Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Prison Break: My Girl (& Tropic Thunder extra)

Let's have some fun with Synchromysticism (Learning about the hidden Esoteric through the open Exoteric), Etymology, Conspiracy, Mind Control and Problem - Reaction - Solution... with the episode Greatness Achieved from Prison Break and a little mini-extra from the movie Tropic Thunder.

Gretchen comes gun-pointing in the Corporation's General's office
General Jonathan Krantz: Everyone leave us alone, it's ok, she won't hurt me... I knew you'd come home.
Remember the Lord etymology for Tropic Thunder, and the next in bold for the General's longest upcoming quote
Jonathan: from Heb. Yonathan, short for Yehonathan, lit. "the Lord has given." As a pre-Uncle Sam emblem of the United States, sometimes personified as Brother Jonathan, , it dates from 1816, said to have been applied by Washington to Gov. Jonathan Trumbull of Connecticut, to whom he sometimes turned for advice (cf. 2 Sam. i.26); hence "a New Englander," and eventually "an American." As a variety of red apple it dates from 1831, so called because it was introduced in the U.S.

Remember this next one for when we etymologize Gretchen
Krantz: German (Op. Paperclip related?) Kranz (same phonetics) means Wreath or Garland: flower arrangement consisting of a circular band of foliage or flowers for ornamental purposes.
Gretchen Morgan: I told you that I knew nothing, you should have believed me.
General Jonathan Krantz: I knew you'd never take it personally, because you are, and have been ever since I took you under my wing, my girl. (Mind Control MK trigger time, check the eyes, I'm sparing you a nasty dirty old man kiss)

... my girl ...

Unfortunately, this is not really fiction. Thanks to Ben for pointing out that she is a Delta-Beta slave (as described in Illuminati Formula for How to create a Mind-Controlled Slave by Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler). So a Delta Assassin alter as well as a Beta Sexual alter. Delta-Beta slaves can be used in espionage, blackmail, assassination, etc. She comes in as the Delta alter ready to assassinate her owner/handler and then he triggers her Beta alter with the trigger "my girl", that's why he was so confident.
Gretchen's ety. makes her a MK'd pet & links her to General Flower Kran(t)z
Gretchen: Swed. pet form of Margaret=manjari "cluster of flowers", or pearl.

Morgan's ety. also relates to MK, and pearl links back to the 1st name.
Morgan: Fata Morgana, mirage especially common in the Strait of Messina, Italy, from Morgana, "Morgan le Fay", Sister of King Arthur. Morgan is Welsh, "sea-dweller." Dweller on the Mind Controlled Seas of Consciousness... There is perhaps, too, here an infl. of Arabic marjan, lit. "pearl," also a fem. proper name, popularly the name of a sorceress.
Gretchen Morgan: I can easily work for one of them as for you, so the question is: what's your offer?

General Jonathan Krantz: Actually the question for you is: why would you wanna go anywhere else? It's not a time for grudges Gretchen, it's a time for coming together! The salad days are fast approaching. Laos worked perfectly and soon the populace will turn to us: The leaders of the military, finance and energy to right the ship and then we'll rebuild this country, in our own image, and when we do I want you there beside me Gretchen as my nr. 2 like I always promised.

Gretchen Morgan: What about Lisa?
(The General's daughter, who later threatens Gretchen
if she ever threatens Krantz with a gun again.)

General: I've already told you, you're my girl. (MK trigger again, check the eyes)

added: all this goes on while Scofield, Burrows, Sucre and Belleck are in a kind of hidden compartment through a trap door in an office where T-bag is keeping watch at... the Gate corporation. Where they have to shut down the water for a huge pipe so they can get through it to the company and access Scylla. The water comes back on a little too soon and Belleck sacrifices himself in the big water pipe / watergate / wormhole to be able to establish a smaller crawling pipe / watergate / wormhole so the others can get through.

Tropic Thunder mini-post
Thought it was interesting as the movie was released not that long before the economic crisis world wide from halfway August throughout September and October:

Damien Cockburn: "Crisis Meeting? What does that mean exactly? I mean, are we in a crisis?... I know it's just that you said that he called it a crisis meeting. So..."
Rob Slolom: "It's Les Grossman. He throws these words around. 'Crisis, explosion, not rolling, fired.' These are just words."

Four Leaf Tayback: "We must put those boys in the shit. Take them off the fucking grid." (and this is repeated in sample, when credits roll in the song )

Byong: We no get money yet! Price now 100 million. You pay now, or tomorrow Simple Jack Die!
Les Grossman: Great. Let me get this down. 100 million... Oh, wait! I got a better idea. Instead of a hundred million, how about I send you a hobo's dick cheese? Then, you kill him. Do your thing, skin the fucking bastard. Go to town, man. Go to town! In the mean time and as usual, go fuck yourself. (Which is what every western Tax Payer should have stood up for... concerning the crisis, not the killing or skinning ;p)

The movie also mocked the money grabbing sell-out Hip Hop scene, with a closet gay commercial whore called Alpa Chino pimping the drink Booty Sweat and snack Bust a Nut. "Would you rather have a Lexus or Justice? a dream or some substance? A Beemer, a necklace or freedom?" Dead Prez - Hip Hop.

Kirk Lazarus: "I know what dude I am. I'm the dude playin' the dude (Kirk Lazarus), disguised as another dude (Osiris)."
Kirk: Church, Lazarus: any poor and visibly diseased person. And this even sync's up with Prison Break's Jonathan Krantz: "God has helped." Osiris: Judge of the Dead, God of the Afterlife, Green skin symbolizing rebirth. (Iron Man Downey Jr. is painted black, and the movie is mostly set in a green jungle.)
For a li'l more check out Konkrete Junkyard 1 & 2 and Connecting Dotz.


Benjamin S said...

Loved this post man, having just watched Tropic Thunder recently, maybe I'll get back into PB, nice work.

Btw the actress who portrays her has 'the eyes' that you see on people like Megan Fox imo [who they both appeared as one of Charlie Sheen's (likely MK'd) numerous sex-kittens (his show mirrors his own reality very closely [even his character is called Charlie], which is obviously useful for progrmaming) in the show; note all her symbolic tattoos (serpent etc), the pentagram Satanic shiznit and the fat kid's shirts are often symbolic, and Fox is just painfully hot], daughter of a director of labor relations Director at a pharmaceutical company, Catholic school, sister is a model like her. In ANOTHER WORLD (note interlocking rings intro and blatant MK tagline "we do not live in this world alone, but in a thousand other worlds", first aired 1964; 70's era had an Alice etc) she played an MMC, Marguerite "Maggie" Cory in that. By the way, in that Two and a Half Men episode she appears in; it ends with Charlie's mom taking her sons to a Halloween party, with her as the Wicked Witch and Charlie and co as the winged monkeys!

And in this she's obviously playing an MK'd slave of the company (withstanding heavy trauma, your great analysis of his 'my girl' triggering an alter [looks like a submissive sex-kitten from her look to me anyway; if I may shamelessly plug my recent MKTV post where this sort of thing is explored a wee bit], and whatnot).

MKrazy shit. Cheers, keep up the great work.

Dedroidify said...

Hey Ben

Thanks for the kudos and the loads of info man. Will have to check out some 2 and a half men episodes :p

Those tattoos are crazy! It may be in this episode, but for clarification's sake, the pentagram is not necessarily satanic - it just represents a magick circle. Combined with the Yin Yang and twin dragons on the kid's shirt the Christians watching this must have gone batshit lol.

Heh about the winged monkeys, did you know this one: WMD's - Winged Monkeys of Destruction :p

Cheers Ben!

Dedroidify said...

Oh yeah and she was a "kitten" of the general's too, as was the other chick. Both kitten and killer.

Twisted stuff. Cheers man.

Benjamin S said...

So they're both standard delta-beta slaves ^^ [described in Illuminati Formula; delta assassin alter, beta sexual alter, delta-beta slaves used in espionage/blackmail/assassination/etc]. She comes in as the delta alter (ready to assassinate her owner [or whatever, haven't seen]), then he triggers her beta alter with 'my girl'. I think she looks pretty tranced (and maybe the kid too) in this one. The episode is called Hi, Mr. Horned One, and is s03e06, 36... 666 [check out the sex-kitten suggestive ('WILD, sexually uninhibited') at this description of it]. Her snake tattoo has a name, 'Anacoth'. And the German title was made even more suggestive, 'Oh, Horned One!'.

And yeah, on the pentagram you're absolutely right of course; I only said Satanic because that's what it is supposed to be in this episode [no symbol is inherently evil and all that, they've all been hijacked though; I view all these things like 'satanism' as just distractions from what a lot of these 'satanists' [and Freemasons etc who usually have a pentagram in the lodges; which I'd call a 'Freemasonic pentagram'] really are up to (bout to do a brief post on the 'Satanic Sluts' noncontroversy in the UK); as for centuries now most people have been brainwashed Christians programmed to avoid all things 'Satanic' like the plague... gots to illuminate the darkness or nothin will change].

And lolz @ the WMD's. I found it interesting Charlie and co's mom dressed as the Wicked Witch for obviously Oz programming when victim's view their elderly female (i.e Hillary Clinton described in IF) abusers as literally the Wicked Witch of the West; the winged-monkeys representing her dehumanized slaves who are also used on victims by making them think her other winged-monkeys might be watching them at all times (for obedience) [link to image of the mom, complete with GREEN body/facepaint; check out them as the flying monkeys here at the end 9:06]. It's a twisted world, run by twisted people.

Looking forward to reading your South Park post [it might be worthwhile going back and viewing the Cartman robot episode (electroshocked etc) and others with an MK eye; Matt and Trey are in on it tbh] tomorrow after I watch it tonight, looks a good one so no spoilers for me.

Cheers for these excellent posts man and humoring my MK investigative reality tunnel. Later bro.

Dedroidify said...

Hey Ben, yup that's it. Both delta-beta slaves. Will update the posts after I refresh my IF reading to be more inclusive perhaps.

Downloading the episode now, can cancel it lol, didn't know it was on youtube! Saw the title when looking for it lol, did not catch the numerology ;p Nice one heh.

Oh I'm a no-spoilers guy too so stop reading this from here until after you've seen it ;p

Yeah I agree on the SP guys, that's why I put the "prophetic" in that post. The show would be funnier if they weren't laughing in most of their audience faces ;p. But I might have to add some more clarification later as not everybody has read my earlier SP posts.

That episode came out a liiiiittle too soon to know who was gonna win, but seriously who thought McCain even stood a chance lol.

Peace bro!

Anonymous said...

This may be of interest to you..
In the special features of Tropic Thunder there is some raw footage of a scene between Downey and Stiller.
They are improvising alot, and in one of the cuts Downey says to Stiller "stop looking at me with those illuminati eyes... you getting me all tripped up... i can see forever in your eyes"
Here's the clip: