Friday, May 6, 2011

Terence Mckenna: DMT trip in dreams and the future

"...I mean that's language, and it's magic, and we have a fascination then, we also paint, then we sculpt, then we write, then we create electronic databases, then film, television, clearly what we want to do is we want to communicate visually, and these things are saying: "there's a way to do it, do it," and I don't understand do we all have to be loaded on DMT all the time? Can you learn to do this? The gentleman who asked about dreams, here's a piece of information that is critical in this jiggsaw puzzle:
If you have smoked DMT at any time in the past, it is possible to have a dream, in which people are running around and you're checked into the Mars hotel and the luggage is lost and this and that, and in the middle of all that someone drags out a little glass pipe and hands it to you, and it will happen, it will happen in the dream.
Not a memory, not a simulacrum, it will really happen. Well, to me that's an amazing piece of data, because what it's saying is you can do it on the natch (without use of drugs). You may have to be dead asleep but still, on the natch this can be done. And the lucid dreamers, the bio-feedback people, the people who claim these wonderful things that you can do with sleep and dream and programming, I challenge them, teach people to have DMT dreams in their sleep, and then let's figure out how to drag that puppy out into the light. So we can do it at will, on the natch.
I think and there's scientific evidence to support this, remember I said DMT is in the human brain. Well it concentrates in the human cerebro spinal fluid on a 24 hour cycle and it reaches its peak of concentration between 3 and 4 am in most people, that's when the deep REM sleep is happening, when you give somebody DMT, they lay back, they close their eyes and the way you the guide, the sitter, I don't like the word guide, you the sitter, the way you can tell that they're getting off is their eyes dart wildly behind their closed eyelids, it means they're in REM, they're in REM sleep, they've been immediately shoved into deep dreaming.
So I believe that what DMT is doing in normal human metabolism is it mediates the descent, the spiral descent into dream and that every single night we are reuinted with the boundriless oceanic mystery of being that we are so frantic about in waking life and so distant from. And that if we could in fact just engineer a drug that would allow us to remain fully conscious as we drift deeper into dream we would need no other drug or substance, that that's where we want to go, and I think that's where history is headed.
What the archaic revival is about is a revivification of the aboriginal dreamtime, we are going to live in the imagination, we are preparing to decamp from 3-dimensional space, I mean yes the earth is the cradle of the human race, but you don't stay in the cradle forever you know. And it's something like going into dream, it's something like taking the hypertechnical virtual reality internet head of the snake, and inserting the shamanic late-paleolithic ecstatic orgiastic tail of the snake, and then you have the oroboric completion. Then you have the quintessence and the work is complete and history ends and we live then in the light of the stone made manifest."

from Terence McKenna - Rap Dancing into the 3rd millenium

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Figgs said...

Last time I did DMT, the consciousness I conversed with provided an interesting response to my request to allow my endocrine/hypothalamus system/gland to introduce higher amounts of endogenous psychotropics into my bloodstream. It said I will never experience 'sobriety' quite the same way ever again!