Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Binaural Beats, my thoughts, and yours?

I'm posting this for feedback, please give me some feedback. Communication people, this is the information age ;-)

Well, this is probably a little ridiculous, posting a bulletin/blogpost on binaural beats while I'm probably mostly immune to them :p
According to some research, you're either immune, you have to learn, or you're good to go. In my experience, I see most of these things as an easy moneygrabbing device, though I hope some people can share positive experiences with me. I don't trust online reviews on the site of the vendors themselves, at all.
I also seem to be immune to subliminals (which totally sucks, well, on one hand :p), and I generally need to listen to hypnosis tapes, paraliminal or not, for days on end, generally it is advised you listen 21 days in a row to the same tape for maximum effect though you should be able to have effects from one session (though the problem is with tapes that they usually don't spend enough time getting you into trance, I'd love to find a tape with a Dave Elman induction which I tried very succesfully on people, I mean they go DEEEEEP).
I am also not able (yet) to self-hypnotize, which totally sucks. It seems I am hard to get into trance, though when I meditate daily I get into samadhi (state of serene silence) quite easily.
I wonder what other quick fixes are out there that you have tried. I generally find that Yoga Asanas, Intense visualisations (like the merkaba or middle pillar meditation) or Ritual Magick get me into trance states more easily than any tape, except for maybe a good guided one.

Sharm software
The best results I've had with this one, you can input how you want your brainwaves to be altered and what sounds you put in, including nature sounds. Though not the most advanced, it is quite user friendly. I made a meditation tape of 30 (mantra) and 40 minutes (vipassana), with a beep after 10 minutes to do pranayama or the merkaba visualisation meditation.Quite excellent, I like to use tapes with sound because my neighbours have been sent from Hell directly to interfer with my spiritual practice, or so it seems. Geez, imagine renovation on the left, a barking shitdog on the right, an earthquake simulator above, and an echoing living room below. Thank heavens I'm moving in a month or so.

You can download a torrent or find sites online that have all the doses for free. I've tried lucid dreaming, it only woke me up (dammit). Tried marijuana, didn't feel a thing, I felt less in circuit 5 neurosomatic activity then with a half hour of normal meditation lol. Tried chakra (journey), nothing. Also this one has the most annoying sounds to listen to. The only truly positive review I've seen was by a dude who said he had a 24hour lsd trip, though he may have been joking cause you know, when you trip for 24 hours you usually have something to share. Otherwise the trips last only very shortly (under a half hour) with very mild effects. Lame (for me, could work for you I guess). The sessions are also long, 45 minutes on average, listening to bleeps and static, uch.

I downloaded this too, oh noes you leecher, well if you saw the price you'd understand. Some of these people should be locked up :p Geez. Though I much enjoyed Robert Monroe's book far journeys. I didn't get much effect. This program is focused on OBE's, I did manage to see through closed eyelids, but I got sick and tired of the tediously looong process before you even get to try an OBE. The guided sessions last a freaking hour on average and you put in a lot of work before, well, nothing might happen.

Bill Harris broke away from Monroe to focus less on experience and just drop the brainwaves to alpha and theta levels. Though it's also crazy expensive and there's a crapload of programs that go deeper step by step. Didn't work too well for me. These ones have a cool rain sound though.

Brain Sync
Brain Sync has a whole range of mp3s, some better than others. For instance the Law of Attraction tape has some HORRIBLE NEGATIVE SUGGESTIONS in it, not much, but if you play this every night before going to sleep it is NOT good. Geez you'd think these people would know that the unconscious mind can't process negation. Most are very decent though.

While not really binaural beats, Paul Scheel's paraliminal hypnosis tapes work great, put 'em in a few times and two voices talk to your left and right brains with direct and symbolic talk. The power of suggestion in light trance times two!

Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson
Has a few tracks too, I generally notice some effects but nothing to write in a bulletin or blog about, oops.

Richard Bandler's Neurosonics
Supposedly the master of language of this day (well he is fucking brilliant let's face it), having followed an entire nlp and advanced nlp course, I find the language on these tapes incredibly vague and unpractical. Too bad I expected more from the master.

William Buhlman and Dick Sutphen
Have OBE and other tapes, and I find they totally SUCK :p

Michael Harner Shamanic Drumming
I usually have such anxiety trying these powerful ones that nothing much happens. Though I did have a shamanic healing spirit journey with vivid visualisations with a live drum once.


Anonymous said...

Hm... not much communication going on, as i see... Well, better late, than never. I have a theory that connects MBTI type to hypnotic suggestability and ability to go into trance. As far as my observations go, IN (intorverted intuitive) types have a really hard time going into trance states. That goes for brainwave entrainment (binaural beats), hypnosis, self-hypnosis, deep meditation, etc. My observations are based on me (INTP), two INFP friends, and a INFJ that i know. We all haven't had much success with any of the techniques i mentioned. My theory is that by being so aware of our inner world, we just can't let go and go deeper, with all the upper-level thoughts plaguing our mental field. One thing i found is that being extremely high/stoned helps with binaural beats and hypnosis... i have never went as deep as when stoned and doing brainwave entrainment at 4Hz... Just some thoughts. Happy dedroidifying.

Dedroidify said...

I have tried all those techniques as well and have had little success on my own too. So I think your theory could be quite on the money. Thanks very much for sharing.

I have found, that yes weed helps to bring me deeper - I once nearly triggered an OBE by going to sleep after smoking a way too fat joint - but there is another way and those are through our beliefs & our attitude.

We are so focused internally automatically in analyzing what's going on and once when I really let go of my self-limiting beliefs and just everything, really letting go, I immediately had a cool vision during a meditation that's on this blog somewhere too.

Now I do this little pre-meditation routine where I state how I'm gonna approach this, and then I let go, trusting in my approach for the sake of the experiment.

By analyzing during the meditation the experiment is nullified, we can analyze before and after, letting go completely during the meditation, so no self-sabotage.

I still am in the beginning stages of using this though.

anotherReader said...

i really agree with your IN theory although I only have a loose knowledge of personality types...I've tried most of the above and found them wholly ineffective. Iknow its because when I'm in the session I'm constantly analyzing myself and asking questions such as "am i in a trance" or "is this what trance feels like" however i dont know how to stop!!! ive read and heard from friends soooo many success stories im horribly frustrated. Could you tell me the details of "completely letting go"? Because I've heard that before but no one has delved into the logistics of HOW. Any help you could give me would be GREATLY appreciated.:) thank you!

anotherReader said...

also, try brainwave generator
-its free :)

Dedroidify said...

I think the first step is to meditate without the tech, and not to expect the tech to do something for you, it only accelerates what you already are doing.

Letting go is releasing attachment. Meditate without binaurals as a relaxed observer while consciously breathing. Say to yourself, literally out loud: "Before and after this meditation I can analyze, but not during, that is not meditation, during the meditation I will let go, let go of analyzing, of thoughts and thought processes, I will be the relaxed observer from start to finish."

Let thoughts pass without intervening. If you intervene, don't fret, when you catch yourself doing it, relax, smile, and let go. See thoughts as clouds that pass a blue sky.

I would also want to clarify on my earlier comment, that I don't recommmend weed in meditation. It clogs up the airways, and does not help one to become self-relient.

I have brainwave generator but I don't bother with all the tech toys anymore.

Don't try to follow the advice, do it, do it several times, get back to me for some feedback ;)

anotherReader said...

tx thats really helpful! i vaguely remember getting into meditation (and OBE's and Self-hypnosis) at one point but the nstopped cuz i was really busy. I'll giv it another go. anyway ill be happy to giv u feedback

anotherReader said...

sorry it took a while to get back to you. i tried meditating just stting comfortably back straight using a simple focus-on-breathing technique while repeating the word"one" everytime i did a full breathe. The results were extraordinary! after about 15mins or so my mind just uncluttered and i felt lucid, free, and extremely content and at peace. I stayed like that for about 5mins with no analyzing or judging, just sitting there until i felt it was time to be done. I opened my eyes and stood up and i felt amazing! there was a project for work on which i have been severley procrastinating and all the usual mental voices that distract me and tell me to watch tv or avoid my project etc. wwere gone! I just sat down and did the project. I was not distracted, and i was unusually focused and the answers just seemed to come. I'm definitely doing this more in the future.

Gabriel said...

Binaural beats are a dedication just like meditation. Through repeated practice and attention they can affect the conciousness even if on an wholly placebic level. Im working on combining binaurals beats with spoken word. it's pretty cool. Tim leary's turn on tune in drop out with beats aimed at pineal gland stimulation. Email me if your interested and ill send a copy