Thursday, January 8, 2015

Site & Health update!

Let's all be very grateful to Andrew for funding's hosting for a good while! I got the authentication code I need to transfer the domain name and now I'm just waiting on a delayed sata cable order to get access to my site again! Damn webshop didn't update their inventory so my one day delivery changed into more than a week delivery time.

I got some bad news yesterday, I go to a professor for the Lyme's disease and he's not a chatty fellow but told me my "immune system is on fire" in a bad way after I spent a half hour on a hometrainer bike with electrodes on my chest and back, a mask with breathing tubes, a thing on my finger and on my arms. They had to draw even more blood to do more tests because Lyme can't be the only reason for my immune system acting up this much. It also meant treatment still isn't starting. It was a bit of a shock cause I didn't expect this severity at all. Really alienating experience in the waiting room being ignored by everyone else there while I was tearing up after hearing the news, I wasn't able to sleep the night before so I think the fatigue helped cause those tears and to be fair all the people in the waiting room are suffering from Lyme and other conditions too.
My arms still are in really bad shape for which I'm going to a physical trainer (only once a week and that really should be twice). So that's gonna prevent me from working on the site very fast, but I do intend to update the site so it looks a bit more pro! 2015 is gonna be a good year for Dedroidify!

I tried getting the Dedroidify youtube channel back from a christian conspiracy wackjob but youtube isn't having it, and apparently Dedroidify at wordpress is taken too! No biggy though just remember that is my channel.


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Andrew West Griffin from Red Dirt Report ?
Have you thought of trying Acupuncture (from someone with a good reputation in the practice)for your illness ?
I'm reading a book on Taoism at the moment and while I have never personally tried Acupuncture I have heard a lot of reports from ordinary folk who have had great results with it.

Unknown said...

Hey Darren! No a different Andrew ;)

I have not considered it, not a big fan of needles!!! I appreciate the suggestion though mate. I will be exploring more different kinds of physical therapy to get the arms healed for one.

I doubt alternative therapies will help me as I've been practicing reiki for years on myself, it's (from what I know so far) several bacteria affecting my immune system that will have to be eradicated with antibiotics. I've probably had my condition either since birth or very very long. It's because of an arm injury not healing that I finally got the diagnosis.