Sunday, December 16, 2007

How to Dedroidify

1. Psychology
Work on possible negative imprints on the lower circuits (based on the 8 circuits of consciousness)
1 safety (& health, nourishment) issues
2 territorial & emotional issues
3 unthinking stance, not interested in new info
4 social & sexual issues

You can reimprint these with circuit 5 techniques like guided meditations, hypnosis, nlp, affirmations, etc.

2. Practice mind expanding techniques
All Circuit 5 techniques are great for overcoming the lower 4 terrestrial circuits: Meditation (silence, mantra, visualisation), Hatha Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Reiki, Shiatsu, Neurolinguistic Programming, Hypnosis and much more. They will give you a bliss-boost too after each activity as they are on the same circuit as marijuana (btw "smoke weed everyday" is not good for your body :p).

3. Reality TunnelS
Another important part of psychology is perceiving the world: Use the reality tunnel philosophy in which you are able to hold tens or even hundreds or thousands philosophies, ideologies, viewpoints, opinions at once.
Belief in one view is the DEATH of thought: you will filter out any information that is not on the same level as what you think you already know. You will deprive yourself of worthy information. A smart human being considers all possibilities, you can use mind maps to draw your branching philosophies (although I'd never start using mind maps, cause I could never stop!).
Defending one's beliefs is circuit 2 emotional activity, not logical activity - this has been proven by seeing which brain centers light up in discussion between dems and reps: almost no logical activity (duh).
You know how you start believing vehemently in something even though you've not witnessed it yourself? You know how you passionately defend one information spreader and discredit the others? You can now STOP doing this and start thinking openmindedly. Reality tunnel philosophy makes the entire "truth" movement (not just 9/11) be open to eachother and unite against the lies. And while you're at it, use some e-prime (eg. mozart seems better to beethoven to me - instead of mozart IS better than beethoven) in your language ;)

4. Synchronicity
Start Noticing the meaningful 'coincidences' in your life, they will overlap in reality, dreams, imagination and fiction. They will make you smile, think and enjoy life more! They will also give you signs, information and help on your path.

5. Positive thoughts, Intention & Love
Your thoughts and belief patterns shape the world around you as your brain is the filter of your senses. So you can create your own synchronicities. Use positive affirmations everyday, instead of being a paranoid who thinks the world is out to get you - become a 'paranoid' that thinks the entire world is conspiring for your benefit. Intention is very powerful. Act out of love. A friend of mine has mastered this and his life is magical.
Practice forgiveness and compassion. Know that love is the source of all things. There is no fear in Love. Love replaces fear. Fear only takes the shape you give it. Fear leads to the dark side! Yes, hmmm!
If you act only out of love, you will radiate positivity and become a wonderful influence on other people, some will feel inspired to do the same and thus you change the world person by person.

6. Learn, Expand your mind
There are great websites out there to expand your mind, deoxy, sacred texts, second attention, byzant, dedroidify, and so much more. There are videos, articles, philosophies, techniques, etc all available online now, a wealth of info!
Read philosophers, researchers, mystics - spend more time on your conscious evolution than finding out about conspiracies: outward events are meant to distract you from your own path. To know the real truth about many of these events is very difficult a lot of the times, nor does it matter, you can have a few theories in your head and like them all, maybe have one favorite - but not 'believing' it. Become at peace with yourself, become knowledgable, and then become wise, stay wise and make others peaceful and wise.

7. Have a psychedelic trip if you're psychologically fit for it
If you have no mental health issues, try mushrooms or any circuit 6/7/8 drugs that are legal where you're at (haha). With psychedelics you can enter:
circuit 6: Metaprogramming and programming new beliefs, and the psychic awareness.
circuit 7: Access the Neurogenetic DNA Collective Unconscious.
circuit 8: Go cosmic OBE, visit dimensions or have a satori experience.
But first read Leary's Book of the Dead (short), some stuff on the 8 circuit model, check terence mckenna's stuff, and michael persinger's lecture on psychotropic drugs.

8. Scapegoat the mass media!
Don't watch media, CREATE media!
Don't watch TV, the news, shows, movies, but CREATE THEM! (and if you do watch, try to see possible agendas, see through symbolism and the power of suggestion).
Create sites, blogs, youtube vids, powerpoint slides, art, etc and use social networks, start a blog, create a forum, join a forum, send bulletins, use e-mail forwards etc. Express yourself.

9. Spread information with love, hope and compassion.
Use love, and never use fear in your info-spreading, today again I saw "worried about the NWO? If not yet you will be" - just what the hell will that accomplish? Fear mongering is the technique of the fearful, we are the hopeful, we are the light that will cast away the darkness. Use messages of strength, peace, unity and nothing can stop us! Think about the power of suggestion: negative words stick in the head, so use postive ones:
for instance a (mindless) WWE wrestling warning sates:
PLEASE DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME, the don't is in red in the add, what do you think the brain processes? PLEASE TRY THIS AT HOME.
The human brain cannot process negations, so positivity is the key!
Now think about the ten commandments for a while...
You can learn more about language patterns: like the Milton model, the Meta model, and negation and power of suggestion in general, In Neurolinguistic Programming.


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