Friday, February 22, 2008

Dr Jewel Pookrum talks about 7 Circuits of the Brain

Why 7 instead of 8? Why not :p
But this is either incredibly old or a bit flawed.

Vid 3: Circuit 1 Bio-Survival. The Reptilian Brain, Reptilians & Insects

Vid 4: Circuit 2 Social Moral?

In Leary's model, that's circuit 4
She also made a mistake about heroin (circuit 1) and alcohol (circuit 2)

Vid 5: Circuit 3 Logical and Circuit 4 Emotional Territorial The Mammalian Brain. 5th Intuition Circuit. 6th circuit: Psi & other dimensions, tempral lobes. 7th Circuit: frontal lobes, highest level of knowing
Again, Circuit 2 & 4 are interchanged here.
Marijuana does not affect the Emotional Circuit but the Fifth Neurosomatic Intuitive Circuit. She also mistakingly says 6th instead of 7th when talking about the 7th. And of course in Leary and RAW's models include 8 Circuits (I saw 7 somewhere before, I'm not aware of the entire history and evolution of the model's development.) and 7 is the collective unconscious and 8 the cosmic quantum circuit.

Entire series of 5


Anonymous said...

Why is she wrong and Leary correct?

Dedroidify said...

Well it's basic psychology, I included the corrections. Also, freud, piaget, jung, sagan, berne and wilber's models stages of psychology compare with leary's perfectly.

Unknown said...

Just because Freud, Jung and all those want to be psyche professionals say it don't mean nothing to me.. I can count on one finger the number of ye ole pseudo professionals that have taken copious amounts of moorish science and made it their own. The first ideals of the study of the soul(psyche) came from the ancient lands of Cush, Ethiopia (Erush) and Mitzraim (egyptt)

Dedroidify said...

Woo you go girl, uhn uhn! Don't let reality mess up your beliefs and prejudices now, nah-uh!