Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The media's attitude toward employees on strike

Whenever people are on strike in Belgium the media likes to point out how incredibly inconvenient this is for the affected people and show an example of a good slave complaining - "Be happy you have a job" was one comment this time. Yeah, that's the point of a strike... Today it was about Swissport employees striking which caused some chaos at the airport, good! For extra effect "the management was loading the luggage today and that really deserved some recognition." - now I haven't heard that one before lol, those poor suits must have been so tired! How about job security and decent working conditions, maybe that deserves some recognition?

I really am fed up with this economic slavery bullshit. This probably goes on abroad too, in Belgium if you want a job now it's usually through a temp agency or a recruitment agency, which makes sure you never directly work for your employer which takes care of that pesky payraise you get for seniority, but also takes care of a lot of other shit that usually is in favor of the employer. I fail to see how this helps our economy by throwing so much money at a redundant intermediary, I do have no problem whatsoever in seeing how this is beneficial for the employers and shows employees just what their place is...

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