Thursday, January 31, 2008

Terence McKenna - Shamanic Approaches to the UFO

"I want to believe." is the title of the latest X-Files movie too. I love the X-Files, but - from a worst case perspective - this poster slogan I find rather bold & ignorant. Not to use 'belief' (which divides - ok it unites too, but only those who believe the same as you - and filters) but even worse, making people 'want to believe'.

A whole other level of confirmation bias:

which is the concept of filtering out info that doesn't agree with your BS (belief system) and only accepting what confirms previous assumptions. I find this slogan could be a big reason for a lot of ignorance in the UFO & alien researching community. 'Believe' nothing, explore everything! (I like other slogan "Trust No One" much better!)

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