Thursday, May 16, 2013

"The fear that drives our alien belief" by hack Caitlin Dewey, Washington Post

The Washington Post published an article not on the UFO phenomenon titled The fear that drives our alien belief (by Caitlin Dewey), but instead on the deluded people who believe in something so obviously silly. Well, that's my interpretation of her article. I am posting this because it comes on the heels of such an even-keeled article about John Mack (linked below), here's a quote:
Vanity Fair this month published a lengthy profile of Harvard psychiatrist John Edward Mack—a man who believed, implausibly, in alien abduction.
Then the author goes on to pose a question, and then answers it in a way that shows that she hadn't done any meaningful research:
What is it about UFOs that drive so many people to believe they exist despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary?
The idea that there is any evidence to the contrary, let alone overwhelming evidence to the contrary, is an assumption. Even a cursory glance at the literature reveals a superabundance of reports.

Anyway, this stuff really bothers me.
It bothers me too but at least the comments on this article also are overwhelmingly negative towards the ignorant author. Pretty soon all you'll see in the mainstream media is articles being ripped apart in the comments section until they start policing them or stop printing this bullshit. By the way, Caitlin Dewey covers social media, Internet culture, and other disparate topics for the Washington Post. What an expert on the topic then... lol. I hope she enjoyed that paycheck because I'm sure a few million people will remember her name.

Christopher Knowles from the Secret Sun sums it up perfectly:
This is exactly what I am talking about in my new essay. There are so many delusional people in the UFO field who think they can somehow make peace with the mainstream media, that somehow if they present enough evidence the media will see the light. They should know that the only people who get anywhere with alternative viewpoints are people who openly wage war on the media. That the public now holds the mainstream media to a slightly lower esteem than circus clowns and child molesters, though I realize that is a bit redundant. Bassett should have held a separate hearing kicking the the media's pointy heads in and holding particularly loathesome hacks up to ridicule and scorn. Stop trying to compromise with these idiots and set about putting them all out of business. 

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The MSM is for the ''left behind.''