Friday, April 3, 2009

Daily Show's Jon Stewart vs Jim Cramer & NBC

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Jim Cramer Unedited Interview Pt. 1
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Daily Show Jim Cramer Unedited Interview Pt. 1 (3 parts) (full interview in 1 part)

Hat tip to Renegade Futurist


Indras Net said...

this is hegelian dialectics at its best, hit people with the crisis, then hit them with the comedians who say what they wish they could say to the man, they laugh and feel satisfied, and the capstone gets heavier, the worlds a stage

lovin the posts as always be well deroid

skrambo said...

Indras - Agreed. That's what they're paid for, right..?

Jim said he's not a "true homosapien"... I wonder what that meant!