Thursday, September 29, 2011

Never been so ashamed to be human

The greek evening news was recently interrupted by people in V for Vendetta masks with a sign saying "stop watching, go outside and protest"

What a couple of months it has been...

Cutbacks in countries around the world, set society back half a century so they can give the money to the banks, the same banks that got billions of aid from governments just recently.

Riot police are beating protestors anywhere with an unbelievable brutality, do these fucking complacent idiots not realize the protestors are protesting for their precious future as well? Fucking worthless servants of their 'masters'.

The Belgian political parties have finally reached some agreement on how to form a government, small detail, the party that won the election is not involved in the talks... :) They have reached agreements over how to split an infamous voting district (I don't know anybody who gives a fuck about this district), and more importantly the new finances, all these agreements will of course be worth completely nothing when the shit hits the fan and the economy completely breaks down. How will you balance a budget with no money?

In Norway a right wing extremist and self proclaimed Templar Knight almost wiped out an entire island filled with, mostly white, youths. The police - who don't carry guns - took over an hour to fucking reach it while citizens were evacuating kids with boats... Eye witness reports of a second gunman were dismissed.

Chavs in Britain destroyed the Peaceful Protesting Wave across the world, looting small business owners just as much as big shops and setting houses of innocent people on fire. Kids were robbed of their fucking clothes by their fellow youths. Good job chavs, way to stick it to the man. Oh most of them were put on billboards, found and fined, awesome, how does that help the small business owners who got ruined? I fail to see...

The Arabian spring in the Middle East is freeing lots of people from dictatorships so it can be replaced by a pseudo-representative democracy as we have in the west, which is nearly as much a dictatorship. What are the Middle Eastern populations doing? Fleeing their countries and overwhelming the west, the Italian island of Lampedusa has 40.000 refugees alone. In Belgium recently refugees were put on the streets after they filled a train station with their trash and excrement, what is a government to do with all these refugees?

The International community has helped Libia free itself from Kadhafi, Syria however, where journalists are not allowed in, protestors are still being shot daily since march... and where people were killed at fucking funerals for god's sake, is not getting that help.

The plans for a European Government were recently dismissed, however what do we hear in the news in Europe everyday? New laws and regulations that have to be met because of Europe... It's already here ffs. One of these wonderful laws: cycling paths should be flawless across Europe! You know, shit that matters.

Smoking bans in pubs seem ridiculous, but they have a great benefit, the people gather less to talk about how they're being fucked in the ass by governments. The big majority of pubs is of course losing tons of money.

The American Shadow Government celebrated it's 10 year anniversary of their most succesful operation in history, 9/11. Of course there were documentaries about conspiracy theories, the ridiculous ones like the Holographic theory... No word in any of the 9/11 programs that there were "terrorist drills" going on the same day coincidentally... or any of the other facts that would make a retard realize that a few Arabs were not solely responsible for the tragedy. They say molten Aluminium is responsible for the collapse of the towers, really? In freefall? Well it convinced my buddies who were happy to accept the explanation, that's how easy it is. How about Building 7, of which its collapse was reported early by the BBC and other news outlets by "accident", aluminium too? How about the missing wreckage of the plane in Pennsylvania, or the "missile" (quoting Rumsfeld and the 9/11 commision chairman) oops I mean plane, that hit the (section under renovation at the) Pentagon? You know what is the biggest indicator to me that something is wrong with the official version? Every corporate and state owned news outlet demonizing any report of the facts that point to the official version being complete bullshit, that kind of sets off some red flags for me... If the US wants to take a few Middle Eastern countries, no one can say no to that apparently, same as when China took Tibet and the world went "... ok".

Half of Americans find it normal that people are being wiretapped without a judge involved. Whenever "Half of Americans" or any populations is mentioned I usually dread what follows...

In South Africa a news reporter got fired for losing it and speaking some truth lol:

And the US showed its true colors again by using its Veto against Palestine's request for independance, they said "you should go to the bully with their tanks and missiles, and ask them nicely, oh and leave your stones at home."

And I think to myself... what a wonderful world...

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Unknown said...


Been awhile since I have made a comment. It seems you hit a chord with me on this post. It's amazing that our own leaders can slaughter/murders thousands of US as a sacrifice for their stupid believes...right in front of us, live action movie in real-time!!!

And yet most people (the sheeple) don't see or have a clue???

Here are a few quotes from the Illuminatimatrix:

"It’s amazing how some so-called Islamic extremist terrorists, who could not fly a single engine Cessna airplane, somehow were supposed to have guided the 767 Boeing aircraft out of a steep-turn dive, flying by sight only, that not only hit the Towers and Pentagon, but hit them exactly as this symbolic number moment in Time occurred, relating to the NUMBERS 9 and 11, which = 20, which coincides with the FLOOD NUMBER 8, which also suggests the Lion King 16, which suggests also 14, the CONCEPTION of a NEW WORLD ORDER, … Fantastic piece of piloting! This could not have been accomplished by anyone, with any amount of training to pull off!

Obviously, there were no planes, … no planes were ever found anywhere, but for a few misplaced parts which amounted to planted evidence. This could’ve only been done by pushing a button at the precise moment with a predetermined nuclear device below ground. The suggestion pointing to YELLOWSTONE and the LONG VALLEY CALDERA which stretches from YOSEMITE towards YELLOWSTONE.

Not only that, there were supposedly 19 hijackers, of whom at least 7 are still known to be alive. They not only were skilled pilots, but they exhibited greater escape skills than the Great Houdini! … and one of the so-called deceased terrorists even had his passport saved completely intact just a few blocks away! Even though no actual eye witnesses ever saw even one plane hit the Towers or the Pentagon or crash in the field at Shanksville Pennsylvania, …it just so obviously had to happen because of the amazing skill of these highly trained professionals who almost knew how to fly a single-prop Cessna. Hypnosis is a powerful weapon!"

Take care. DS888