Monday, February 11, 2008

RSS feeds + File you can import

You can access my dedroidify blog's RSS feed here, or at the bottom of any blog page [Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)]. And here is my blog RSS feed.

Also here is a RSS file with a collection of my SharpReader RSS program feeds you can import (right click and save as) with a loads of cool sites included, I hope most RSS programs can import it. There are four folders: Mainstream, Stumbleupon, Torrents and Synchromysticism.

What is RSS? An RSS document (which is called a "feed" or "channel") contains either a summary of content from an associated web site or the full text. RSS makes it possible for people to keep up with web sites in an automated manner that can be piped into special programs or filtered displays. It helps save a lot of time keeping up with all the great websites out there! All you have to do is use a program like SharpReader and import the links!

Sites included:
synchromysticism: the secret sun, labyrinth of the psychonaut, the brave nwo, the blob, the hidden agendas, pseudoccult media, aferrismoon, through the looking glass, the celtic rebel, the cleaver, daily behemoth, stygian port, inside the cosmic cube, atlantean times, concrete junkyard, exploring the mysterious, too long in this place, trapped in matter, daria, meta-logic café, wrong way wizard, the cosmic returns, gosporn, tracey r. twyman, mercurial talismans, fluent effusio, elluminati, earth evolution 101, illuminatus observer, floyd anderson, hpanwo, fshod, matthew delooze, rigorous intuition, speculative explorations, so what, cause without a rebel, esoteric star wars, hatch 23, and more synchromystic blogs
main: dedroidify blog, dedroidify stumbleupon 'thumbed up' webpages, red ice creations, reality sandwich, technoccult, posthuman blues,, hump jones, dosenation, pick the brain, erowid, mystic's haven, oceanshaman, altered states, illuminati archives, occult of personality, light links, rushkoff blog, psychedelic salon, brainsturbator, reality carnival unleashed, only maybe, alchemically braindamaged, future hi, skilluminati, the practical heretic, conspiracy reality tv, media underground, druid journal, hatch 23,, damn interesting, and many more.
mainstream: penny arcade, slashdot, vision thing, wired, darkufo, lolcats, metacritic, damn interesting, new scientist, bbc news science/nature, cnet, scripting news, bbc tech & washington post tech, mininova and many more.
Also included more than 10 friends blog feeds in its own folder which is random thumbed up material, and put the mainstream stuff in its own folder too. I seperated the torrents and the Synchromystic blogs too.
(Will update this file if I have new feeds, so check back. Suggestions are very welcome.)

Michael Tsarion: Architects of Control teaser

Michael Tsarion: Architects of Control Teaser

Oklahoma Bombing 'Coincidence'

The Final Jihad by Martin Keating
Oklahoma City Governor Frank Keating's brother, Martin Keating, wrote a manuscript in 1991, roughly four years before the OKC bombing. Gov. Frank Keating is a former FBI hot shot. His brother, Martin could not get this work published until after the bombing. This manuscript, now a published book, is titled The Final Jihad. In this book, Keating lays out a story of terrorists, based in OKC, who decide to bomb a federal building.
Guess what the name of the one of the key "terrorists" in the book is? Tom McVey. And for the kicker of this fictional work: The terrorists in The Final Jihad are stopped by an Oklahoma highway patrolman for a broken tail light.

The Occult History of the Third Reich

The Occult History of the Third Reich is a Four volume documentary containing mainly B&W as well as some color archival footage, with narration explaining the influences of alternative belief systems (occult, paganism, mysticism, etc) on the AshkeNazi ideology and Hitler's personal philosophy. Also documents the history and development of the ideas and symbols that would be used along with eugenicist racial politics to perpetrate the murder and oppression of millions during World War II.

Episode 1 - Adolph Hitler
Episode 2 - SS Blood & Soil
Episode 3 - The Enigma of the Swastika
Episode 4 - Himmler The Mystic

StarChild Skull

StarChild Skull

Human-Alien-Hybrid? (lol at the music)

George Carlin: Circling The Drain

Circling The Drain


Super Mario Brothers - Frustration

Super Mario Brothers - Frustration

Philosophy: A Guide to Happiness

  • Epicurus on Happiness
  • Socrates on Self-Confidence
  • Schopenhauer on Love
  • Montaigne on Self-Esteem
  • Seneca on Anger
  • Nietzsche on Hardship

Explosions in the sky - Your Hand in Mine

Explosions in the sky - Your Hand in Mine (fan vid)

Mayan Pyramids are Sophisticated Calenders

Supermassive black hole in the middle of a pyramid calendar

The Dogon, Egypt and Sirius

John Anthony West interviews Laird Scranton About his book: "Hidden Meanings". Scranton explains how the Dogon tribe in West Africa originated Egyptian symbolism, philosophy, physics and even modern science. With excerpts of the great series Magical Egypt.
This is part 1, here is part 2

George Noory interviews Robert Temple about his book The Sirius Mystery and the Dogon tribe of Mali. Part 1, the rest can be found here

Conspiracy News Roundup

Bush orders clampdown on flights to US
EU officials (act) 'furious' as Washington says it wants extra data on all air passengers. Armed Air Marshals on planes. And a lot more BS related to their own made 'terrorism'. Racists all over the world are making this possible.

Is a Small Island in the Indian Ocean Holding Prisoners in the War on Terror?
The expulsion of the people of Diego Garcia was covered up for years. Now officials block an investigation of its role in extraordinary rendition.

Lockerbie story heads to Hollywood
HE IS already responsible for one Hollywood blockbuster. Now a former Israeli secret agent is planning to turn the Lockerbie disaster into a big screen hit, blaming Iran, not Libya, for the atrocity. Well of course, they're trying to start another war after all...

Freeman: Illuminati Corporate Logos
In the beginning, there was Corporate Logos. This is the very first Freeman Perspective. After you see this, your world will alter forever. Corporations do have an occultic agenda. All I can say is welcome to Earth from the Freeman Perspective.

Chemtrails: The Media Conditioning has started

Does anyone still believe these are regular contrails?

Chemtrails in the Disney/Pixar movie 'Cars' 2006
Still courtesy of

Satellite view of chemtrails over France April 2007
Photo courtesy of

Billboard put up by aircraft manufacturer Spirit Aerosystems in 2005
Photo courtesy of

Great Quotes

"A considerable percentage of the people we meet on the street are people who are empty inside, that is, they are actually already dead. It is fortunate for us that we do not see and do not know it. If we knew what a number of people are actually dead and what a number of these dead people govern our lives, we should go mad with horror." Georges Ivanovitch Gurdjieff

"Contemporary man is born asleep, lives asleep and dies asleep.
What knowledge could a sleeping man have?" Georges Ivanovitch Gurdjieff

"Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people." Eleanor Roosevelt

"I consider myself a handicapped person in that I used to believe that everyone, uh, that their intention in the world was to learn more, to do better, to seek out the truth, and the older I get, I realize that’s not the case with most people. They’re pretty content with the way things are and to just kind of live day by day."
Maynard James Keenan

"Insanity is a perfectly natural adjustment to a totally unnatural and negative environment." R.D. Lang

"Our collective conclusion seems to be that nature, both in whole and in many parts, is magically self-reflecting and aware." Terence McKenna

"We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately."
Benjamin Franklin

"Truth is a great mirror shattered by time into a hundred thousand pieces, allowing everyone who has a piece to declare that they have The Truth."
Sufi Gabril Kahlil

"Everyone knows that Congresspeople are assigned to committees based on their greatest weakness! Why else would Senator Ted Stevens, a man more comfortable in the horse and buggy era, wind up in charge of regulating the Internet... which, he believes, is a series of tubes... a series of tubes through which other Congressmen can reach in and fondle sixteen-year-olds?"
John Oliver

"To fathom Hell or soar angelic, just take a pinch of psychedelic."
Humphry Osmond

"We reproduce catastrophe because we ourselves are traumatized - both as a species and individually, beginning at birth. Because we are wounded, we have put up psychic defenses against reality and have become so cut off from direct participation in the multidimensional wilderness in which we are embedded that all we can do is to navigate our way cautiously through a humanly designed day-to-day substitute world of symbols - a world of dollars, minutes, numbers, images and words that are constantly being manipulated to wring the most possible profit from every conceivable circumstance. The body and spirit both rebel." David Watson (The Pathology of Civilization)