Friday, September 18, 2009

Richard Hoagland: Parsons, Crowley, NASA & the Occult


Dennis/87 said...

Good job. Lot's to ponder. Shine forth rave souls! 87

John Anderson said...

Sorry....but this video is ridiculous. Hoagland has regarding Crowley and Parsons spiritual path. He does not have his facts straight.
It feels like he took very small pieces of information and generated his own conclusions. I know you post these videos for us to come to our conclusions, but I feel strongly that an obvious misrepresentation of facts should not be encouraged. In no time Hoagland will be on Coast to Coast am and the listeners will be completely enthralled and worse yet, believe him. A little education and common sense goes a long way.

Dedroidify said...

Well that's an opinion too. I get these comments all the time, and I just have no pity for people who believe anything. That's why I have the blog header.