Monday, January 14, 2008

Prague Gnosis: T. McKenna & Ram Dass, Sheldrake, Ring, Shulgin


This are the greatest videos I've ever seen of Terence McKenna, while in Prague he meets many people to talk about many fascinating subjects. Philosophical candy!

The psychedelic Terence McKenna and the spiritual Ram Das meet! Terence talks about Neo-Shamanism with Angeles Arrien. About the Abduction experience's resonance through history and it's relation to Near Death Experiences with psychologist Ken Ring. About Morphic Field Theory with Rupert Sheldrake (very interesting considering critical mass of enlightenment), (en)chanting Jill Purce (amazing display of sound wtf!), poet David Whyte, and about psychedelic experience with pharmacologist and author Sasha Shulgin.

Prague Gnosis 1

Prague Gnosis 2

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