Sunday, May 25, 2008

The NETHERlands

The Checkpoint in the Netherlands (Nether, also see: 'void' :p), a border town coffee shop was raided by authorities, there is only 500 grams allowed in a coffee shop at one time. Which is freaking hilarious cause in the border towns that won't last the shop an hour :p. They had several kilos and 1600 rolled joints along with another 64.000 in a storage house. The owner and some employees were arrested. This was just before they were gonna try using admittance-passes to lessen the stampede... for weed. Haha, there's another coffee shop in that town but it's nowhere near as good.

So we're looking for other ways of amusement, and we checked out the closest smart shop catalogue. A smart shop is a place where you can buy entheogens and other crazy shit. Don't worry, I only take entheogens with at least 3 month intervals and despite having only had a big handful of trips on 2 kinds of shrooms, am a living encyclopedia on altered states of consciousness.

Some of my friends have appreciated what I learned & shared about entheogens and my own trips, and some have requested to trip with me to try out more potential (metaprogramming and beyond experiences) than some laughs and visual distortions. (Makes me very happy.) I'm looking for some more information on the following four below, and google isn't helping a lot. Btw, at this moment, I'm not looking to try any of these and am sticking to my darling Psylocybin Tampensis (Truffles, like shrooms, only much less to eat :p). I might try Salvia one time in the future though.

Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds, Cam I think you told me about these before? Similar to LSD. I read on erowid taking dramamine is advised to reduce nausea, that makes me turn away fast. (I do not combine anything when it comes to entheogens, I also once spoke to someone who loved taking psychedelic cocktails and planned trips with going up on another entheogen while going down on another, he didn't take much time to recuperate between trips either. He said he burned up his entire lightbody with his shenanigans.)
Voacanga africana, Right now all I know is it may be similar to Iboga.
Yopo, painfully snorting DMT? No thanks?
Dionysus capsules, mix of Morning glory, Guarana & H.B. Woodrose, not touching that with a ten foot pole :p.

Thanks in advance if you have anything to share.


monk (dreamoraclez) said...

not sure its too much help, but i will comment ...

i have tried hawaiian baby woodrose once that a friend bought on the internet. i tried it combined one night with some kratom extract tea ... the high was very mellow. nowhere near lsd.

i also had an iboga experience, that was indeed more powerful.

still, just to say, no comparing lsd and baby woodrose. i have never tried morning glory.

do try salvia, my brother, i think one hit should be a mind expanding experience.

and finally, imho ... shrooms and acid are still good these days, and the way to go. maybe synthetic mescaline/acid (micro-points). dmt is harder to find (here). and the other entheogens i probably wouldnt touch with a ten foot pole either.


Anonymous said...

I had a BF who tried Morning glory once. He was violently ill, and the "trip" was "nauseating", according to him. I've tried Guarana, and all I experienced were heart palpitations, and anxiety attacks. each their own;>)

Dedroidify said...

Thanks for the information :)

Yes salvia seems something a psychonaut must try if dmt is no can do.

Anonymous said...

All right, time for my two cents again :-).
As much as I love shrooms, Baby Woodrose (isn't this a beautiful name?) is sort of my most favorite teacher / chakra cleaner. I take five to eight seeds, scrub off the whitish stuff, open them with mortar and pestle, let everything soak in cold water for about half an hour and then drink it. No similarity to LSD for me, they are much "earthier", no visions, but LOTS of energy flowing, things like dancing, chanting etc. are highly recommended. I usually don't get any nausea. They take about two hours to come on, but also last longer than shrooms.
Combinations: If you can somehow force a spoonful of peganum harmala seeds (MAOI) into your body, this makes a nice combination (take only two or three seeds here :-). Another thing I tried recently is adding a shroom to a woodrose session after about three hours - extremely nice, E-like. But in the end I'm not really in for combinations anymore (as you said yourself).
Btw: years ago, when I was still a woodrose trainee, I took some with my girlfriend. We didn't seem to feel anything happening, so we got into you-know-what, and we did it for hours and hours ... man, I remember that night vividly :-)

Anonymous said...

Ahem ... of course what I meant is I CRUSH the seeds with mortar and pestle and then I get no VISUALS, but certainly visions :) ... wow, the weather's hot today ...