Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cleveland teens missing for 10 years found - and fuck "Psychics" like Sylvia Browne

You're gonna wanna see the entire interview, it's hilarious ;p This guy is an awesome hero.

"November 2004: Amanda's mother, Louwana Miller, appears on Montel Williams show with psychic Sylvia Browne. Browne tells Miller that Amanda is dead and she sees her "in water." Devastated, Miller is told she will see Amanda "on the other side, in Heaven."

Louwana Miller died in 2006 of heart failure... "Berry's mother, Louwana Miller, who had been hospitalized for months with pancreatitis and other ailments, died in March 2006. She had spent the previous three years looking for her daughter, whose disappearance took a toll as her health steadily deteriorated, family and friends said."

And Sylvia Browne did it again here and tons of times on youtube if you look for it:

That sick lying bitch has over 36000 followers on twitter, who must be a really special kind of stupid...

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