Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Derren Brown: Car Crash

Youtube link, no embedding. Vid info: A woman is made to witness her own death in a car crash with a surreal out-of-body experience...

Warning for sensitive viewers. Way over the top, that was not entertaining at all.


skrambo said...

I've been in a car accident before (passenger seat, dumbass driver was texting and driving too fast and we crashed downhill into the back of a car that had stopped for a dog running into the road) and even though it was somewhat minor, the reality of it made me question my entire life. It's not really anything to play around with and I can't see this being anything other than absolute trauma for the poor woman even though she didn't actually experience it she experienced the consequence of something she didn't have any hand in deciding (besides inviting Derren Brown into her life, but I can imagine she sure as hell wasn't expecting that type of mind game).

So you can hypnotize people over the phone... Good to know.

Dedroidify said...

Yeah I agree about the poor woman. If Derren had done that to me he'd better have had some protection with him when telling me.

Of course hypnosis can be done over the phone (or skype, I'm still offering :p), though I think the sleep sound trigger they used was pre-prepped in earlier meets. There are other Derren Brown vids where people pick up the phone and fall asleep right away, but who knows how that was done, tv and all.