Friday, September 4, 2009

Canibus - One Ought Not To Think

Canibus - One Ought Not To Think (lyrics at link in vid info)

Thanks Corbeau


Anonymous said...

Thanks D!

'Bis is probably the greatest lyricist in hip hop history. A great thinker. Inquisitive thoughts.


Anonymous said...

The eagle has landed, Wernher von Braun handpicked//
The evil bastard called
Magnum Innominandum


Dedroidify said...

Yeah Andre, I posted about him before here

was then wondering about him joining the army lol, I now read on wiki his 'superiors' saw him smoking weed and he was discharged LOL, honor to his name!

Excellent Corbeau, been a while since I read some HP!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was wondering about why he ventured there, but maybe he used the experience as part of his investigation of the system.

My favorite 'Bis: Curriculum 101.

Anonymous said...

BTW, i noticed after posting that the link to CC wasnt worth much.
I apologize.

There seems to be a lot of interesting elements in his music.
For example his possible use of Phi.


Dedroidify said...

Heh, infiltration ;)

I'll check that out!

Corbeau yeah that was a funny thread ;) I'll check out the other one out too

peace guys