suppose!

These different methods of classifying the Sephiroth are not competing systems, but are designed to enable the decimal system of the Qabalists to be equated with other systems, using a threefold notation, such as the Christian, or as we have already noted, a sevenfold system like Theosophy; they are also valuable as indicating functional affiliations among the Sephiroth themselves.

Three Pillars:
Pillar of Severity (Left-Hand) Negative, Feminine, Destruction
Pillar of Mercy (Right-Hand) Positive, Masculine, Creation
Middle Pillar of Mildness/Equilibrium, Harmony - Consciousness

Also see the 2 principles, Yin and Yang and the Tao (the Equilibrium between them).
And the 3 channels of Prana: Ida, Pingala, Shushumna (central)
The Kundalini rises through Shushumna central channel, and consciousness is extended. The western magical operaiton of rising on the planes takes place on the central pillar of the tree: Malkuth to Yesod, to Tiphareth, the path of the Arrow. Malkuth=brain consciousness, after any astral projection the ceremonial return is made to malkuth and normal consciousness re-establishes therein.

The Different Worlds
The Tree, considered from the initiatory standpoint, is the link between the microcosm, which is man, and the Macrocosm, which is God made manifest in Nature. A ritual initiation is the act of linking the microcosmic Sephirah, the chakra, with the Macrocosmic Sephirah; it is the introduction of a newcomer to the Sphere by those who are already there. They construct a symbolic representation of the Sphere on the physical plane in the furniture of the temple; they construct an astral replica of it by concentrated imagination; and by means of invocation they call down into this temple not made with hands the forces of the Sphere of the Sephirah they are working upon.
These forces stimulate the corresponding chakras of the initiate and wake them to activity in his aura. The process of self-initiation by the meditations I have described is slower than the processes of ritual initiation, but it is sure enough if persevered with by a suitable person, but one cannot teach a jelly-fish to sing by feeding it canary-seed.

Atziluth - Archetypal World
(World of Emanations) - Kether
(Gods directly act through it)
Four Colour Scales: King Scale
Suit of Wands and Fire

Briah - Creative World
Chokmah & Binah, Supernal Abba & Ama, Father and Mother
Four Colour Scales: Queen Scale.
Suit of Cups and Water.

Yetzriah - Formative World
Six central Sephiroth (Chesed, Geburah, Tiphareth, Netzach, Hod, and Yesod)
(Angelic Orders, choirs of angels)
Four Colour Scales: Emperor Scale.
Suit of Swords and Air.

Assiah - Material World
(Mundane Chakras, planets, elements, signs of the zodiac - natural centres of force)
Four Colour Scales: Empress Scale.
Suit of Pentacles/Coins and Earth.

Four Colour Scales:
King, Queen, Emperor, Empress
Tetragrammaton - YHVH: Yod, He', Vau, He'
the Four Worlds of the Qabalists; the four elements of the alchemists; the fourfold classification of the signs of the Zodiac and the planets into triplicities, employed by the astrologers; and the four suits of the Tarot pack used in divination.

King, mounted, swift action of Yod
Prince, seated figure, Vau
Princess, knave Hé final of the sacred name.

Seven Palaces
Fist Palace: Three Supernals
Seventh Palace: Yesod and Malkuth

The rest of the Sephiroth have a palace to itself. This reveals the intimate relationship of Yesod and Malkuth and enables the tenfold scale of Qabalah to be equated with sevenfold scale of Theosophy.

Arik Anpin - Vast Countenance - Kether
manifested as Abba, Supernal Father, Chokmah and Ama, the Supernal Mother, Binah.
When united (positive & negative) are Elohim, this union takes place in Daath.

Zaur Anpin, Lesser countenance or Microprosopos
Six Sephiroth are contained therein, the special one being Tiphareth. The remaining Sephirah, Malkuth is called the Bride of the Microprosopos.

Microprosopos is also sometimes called the King. Malkuth is then called the Queen. She is also called the Lesser Mother or Terestiral Eve as distinguished from Binah, the Supernal mother.

Final System of classification is under...
The presidency of the 3 mother letters of the Hebrew Alphabet:

Aleph, A - air
Mem, M - water
Shin, Sh - Fire

Under the presidency of Aleph is the Airy triad of Kether, in which is the Root of Air, reflecting downward through Tiphareth, the Solar Fire, into Yesod, the Lunar radiance. In Binali is the Root of Water (Marah, the Great Sea), reflected through Chesed into Hod, under the presidency of Mem, the Mother of Watei. In Chokmah is the Root of Fire, reflected downwards through Geburah into Netzach, under the presidency of Shin, the Mother of Fire.

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Dion Fortune - The Mystical Kabbalah Chapter 1. The Yoga of the West

Dear God, I finally found a book to explain this Kabbalah mumbo jumbo, I've had it for a while in my huge pdf library but I guess the time wasn't right. I have no shame in saying I barely understood what the tree of life was for, but it's finally starting to make sense and seems not only beneficial but absolutely necessary in my upcoming Magickal development and even more so, looking to replace or at least add to and elucidate the eastern techniques I've been doing so far. What a wonderful system. So in the not-so-distant future my Tree of Life page will be updated to something neophytes like myself will actually have more use of. I will share with you the first chapter which is quite informative. (Click the images if you want to read the text.)

Chapter 1: The Yoga of the West

1. Very few students of occultism know anything at all about the fountain-head whence their tradition springs. Many of them do not even know there is a Western Tradition. Scholarship is baffled by the intentional blinds and defences with which initiates both ancient and modern have wrapped themselves about, and concludes that the few fragments of a literature which have come down to us are medieval forgeries. They would be greatly surprised if they knew that these fragments, supplemented by manuscripts that have never been allowed to pass out of the hands of initiates, and completed by an oral tradition, are handed down in schools of initiation to this day, and are used as the bases of the practical work of the Yoga of the West.

2. The adepts of those races whose evolutionary destiny is to conquer the physical plane have evolved a Yoga technique of their own which is adapted to their special problems and peculiar needs. This technique is based upon the well-known but little understood Qabalah, the Wisdom of Israel.

3. It may be asked why it is that the Western nations should go to the Hebrew culture for their mystical tradition ? The answer to this question will be readily understood by those
who are acquainted with the esoteric theory concerning races and sub-races. Everything must have a source. Cultures do not spring out of nothing. The seed-bearers of each new phase of culture must of necessity arise within the preceding Culture. No one can deny that Judaism was the matrix of the European spiritual culture when they recall the fact that Jesus and Paul were both Jews. No race except the Jewish race could possibly have served as the stock upon which the new dispensation was to be grafted because no other race was monotheistic. Pantheism and polytheism had had their day and a new and more spiritual culture was due. The Christian races owe their religion to the Jewish culture as surely as the Buddhist races of the East owe theirs to the Hindu culture.

4. The mysticism of Israel supplies the foundation of modern Western occultism. It forms the theoretical basis upon which all ceremonial is developed. Its famous glyph, the Tree of Life, is the best meditation-symbol we possess because it is the most comprehensive.

5. It is not my intention to write a historical study of the sources of the Qabalah, but rather to show the uses that are made of it by modern students of the Mysteries. For although the roots of our system are in tradition, there is no reason why we should be hid bound by tradition. A technique that is being actually practised is a growing thing, for the experience of each worker enriches it and becomes part of the common heritage.

6. It is not necessarily incumbent upon us to do certain things or hold certain ideas because the Rabbis who lived before Christ had certain views. The world has moved on since those days and we are under a new dispensation but what was true in principle then will be true in principle now, and of value to us. The modern Qabalist is the heir of the ancient Qabalist, but he must re-interpret doctrine and re-formulate method in the light of the present dispensation if the heritage he has received is to be of any practical value to him.

7. I do not claim that the modern Qabalistic teachings as I have learnt them are identical
with those of the pre-Christian Rabbis, but I claim that they are the legitimate descendants thereof and the natural development therefrom.

8. The nearer the source the purer the stream. In order to discover first principles we must go to the fountain-head. But a river receives many tributaries in the course of its flow, and these need not necessarily be polluted. If we want to discover whether they are pure or not, we compare them with the pristine stream, and if they pass this test they may well be permitted to mingle with the main body of waters and swell their strength. So it is with a tradition: that which is not antagonistic will be assimilated. We must always test the purity of a tradition by reference to first principles, but we shall equally judge of the vitality of a tradition by its power to assimilate. It is only a dead faith which remains uninfluenced by contemporary thought.

9. The original stream of Hebraic mysticism has received many tributaries. We see its rise among the nomad star-worshippers of Chaldea, where Abraham in his tent among his flocks hears the voice of God. But Abraham has a shadowy background in which vast forms move half-seen. The mysterious figure of a great Priest-king, "born without father, without mother, without descent; having neither beginning of days nor end of life," administers to him the first Eucharistic feast of bread and wine after the battle with the Kings in the valley, the sinister Kings of Edom, "who ruled ere there was a king in Israel, whose kingdoms are unbalanced force."

10. Generation by generation we trace the intercourse of the princes of Israel with the priest-kings of Egypt. Abraham and Jacob went thither; Joseph and Moses were intimately associated with the court of the royal adepts. When we read of Solomon sending to Hiram, King of Tyre, for men materials to aid in the building of the Temple we know that the famous Tyrian Mysteries must have profoundly influenced the Hebrew esotericism. When we read of Daniel being educated in the palaces of Babylon we know that the wisdom of the Magi must have been accessible to Hebrew illuminati.

11. This ancient mystical tradition of the Hebrews possessed three literatures: the Books of the Law and the Prophets, which are known to us as the Old Testament; the Talmud, or collection of learned commentaries thereon; and the Qabalah, or mystical interpretation thereof. Of these three the ancient Rabbis say that the first is the body of the tradition, the second its rational soul, and the third its immortal spirit. Ignorant men may with profit read the first; learned men study the second; but the wise meditate upon the third. It is a strange thing that Christian exegesis has never sought the keys to the Old Testament in the Qabalah.

12. In Our Lord's day there were three schools of religious thought in Palestine: the Pharisees and the Sadducees, of whom we read so frequently in the Gospels; and the Essenes, who are never referred to. Esoteric tradition avers that the boy Jesus ben Joseph, when His calibre was recognised by the learned doctors of the Law who heard Him speak in the Temple at the age of twelve, was sent by them to the Essenian community near the Dead Sea to be trained in the mystical tradition of Israel, and that He remained there until He came to John to be baptised in the Jordan before commencing His mission at the age of thirty. Be that as it may, the closing clause of the Lord's Prayer is pure Qabalism. Malkuth, the Kingdom, Hod, the Power, Netzach, the Glory, form the basal triangle of the Tree of Life, with Yesod, the Foundation, or Receptacle of Influences, as the central point. Whoever formulated that prayer knew his Qabalah.

13. Christianity had its esotericism in the Gnosis, which owed much to both Greek and Egyptian thought. In the system of Pythagoras we see an adaptation of the Qabalistic principles to Greek mysticism.

14. The exoteric, state-organised section of the Christian Church persecuted and stamped out the esoteric section, destroying every trace of its literature upon which it could lay hands in striving to eradicate the very memory of a gnosis from human history. It is recorded that the baths and bakehouses of Alexandria were fired for six months with the manuscripts from the great library. Very little remains to us of our spiritual heritage in the ancient wisdom. Everything that was above ground was swept away, and it is uniy with the excavation of ancient monuments the sands have swallowed that we are beginning to rediscover its fragments.

15. It was not until the fifteenth century, when the power of the Church was beginning to show signs of weakening, that men dared to commit to paper the traditional Wisdom of Israel. Scholars declare that the Qabalah is a medieval forgery because they cannot trace a succession of early manuscripts, but those who know the manner of working of esoteric fraternities know that a whole cosmogony and psychology can be conveyed in a glyph which means nothing to the uninitiated. These strange old charts could be handed on from generation to generation, their explanation being communicated verbally, and the true interpretation would never be lost. When in doubt as to the explanation of some abstruse point, reference would be made to the sacred glyph, and meditation thereon would unfold what generations of meditation had ensouled therein. It is well known to mystics that if a man meditates upon a symbol around which certain ideas have been associated by past meditation, he will obtain access to those ideas, even if the glyph has never been elucidated to him by those who have received the oral tradition "by mouth to ear."

16. The organised temporal force of the Church availed to drive all rivals from the field and destroy their traces. We little know what seeds of mystical tradition sprang up only to be cut down during the Dark Ages; but mysticism is inherent in the human race, and although the Church had destroyed all roots of tradition in her group-soul, nevertheless devout spirits within her fold rediscovered the technique of the soul's approach to God and developed a characteristic Yoga of their own, closely akin to the Bhakti Yoga of the East. The literature of Catholicism is rich in treatises on mystical theology which reveal practical acquaintance with the higher states of consciousness though a somewhat naive conception of the psychology thereof, thus revealing the poverty of a system which does not avail itself of the experience of tradition.

17. The Bhakti Yoga of the Catholic Church is only Suitable for those whose temperament is naturally devotional and who find their readiest expression in loving self-sacrifice. But it is not everybody who is of this type, and Christianity is unfortunate in not having any choice of systems to offer its aspirants. The East, being tolerant, is wise, and has developed various Yoga methods, each of which is pursued by its adherents to the exclusion of the others, and yet none would deny that the other methods are also paths to God for those to whom they are suited.

18. In consequence of this deplorable limitation on the part of our theology many Western aspirants take up Eastern methods. For those who are able to live in Eastern conditions and work under the immediate supervision of a guru, this may prove satisfactory, but it seldom gives good results when the various systems are pursued with no other guide than a book and under unmodified Western conditions.

19. It is for this reason that I would recommend to the white races the traditional Western system, which is admirably adapted to their psychic constitution. It gives immediate results, and if done under proper supervision, not only does it not disturb the mental or physical equipoise, as happens with regrettable frequency when unsuitable systems are used, but it produces a unique vitality. It is this peculiar vitality of the adepts which led to the tradition of the elixir of life. I have known a number of people in my time who might justly be considered adepts, and I have always been struck by that peculiar ageless vitality they all possessed.

20. On the other hand, however, I can only endorse what all the gurus of the Eastern Tradition have always averred-that any system of psycho-spiritual development can only be safely and adequately carried on under the personal supervision of an experienced teacher. For this reason, although I shall give in these pages the principles of the mystical Qabalah, I do not consider it would be in anybody's interest to give the keys to its practice even if by the terms of the obligation of my own initiation I were not forbidden to do so. But, on the other hand, I do not consider it fair to the reader to introduce intentional blinds and misinformation, and to the best of my knowledge and belief the information I give is accurate, even if incomplete.

21. The Thirty-two Mystical Paths of the Concealed Glory are ways of life, and those who want to unravel their secrets must tread them. As I myself was trained, so can anyone be trained who is willing to undergo the discipline, and I will gladly indicate the way to any earnest seeker.

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You Can Do Magic - America

You know darn well when you cast your spell you will get your way...

Banishing Rituals and the Zero-State

from William G. Gray - Magical Ritual Methods

...Its object is to make the magician "come alive" in Inner Dimensions, establish his identity therein, and set up an operative consciousness on those levels. To do this, all else must be excluded or "banished" from the Cosmos created by the magician.
The Nil-concept must be established before any creation is possible. Therefore a Zero-state in relation to all other existence is essential. The principle involved is outlined by the ritual questioning;

"What is most important of all?"
"What is more important than God?"
"Nothing is more important than God."
"Therefore let Nothing come before God."

We can see now the esoteric significance of the injunction to: "have no other Gods before Me". That is not a command to abolish idols or other God-concepts than IHWH, but a positive instruction to start from the Nil or Zero point before any concept of Deity whatever. Our most direct way to the One God is via the Nil from whence Deity first emanated. Anyone reading a hint of atheism into this has utterly failed to grasp the slightest inkling of what is indicated, and had best re-zero themselves.

Most Mystery faiths or schools have their own zeroing procedure. In Masonry the Lodge is squared and tiled, in the Church there is a procession and exorcism with holy water, and in ritual Magic the Circle is cast and consecrated. Each practice has the same objective, to exclude the outer and open the Inner Dimensions for the participants, which means swinging the direction of consciousness through the Nil-point toward its changed focus of attention. This is only possible to a very limited degree with most human beings, because it means they must exclude every kind of thought directly connected with the outside world, and work with a completely changed consciousness in very different conditions than those of their mundane awareness. Few people can achieve this necessary detachment by their own efforts alone, and a major magical secret is that of complete detachment or absorption at will.


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New Job!

After 8 years of being out of the IT business I finally am back in! I found the perfect IT support job, or rather, it found me. No shifts, no long drives, no commercial bs on the phone, just good ol' straightforward tech support! I am delighted! Scroll down the blogpage (or click next page :p), see that Magickal grenade? You throw those and things explode, fast. Life is becoming more interesting already.

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Tarot World History part 2

11: lust - a whore astride a ravening beast - the aspirations of empires are brought low by their desire, amoral power unchecked. Strength is now lust. Consider the conquests of Rome, while reckless orgies seethed at home, a proud harlot headed for a fall.
12: the hanged man - how light descended, plunged to dark, hard won knowledge of mankind to brute barbarian night consigned. Initiation may be a dark and desperate ride, a journey through the land of shade required before progress is made. Man's Dark Age was but a necessary ordeal, the anaesthetic dark you'd need for vital sugery to proceed.
13: death - dark ages at its peak, battlefields, the funeral, one state must end before another can start. Rebirth. Renaissance.
14: art - dawn, temperance, imagination tempered by will, chemistry, science art and beauty rose anew like gods. Through skies, consciousness flourished, reason thrived, civilization was revived

15: the devil - pentacle surmounts his frown with 4 points up and one down, 4 elements rise while spirit tramples lies, satan offers christ, materialism. In the light the renaissance brings, the age of reason spreads its wings, rationalism holds full sway and science ascends as god gives way
16: the tower - technological progress causes war. Babel meant to heaven reach, all towers men build a lesson teach. Lightning descending from the sky, reminds man there's but one most high, the divine. Industrial utopia went down in flames of world war one.
17: the star - the aftermath of war, many yearn for a more sacred path, theosophy, golden dawn, materialism ends, occult philosophy thrives.
18: the moon - the flicker of light that is the star, it's tiny and surrounded by blackness, occult nazis, darker more unreasoning side, moon's blackest face we see, nuclear stockpiles, with its end obsessed, darkness and conflict.
19: the sun - spiritual rediscovery, wealth and science and demographic surge, new ideas, buddhism, zen, astrology, i ching, hippies, psychedelics, bards and seers, zeitgeists solar flash scorches most visionaries to ash unfortunately, drugged melodramas become.
20: the aeon - judgment day, apocalypse = revelation, ideas from the psychedelics fuel progress, knowledge doubles, information.
21: the universe - new universe is begun, add card zero and ten spheres and 32 paths appear, this earth-moon path shows flesh & imagination's dance, mankind moves from earthly plane to the moon's imaginary domain, the dream-realm awaits, rejoice this is the promised time, of earth's ascent to realms sublime.

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Tarot World History part 1

Promethea issue 12
The Magic Theatre - A Pop Art Happening

What will follow is a very basic summary with other tarot pictures, if you want the beautiful imagery and prose you will have to read Promethea issue 12

0: the fool - the initial quantum vacume
From whence were space and time deployed, if not this empty quantum void?
1: the magician - the will, the creative, the wand, the spark
The Fool to the Magician yields, and from the vacant quantum fields erupts the singularity of all that is, or that may be. The spark from which al things proceed!
2: the high priestess - parent, mother of dreams
Parent of Suns and Substance, she! Womb of all possibility!
She's mother to all matter's schemes, its aspirations and its dreams.
3: the empress - all bounty and love, venus, bright, earth/water/fire/air = one,
union, holy spark burns in her, seeds of life in her abide.
The Big Bang!
4: the emperor - life, dna, divine energy, double helix sceptre,
the cast, life's script, scheme, cosmic play's theme

5: the hierophant - source comes alive, force, terrestrial line, adapts, thrives
This visionary papal force guides fledgling life upon its course that the initial spark divine might foster a terrestrial line. From algue to annelid worm, through evolutions hoop we squirm, from fish to reptile, snake to bird, we're scaled, or feathered or else furred. From monkeys, life adapts and thrives.
6: the lovers - modern man & woman, sex, in eden they did not know sex or death, amoebas were quite immortal and hermaphrodite (amoebas: implied by eve, grown from husband's side), serpent dna brings sex and death into play, with these two factors there can be progress and possibility, thus we fall (or in genetic terms, descend), so eden ends. unlike amoebas, kill to stay alive, animal dilemmas, it's plain: either you're abel or you're cain.
7: the chariot - the holy cup containing ambrosia, nectar, soma, shamanism, entheogens
the chariot that lifts us up
8: Justice: equilibrium, harmony from stern judgment, order, laws, civilization, society develops.
9: the hermit - human culture has to wait, gestate, grow, dark & warm from simple to more complex, retreat, evolving, the embryo.
10: (wheel of) fortune - Babylon falls, Egypt thrives till Alexanders' Greeks arrive, Romans come, only change changes not. Like sulfur, salt and mercury, the 3 principles of alchemy, one state must to the next give way.

To be continued...

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Promethea Issue 10: Sex, Stars & Serpents

So in the wonderful Comic Book Promethea, she gets initiated by Jack Faust into the Chakra Kundalini System in a rather tantric way. Read issue 10 if you wanna see it all: here are some teasers. The first image is from Issue 9 though.

earthly consciousness

lunar sphere of dream, imagination, sexual fantasy

solar plexus, strength, power, desire, fire, mars, heat, fierceness

heart, sorrow, joy, soul, sun, gold, love

abyss, beyond existence, knowledge enters, where holy information leaks

female principle, roles & identities turn inside out: magicians are male, their symbol is the wand, they seek to penetrate the mystery, once they succeed, they become magic, the mystery, that which is penetrated, they become female, hermaphrodite

pure white diamond brilliance, crown, step out of time

Come Sail Away on Moon River Styx

Alternative Cartman Version :p

In Greek mythology, Charon is the ferryman of Hades who carries souls of the newly deceased across the rivers Styx and Acheron that divided the world of the living from the world of the dead. The old Greeks believed that the deceased lived on as shadows in Hades' Underworld. Hermes (Promethea) guided the dead to the mythical river Styx, where Charon brought them with a ferry to the other side.

Moon river, wider than a mile
I'm crossing you in style some day
Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker
Wherever you're goin', I'm goin' your wayTwo drifters, off to see the world
There's such a lot of world to see
We're after the same rainbow's end, waitin' 'round the bend
My huckleberry friend, moon river, and me