Saturday, February 23, 2008

US Snake Invasion Global Warming Panic!

Pythons Could Slither North as Climate Warms
Hehe, just kidding... oh noes "global warming" is sending snakes to North America to kill adult humans.

The pythons, which can grow more then 20 feet long and weight more than 250 pounds, are strangling and gulping down everything from endangered rodents to deer, panther cubs, opossums and alligators. "This is a quantum leap" in snake size, said Rodda. "The largest snake in North America is the bull snake or indigo snake, neither of which exceeds nine feet." Burmese pythons, a subspecies of the Indian python, can take in much larger prey than any North American native snake species. "Alligators eat them and they eat alligators." Cool :p

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