Monday, December 9, 2013

Feel good post of the day

NSA And CIA Spied In 'World Of Warcraft' And Other Online Games. You think they were on European Servers too? Because Anders Breivik played WOW... So good job at stopping terrorism again 'Murica!

Japan parliament approves contentious secrets law - It's like, just what the people needed! 

Thousands protest in Japan against new state secrets bill - Tss, they don't even agree with the politicians, what's up with that!

It's not all bad, this new pope ain't half bad, he's not even a Nazi!
Seriously though most I have heard come out this pope's mouth seems good, it's pretty amazing. It's like the Vatican got a PR firm and got told just how retarded they were for appointing that last one.

Talking about bad news, someone e-mailed to ask how I'm doing, and then casually commented on how he'd be "disappointed if he wasn't among the first to be rounded up for the camps when the big nasty happens" or something like that because he had a FB group that was sticking it to the man. I cussed him out, if you think it's normal to mention something that dark that casually, you need your head straightened. A little while before that happened, I left all conspiracy sites I was following, I was and am beyond fed up with the self-defeated loser talk, the random belief systems, the group (non-)think and the "conspiracy community" in general. Seriously, if you post something that features the line "in the presence of the esteemed Roseanne Bar" it's pretty much a red alert to all the intelligent people to run the fuck away from you. Enjoy waiting for that fictional future big nasty Alex Jones and co are getting rich of, I'll be living my life while you're doing that.


Dogon Sirius said...

Yeah, those ConsPiracy buffs can be pretty awful alright. Take George Carlin for example. Much of his later routines revolved around his opinion that humanity was utterly doomed, he used to say on interviews that he looked forward to watching Armageddon happen live on TV. How R.A.W. could refer to this obviously mentally ill loser as "brilliant" is beyond me. Fuck George Carlin.

Unknown said...

I hate the fucking internet lol... Seriously Universe, I get a "fuck George Carlin" out of this post? lol

SURESHOT1978 said...

to just about everything you have said mabrother.

and i said AMEN because i thought it would be funny to say that on a comment on this beautiful NON-Denominational Extra-Dimensional Blog!


First off HAPPY NEW YEAR duder.
secondly I hop you are doing well
and thirdly
i am living life, working and making a great living.. and extremely appreciative & grateful that i get that i get to have the opportunities, that have been afforded to me by this Current INCARNATION that i am inhabiting at the moment.

i get to Flip my LID on wierd shit on the daily, i get to be creative, i have access to technology and i have the most precious gift of all TIME.

I have time to enjoy and peruse the unlimited stream of consciousness that is THE INTERNET and i dont have to worry about HUNGER, Fatigue, or Jack booted thugs kicking down my door because i went on a site like this and it is a crime against the THOUGHT POLICE!!

i take everything with a grain of salt, and i also know that LIFE is to be LIVED. and knowledge is to be shared.. so i do my best to engage in POSITIVE discourse and avoid alienating people with beliefs or ideas that i am honestly CONSTANTLY TRYING TO UPDATE and understand.

which is why i felt compelled to comment on this POST.

Thank you RINGO my friend for all your content during the years and for your extremely entertaining exchanges and support that you have given me.

just wanted to say that..
and sorry i have not been in touch but not really.. because you know i think about your well being and wish you the best always and i am happy anytime we get a chance to chat.

Adios & Gracias!
me llamo
and i ramble like this because i dont know how else to express myself.