Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jordan Maxwell - Magic Mushroom

Jordan Maxwell - Magic Mushroom


Black Light in the Attic Podcast said...

Personally, I think Maxwell is off of his rocker! He's tells a good yarn and draws some interesting connections, but what the fuck does he really say when you step back and take a look? I just see a whole network of occult connections and self-agreeing statements and no real, practical information. There aren't any real ideas about "what to do about it all" and to me that is a waste of time.

He would be a totally entertaining dude to hang out with while on mushrooms though! He should offer his services to psychonauts across the world, just rapping about whatever while you're loaded on shrooms! Fuck yeah. . .good find though, I'd be interested to hear more about his ideas of the mushrooms, has he taken them I wonder?

Dedroidify said...

So your problem with him is he doesn't have all the answers? ;p Who the hell does? ;p What can we do practically? I just spread information, learn, evolve, and try to enjoy my life and not take (any) reality too seriously.

I think he has, think I heard him say that somewhere.