Wednesday, May 27, 2009

V Remake - Upfront Trailer

V - Upfront Trailer

Hat tip to Solar Satellite

Here's a post on the first part of the original miniseries, I still can't find the second part of it with audio in sync so if anyone has a linky I'd love it!


BCii said...

This trailer hit me like a punch to the gut. -This- kind of material is being programmed into the mainstream consciousness already??? Makes one wonder how close we really might be to first contact... I was thinking -maybe- ten-fifteen years... but this looks serious. Like we could be on the fast track for real. Whew! Pretty intense.

Dedroidify said...

lol, it's an 80s remake :p

BCii said...

Yeah, I figured that out by now. XD

Read a so-called "review" on AICN. LOL @the Talkback.

But still. Softening us up. Programming the mass consciousness. Truth as fiction - discrediting and/or opening the door. There's always an agenda.

I was just shocked at how many elements were so close to the truth.

It bugs me, though, that the critical, hyperdimensional aspect is still ignored. Can't give people too much truth at a time, I guess - and the Lizzies and stuffs would be very unhappy if we all suddenly wised up to their game, lol! :o)

Unknown said...

Great. Just what we need, another "Hollywood Subliminal" remake. Yes, give it enough time, if we last that long, and the new generation that didn't grow up with this stuff, will be exposed to all the old TV series & movies...again. New young minds to taint with lots of bullshit. Oh well. I love Sci-Fi but V was never one of my favorites. Didn't like it the first time around.

I liked the old "Outer Limits" from the sixties better (which I watched as a young teen). Thought it was good back then. I have even viewed a few 1963/1964 episodes on HuLu TV lately & still enjoyed them. Then I watched a few of the newer remakes of the series from the 90's. As usual, the remake seems less creative, less content & just more crapy brain washing.

As for first mean we haven't already? lol


BCii said...

Mmm. I'm a child of the 90s, myself, and we never had TV at all in our house, thank goodness. Gave all that brainwashing garbage the slip, I did. I devoured books instead. :D

As for first contact, you know I meant the out-in-the-open kind. Which would only be "first" contact in the context of our amnesic modern memory, anyway...

And yeah, what good are little bits of truth if they're presented inaccurately, out of context, and mixed with bullshit? Not much. Especially taking into account the agenda of mind programming for whatever purpose "They" have... >.>

All the same, there's still the small potential for shows like this to help awaken a few... maybe... the ones that are waking up regardless, I suppose. But all in all, it's just more MCS (Matrix Control System).