Friday, December 28, 2007

Amazing: Mystic-In-Chief, Slovenian President's Spirituality

From Reality Sandwich

Wow this guy is just amazing!

In 2002, Slovenian president Janez Drnovsek underwent a life-changing spiritual transformation while in office. Fighting cancer, he moved out of the capital and into the woods, living as a recluse. He became a vegan, abandoned conventional medicine and began a personal quest for higher conciousness.

He fasted, stopped drinking alcohol, stopped watching TV, beat cancer and studied Chinese and Indian mysticism. He began writing and releasing books about spirituality and made it his goal as president to spread the gospel of peace, higher consciousness, and international cooperation.

Drnovsek has become a national hero, inspiring the people of his country with his boundless hope and positivity. His remarkable transformation, while maintaing his position as president, is seemingly unbelievable in our current age of conflict and cynicism.
(by Bill Machon)

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