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Hello and Welcome to the Hidden Origins of Western Music(k) blog!

Does comparative symbolism bring humans any closer to “Truth”? By engaging in “synchromystic” analysis am I making progress towards something of value or am I just contributing more chaos to the world? These questions flow through my mind and I reflect upon WHY I started this website, WHAT I want to achieve, and HOW I set out to achieve it.

1. Why - I started this blog because I love music and because I am a composer of music. Over time I have become curious about the reason that I was taught to limit myself to the 12-Tone system. Rather than rebelling and rejecting Tonal Harmony, as many young composers do, I chose to look closer into its structure. I began to look around for meaningful clues regarding the “hidden origins” of Western Music.

For some reason, no information that I read in books or online could quite “scratch the itch” of this mystery. It is up to me, then, to clearly articulate the core questions regarding Western musical symbolism and try to answer them for myself. No one else can or will do it for me.

Music is universal to every culture, it potentially inspires a sense of awe and magical beauty, generating love and connection between humans. I noticed that it has lately been used in the mainstream as a tool for separation and thoughtlessness, encouraging mindless behavior and militaristic aggression (blastbeats?). Who is behind this force? Is toxic music the byproduct of toxic composers?


2. What I want to achieve: We can take back our power by unplugging from preconditioned ideas of what music is (and what it is not). This has already been taking place for several decades and I am simply a link in the chain. Some theorists have brought into my awareness the thoughtful use of Noise and Silence as an alternative to the Western system of Tonality.

Today, musical conventions in the Western world are still based on 12-Tone subdivision of the Octave - Guitar, Bass, piano… Percussion is based on halves (whole/half/quarter/eight) and triplets (3/6/9/12). In both cases we’re dealing with eight and twelve, which are what I would call “loaded numbers”.

I apologize upfront for any miscommunications that take place over the course of this blog… My research is not infallible, nor am I coming to this information with an exhaustive understanding of mythology, psychology, conspiracy, ufology, and the rest of it. What I offer, for free, is the daily research I do into the mystery of Life from a musical perspective.

3. How I do it - Synchromysticism - COMPARING… SYMBOLS… TO… EACH… OTHER…

Mythology, Alternative History, Friendly Secret Societies, Alien Technology, Structural Hierarchy, Pop Culture and Metaphysics all share common symbolic components: Words, Letters, Numbers, Lines, Color, Complex patterns… Music Notes, Chords, and Rhythms are no less an intimate part of this symbol set. Can ideas of harmonious balance between these symbolic components of the whole be separated from theories of Musical Harmony? Of course not…

Finally, I welcome all synchronauts and metaphysicians to join in on this comparative music(k)ological research.

“”Now, make no mistake, any idiot can do ‘free association’ just as anyone can bang on the keys of the piano. But that’s a far cry from actually being able to make harmonious music out of it - be it musical instruments or conceptual associations/coincidences.” -

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