Monday, January 28, 2008

Magical Egypt docu series

Magical Egypt is a great series that finally focuses on the more interesting aspects of Egypt. The series is by researcher John Anthony West, it also features Rick Strassman, Lon Milo Duquette, Robert Schoch and others.

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Among many other things, in this wonderful documentary series John Anthony West explains that Rene Schwaller 's work shows ancient Egypt was already well aware of the chakra system as well, as they built The Temple of Luxor based on it.

Magical Egypt series by John Anthony West: GV

update: All videos back on video google, click here for the search results.

Magical Egypt: 1. The Invisible Science
Magical Egypt: 2. The old & still older Kingdom
Magical Egypt: 3. Descent
Magical Egypt: 4. Temple in man
Magical Egypt: 5. Navigating the Afterlife (includes Rick Strassman DMT research)
Magical Egypt: 6. Legacy
Magical Egypt: 7. Illumination
Magical Egypt: 8. Cosmology

John Anthony West interview on Conscious Media Network about Egypt and early civilizations
Timewatch: Age of the Sphinx, with John Anthony West
John Anthony West GV
Magical Egypt clips
Robert Schoch interview on Conscious Media Network about the Pyramids

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