Monday, December 29, 2008

The Structure of Consciousness, Part One: Archetypes and Circuits

Check out this post from Druid Journal:
"This is the first of a series of posts on how human consciousness is structured. There are dozens of hypotheses from all over the world about how consciousness can be raised, lowered, changed, and so forth. In this series, I’d like to present some of my favorites: mythological archetypes, the Leary eight-circuit model, western astrology, the chakra system, Rudolf Steiner’s ideas, David Hawkins’s 12 levels of consciousness, and the Tarot. I’m going to describe them briefly and try to integrate them into a single model. (Then I’m going to try to run a 1.5-minute mile, fly to the moon, and cure cancer. Then I’ll have breakfast.) This is going to be challenging, but fun."


Anonymous said...

cheers for this link.

I was just writing a summary on how the tarot can be used as a representation of the 22 major experiences that we undergo as human beings. This will make a nice complement to that.


Dedroidify said...

Excellent! Interesting blog ya got there, cheers!