Monday, March 9, 2009

The Zeitgeist Movement: Orientation Presentation

The Zeitgeist Movement: Orientation Presentation

The activist arm of the Venus Project!

Neil 'The Cleaver' Kramer on Stormy Weather

I really enjoyed this 2 part talk at Aeolus Kephas' Stormy Weather with Neil Kramer from the Cleaver. Part 1 is here, 2 here or go to the Stormy Weather podcast site (Podcast 22 & 22.5). I'll be off reading Castaneda and Steiner!
“Stormy Weather is de-lighted to offer the penetrating insights of Neil “The Cleaver” Kramer, imaginal landscaper, eschaton surfer, matrix warrior, self-liberator & megalith builder.”

Hippie talks about Reality

Hippie talks about Reality

YEllow Submarine part 1: YEllow Submarine

Once upon a time... or maybe twice.
There was an unearthly paradise called Pepperland.
Over the rainbow, of course, gotta have colorWhere people play OK!
YES! Grins the Kundalini.
Pepperland is introduced by a narrator as a cheerful music-loving paradise under the sea, protected by Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.
the music-hating Blue Meanies are planning a surprise attack on Pepperland.

"Blue Meanies" is sometimes used as a slang term for the police. In the movie "Blue Meanies" is actually a metaphor for bad people in government and corporations, who force their wills on good people (Pepperlanders), and carelessly deplete and ruin the natural environment, resources, colour and landscape. They are carefree about their destructive ways and will do whatever necessary to crush those who oppose them (the ones with music in them, the Beatles ;p).
The Blue Meanies seal the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band inside a music-proof bubble, turn the Pepperlanders into statues, and drain the countryside of colour.
Makes me think of how Michael Tsarion sees a Stargate, a etheric technological barrier that encapsulates our planet (and the moon) like a prison, see UN logo. The great web in the sky (World Wide Web). Believe nothing, you know the drill here ;)
Introducing the glove. The hand of God.
You know, while Lightning Bolts are flying around...
Who will be chasing Old Fred.
"YES" is destroyed
Leave it to the hand of God aka Religion (Belief Systems) to destroy KNOWing and the NOW and turn it into a NO (religious sin).
The Glove fails to smash Fred riding his Kundalini energy on the stream of Consciousness.
And pops out of the water as a One-eyed Finger Snake ;)
Mickey Mouse ears anyone? Not a coincidence, I dare suggest.
The Hands Joined are destroyed by the Glove, but is buried under them. After all, the Glove can obscure the Hands, but that's it and hands are ever more powerful than gloves. Also, you only hurt yourself if you hurt others, kids.
Old Fred reaches the mayor, who calls him Young Fred relatively. When asked what to do, the mayor just wants to finish his quartet... A little too carefree. The Quartet is turned into a solo endeavor by the Blue Meanies and so Fred picks up the Mayor and runs to...
A Mayan Pyramid. ! (left bottom) indeed!
On top of which, rests the YEllow Submarine.

Lord Mayor: Four scores and 32 bars ago, our fore(4)fathers
Old Fred: A quartet?
Lord Mayor: And four mothers
Old Fred: Another quartet?
Lord Mayor: Made their way in this yellow submarine...
Old Fred: What, that little thing?
Lord Mayor: Pepperland.

So the ancestors came here in a craft, in another time, in another symphony.
The Mayor appoints Fred as Lord and asks him to get help. Fred turns into the Hanged Man sitting on the anchor like it's a swing, sacrificing for the greater good.

Old Fred: Where should I go?
Lord Mayor: No time for trivialities...

Doesn't matter where you go, it matters what you do when you get there!
And Fred is off. Start the Song Yellow Submarine!

The Beatles: YEllow Submarine

While the Mayor is buried under Forbidden Fruit (66)
Roll opening credits. And the beginning of the story. Snake eats Fish.
Evolution or Predator consuming consciousness swimmers?
Reptile eats the Moon.
Jack/Jake the Snake in a Box, licking the ER. Kinda horrific ;)
Ouroboros Hollow Earth lizzy!?
Some entheogenic mushrooms for ya.
A slow slug on the edge of the Abyss. Hurry up and jump slug!
Xenu you pyromaniac!
There be claws, or something, in the hidden mountains kids.
Seriously enough with the slithering!
Something you wanna tell us boys?
Pipes, snakes, hmm.
(Inner) Spacemen/Divers of Consciousness with tears.
(Inner) Spaceman/Diver of Consciousness is totally topsy turvy.
(Inner) Spaceman with his Fishy friend seems to be Split up.
Perhaps bicamerally, what say you Julian Jaynes?
These are your submarines, please enter and set off on your path.
end of part 1
(full movie here)