Thursday, June 23, 2011

What's going on!

Woooooo, first of all big thanks to Keith B!

I'm finally living at my new place since a few days, still crazy busy with installing & organizing the place etc. I'm really enjoying it here, it's a totally different lay-out than my last appartement and living room so feels very new, and it's a real cozy place with a nice terrace in the back. Great neighborhood too, very open and green compared to the big city row-house street I'm coming from, and close to the beach and dunes (SANDWORMS!). Posting won't be returning back to normal right away but I'm working on getting there asap!

Alienpunk and yours truly also went to see Sublime with Rome and it was great fun, we were in two traffic jams cause of accidents and were on the road for six hours getting there but made it just in time, the opener band Jaya the Cat had just finished when we arrived and we had just enough time to get ourselves a drink and get a good spot! Cause of the fun we were having catching up etc we barely even noticed we were on the road this long, it was the GPS that showed us cause we noticed we took an hour to drive five kilometers to an exit :P Great concert & road trippy, awesome vibes and everybody shaked and sang along to the old songs. Thanks again for the fun Alienpunkdizzle!

Here is a huge post with lots of links to live performances including most if not all from the Effenaar gig by Alienpunk.


SURESHOT1978 said...

Thats Awesome SAUCE DUDER!!

Quick Question
what country do you live in?
& secondly i have spent
Going on Months now
Exploring your Sight..
that was not a TYPO or a Miss use of the word.

i said SIGHT & not SITE
because its like im looking at the world through
a different frame of mind.

your collection of Musings, both Introspective & Observational
have really Rattled my Head
& shook something loose..

i almost feel like i lost my BABY TEETH.

the Phrase:
has taken a new meaning.

i am more conscious of
my Awareness & my ability to Question.

ill give you 1 example because this post has already run long -

i was watching the TV & i saw a commercial for a LAW FIRM that
was asking people that suffered ADVERSE effects from a Medication to call them for a Class action Lawsuit.. so you can get compensation for your Suffering
& then it Rattled of a LAUNDRY LIST of Symptoms for an Anxiety Pill,
& it HIT ME!!!

what if the Drug company's use us as guinea pigs in drug experiments that nobody would participate in
and sign a waiver for..

you took the Drugs & then the
Class action Lawsuit you signed
said well give you money for
your suffering..

and once the people see the check they SIGN the dotted line.
Manufactured Consent!

me llamo
sure shot!!

im sorry i ran so long dude.
wont happen again.

Dedroidify said...

I'm from Belgium

lol at Websight haha, I made my own wordplay in the next post with Bearthplace x)