Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Man summons UFO on camera

Man summons UFO on camera

This is what Steven Greer & his people said they could do but didn't find necessary to get on tape lol. The vid is pretty damn cool though, I can't believe how old it is and that I haven't seen it before.

"What the flying saucers are doing is erroding faith in science, they are an antidote to the scientific paradigm that has evolved over the past 400 years and which has led us to the brink of global catastrophe."
Terence Mckenna

"The ufo is a mirage, being cast backward into time by the transcendental object at the end of time. (...) It's a compensatory image that haunts time because time is a kind of hologram, time is a fractal and fractal means that the same pattern is embedded again and again in a relationship of self-similarity. So because the transcendental object exists somewhere ahead of us in history there must be necessarily a tiny part of it somewhere nearby. And this is what the ufo is I think, and this is why nobody's ever gonna show you a chunk of it, and they're never gonna put an extraterrestrial on television, because it isn't that kind of a creature, it's a compensatory image from the end of time."
Terence McKenna


Anonymous said...

I was just watching Grant Morrison's Disinfo lecture yesterday where he says if you just do the magick you can meet the aliens. That looks pretty damn easy to me!!

Atlantean Times said...

In terms of my day time ufo experience that is exactly what i saw.

There was 3 of them moving independantly of each other and i had performed an invocation not disimilar to that lads one.

i essentially asked for a sign and was given one. it was during the build up to a large electrical storm and i invoked them as i felt they were drawn to electricity.

they lasted for maybe 10 seconds and were gone up into the thunder clouds..i got no pictures but i did take pics of the dark clouds after they were gone.

i dont normally talk about it as no one believes me so its pointless to discuss it generally with the average so and so.

anyway i only commented as my experience looked identical to what you saw here..