Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hard work good, and hard work fine but first take care of Head

Sorry for the low amount of posts, but between work, therapy (website on the way!) and my other duties there's not a lot of time for the blog, but the good news is I have a lot of ideas for posts lined up and I'll hope to get to 'em starting thursday. Peace!

Here's some random ranting:
Btw, do you get up in the morning and go to sleep at night? Maybe you have the Mexican flu?! "Andale, andale, come on mayn let us in we won't start no trouble."
Maybe the car in the Netherlands never aimed for the royal bus, cause it sure didn't look like it to me.
"Economic crisis" sounds a lot better than "wiping out the middle class".
Guy Verhofstadt, former prime minister of Belgium wrote a book and has the solution for the crisis, more power for Europe! More globalisation, and less protectionism. It's called protectionism for a reason Guy, please crawl back to that dark hole you were in.
A politician for the new rebel party (actual issues, though the verdict is still out), LDD in Belgium went to the biggest party VLD and went back to LDD after the LDD nearly lost their government funding and said the VLD misled him. The newspapers are chewing him up and spitting them out, just like anything LDD related.
update: A paper with signature of VLD people promising big pay and an election spot was uncovered, this is how one 'prominent journalist' Ivan Sonck commented: "maybe LDD sent him to spy at the VLD." Shameless lol...
Speaking of controlled media, corrupt crybaby Berlusconi demanding a public apology from his wife who wants to divorce him, rofl. Did you know one of the reasons she wants a divorce is he put a bunch of "young shameless sluts who do anything on command" on election lists, and then took 'em off again. Italian politics imploding in 3... 2... no, still fucking crazy.
You know what gives me most hope for the upcoming Belgian election, also fucking crazy considering these losers couldn't even form a government for a few years, is that the propaganda in my entire building goes straight from mailbox to the carton box with paper trash.
See you soon! Check out the archives, there's not a human being on the planet who's seen every post here! Except for me, if you wanna call me human, peace!

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Michael Skaggs said...

Love it when you rant bro!

Keep it real my friend!
Glad you like the banner.

Peace out in 6..5..4..;)