Thursday, June 30, 2011

Osdorp Posse

Oldschool Dutch hip hop I listened to in the nineties that formed a cornerstone of my early real education, they rapped about music, the system, speaking from the heart, love, and much later 9/11, ancient astronauts and much more. Check out the first two crazy flowing songs, even if you don't speak dutch you can recognize how good this hip hop is.

Zo Simpel - De Goeie in het Vloeie - Mic Check - Godvoordomme/Waarom altijd Waarom/Echte Liefde - Sleur - Onkwetsbaarheid is Eenzaamheid - Harder dan te Hard - Hulp met Eigen Gevaar - (Weer) Geen Clubhit - Biobakmuziek - Bietbijters en ouwe koekhappers - Vragen aan Bush - Geen Spijt - Hardcore Blijft - Hoofdschakelaar - Verwoorde Verwarring - Gewone Boerenlul - Prostitutie - Def P: Annunaki

I tried translating the lyrics and including some in the post but the magic gets lost in translation a bit, so if you really want to use google translate for the lyrics or learn dutch or something ;)

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