Thursday, September 24, 2009

'The Resistance' bigger than Beatles in Belgium

Muse's latest album 'The Resistance' jumped to number 1 in Belgium out of nowhere and sold over 4 times as much copies of their new album as did the Beatles of their latest box set, despite the Beatles enormous and before unseen marketing campaign. Excerpt from article:

Crazy Genius
Singer Matt Bellamy is together with psychologist Gaia Polloni, and next to being her partner he's also an interesting study case. The singer claims he receives visits at home - a villa once belonging to the 19th century composer Bellini - from Chopin and that he's greatful for his entire lifeline to the visions he received from entheogenic mushrooms as a twentier.

Next to this Bellamy is an "fervant adherer to conspiracy theories". 'Unnatural Selection' is about the theory that the royal family of England descends from alien reptilians and at home he has a closet with 50 cans of beans and an axe. "I read somewhere that when they shut off England from the world, there's be no more food after a week. Those beans are for the hunger. The axe is for when I want to break the blockade." Source: HLN Belgium

The partly image from the article is a zoom of drummer Dominic Howard's t-shirt of a skeleton carrying the burden of an inverted Illuminati Pyramid.

Muse also had a great performance on the VMA's as the cameras went across the street to where they were performing. Matt Bellamy has said he wants to write the next James Bond song too. So here's the plan to wake people up musically, get insanely popular and later, then really start talking about stuff that matters, it's a lot harder to be censored when you're this big.

They were number one in 16 countries in total btw.

More Muse News:
Oh this is GOLDEN: Muse singer Matt Bellamy swaps places with drummer on Italian TV

The lead singer and drummer of rock band Muse switched places for a performance on Italian television, after being told to mime.

If the presenter noticed the (muse) ruse she did not let on – the band left the stage with the studio and television audience apparently unaware that they had been duped.

This was not the first time the band have sabotaged (? :p) their own television performances after being told they must mime rather than play live. In 2001 Howard and bass player Chris Wolstenholme swapped instruments for an appearance on BBC children's television show Live & Kicking.

Muse are known for their theatrical and energetic stage shows and have been acclaimed as one of Britain's finest live bands.

(Also check out Nirvana - Smells like Teen Spirit 'live' on Top of the Pops)

Muse Discuss The Resistance, Their 'Very Personal' New Album

"I think it's quite a departure from what we've done in the past," drummer Dominic Howard said. "There's lots of different styles of music that we tried out. There's different styles of music that we feel like we've never come across before. And, well ... we've got a big symphony on there. It's a three-part symphony right at the end of the album, which is this very kind of, like, ambitious, very orchestral huge piece of music which is a pretty hard task to take on, but ended up sounding great."

Howard was speaking of "Exogenesis," which is, indeed, a three-part symphony complete with an "Overture," a second act called "Cross-Pollination" and a finale called "Redemption." With swelling, dramatic strings and classical piano runs worthy of Chopin or Rachmaninoff, operatic vocals and searching lyrics about escaping the bounds of earthly gravity, the songs are indeed beyond ambitious, which is nothing new for a group of guys who have been forthright about their desire to conquer the globe with their Cinemascope sound.

"I think the structure of the album has a mild, loose narrative ... which is something different to what we've done before," frontman Matthew Bellamy explained. "I wouldn't say it's a pure concept album, but it's definitely got a few themes which go throughout. Themes like revolution, uprising, wanting political change, constitutional reform ... as well as a sort-of, kind-of love story developing in the midst of all that."

Bellamy said the album is a kind of musical companion to "1984," the classic George Orwell novel about a lone man's rebellion against a controlling totalitarian government. But, despite those far-reaching, worldly themes, Howard said that at its heart, The Resistance, which was produced by the band, is really a personal statement. "We did a song called 'Undisclosed Desires,' which is very kind of programmed and much more electronic-sounding than anything we've ever done before," he said. "And we produced it all by ourselves as well, so I think for that it sounded very, very personal and also gave us a chance to feel very comfortable to experiment with all these ideas and ... you know, somehow we finished it."

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