Monday, September 14, 2009

Psychonaut Entourage

Ari: I never wanted to do a drug that made me lose control.
Vince: You don't lose control Ari, just all of your stresses.
Johnny: Exactly. At this moment, none of us have a care in the world... hahaha!

Season 5 episode 5: "Tree Trippers"
Vince, debating over whether to take the big studio picture Smokejumpers, about forest-firefighters, goes with the guys and Ari in search clarity and guidance in the arid expanse of Joshua Tree National Park, with psychedelic mushrooms and their friend Eric Roberts. Lloyd agrees to watch Ari's house while Mrs. Gold and the kids are away, but Lloyd and his boyfriend use Ari's house to throw a party. Ari has a bad reaction to the mushrooms and gets lost at Joshua Tree. But eventually, on the way back, Vince uses his hallucinogenic experience to make a career choice. Excellent use of entheogens in a tv show with some hilarious scenes. Just found these four clips from the episode which don't do it justice. Also, in an earlier episode of the show, Johnny "Drama" Chase mentions "the Secret" without anyone really mocking it, the best character to do so cause his attitude gets him into loads of hilarious trouble.

Vince enjoys a synchronicity as he sees himself as one of the firefighters they cross on the road, after they've supposedly come down mostly.

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