Monday, April 13, 2009

A Modern-Day Occult Themes MMORPG: The Secret World

from Gamespot: The Secret World will be unlike any other massively multiplayer game that has come before it. No, really. Instead of taking place in some kind of far-flung future or a high-fantasy world, it will take place in modern times, or as game director Ragnar Tornquist describes it, "a world of contemporary dark fantasy." You'll begin the game as an average person living in the real world, starting out in one of the game's three starter areas (New York City, Seoul, or London), and you'll lead a normal life, until you discover that all the urban legends and old wives' tales that used to frighten you as a child are very real and, in some cases, very dangerous. Dark forces are looking to take over the world, and your character has been chosen to join the fight.

One of the most intriguing aspects of The Secret World is the game's fiction, which, according to Tornquist, "goes back 100 million years" and involves everything from the Knights Templar to Pandora's box to the Garden of Eden to the Fountain of Youth to the Freemasons, and just about every other myth that has ever been tied to a conspiracy theory or occult investigation. Your character will be a freelancing adventurer who gets thrust into the world to seek out clues as to who's behind each unexplainable phenomenon as well as to duel with vampires, ghouls, and other bizarre critters that go bump in the night.

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skrambo said...

"just about every other myth that has ever been tied to a conspiracy theory or occult investigation"

Since when are the Freemasons and the Knights Templar a myth?

Michael Skaggs said...

Hey bro!

Wow, I didn't know about this one! "Dark days are coming?" WTF? I am a bit split on this one, IF we are correct in theorizing that reflecting and rehashing the past is keeping us in a perpetual round and round she goes circle/cycle of energy, is this contributing to it?

I will admit,this sounds very intriguing, and the graphics look phenomenal, but will they be reproducing rituals that will take place before some unknowing teenager, robbing them of their psychic energy? Or what? Like I said, split on this one...

thanks for showing us!
Peace man.

Warrior said...

Good points. Everything needs to be questioned. It will definately rob anyone of time that could be used to educate and inform.