Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Dedroidify Site completely fixed - Youtube account got terminated

I finally fixed the entire Dedroidify website - now hosted at All images and videos and text alignment should finally be fixed now. (You might have to enter the series without the quotebox (choose right option remove quotebox) and refresh the pages manually though, as I had to apparently.) The Random Dedroidify website page button in the sidebar here has also been fixed.

And damn! Youtube have terminated my account for copyright bullshit, that's the bad news, oh well, I'll have to find a place to upload the videos I wanna keep online somewhere else, maybe vimeo or something. I found other youtube accounts with the same videos and replaced them for the time being so it's no biggy for the website in any case.

Enjoy the updated Dedroidify website!

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Carys said...

Great news! :)