Friday, July 31, 2009

Terence McKenna - Time Acceleration

Terence McKenna - Time Acceleration

Terence McKenna speaks about the perceived acceleration of time during his lecture entitled "Eros & The Eschaton," Seattle 1994.


Anonymous said...

Noone is in control :)

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Unknown said...

Does this mean that we live to an older age i.e. - say 90 instead of 75, but our day goes by like it's...a 16 hours day rather than 24 hours? It would then appear that we seem live to live to a ripe old age but actually have less precieved time to function in this world? With that logic our lives would actually be shorter in experience that we think bbased on less time in a single day.


Dedroidify said...

Wtfbbqidunno. But according to Terence it means evolution will keep speeding up until it reaches it's endpoint or eschaton in 2012.