Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dreams can be hilarious

What if I told you I had a dream last week, and I realized I was dreaming in this dream, and decided to sit down, and call upon my "HGA". So I do this, and do my breathing and kundalini visualising exercise as I repeat a mantra calling on my HGA. And suddenly I hear and feel a buzzing of energy, but nothing happens, so I just keep at it removing lust of result, and the buzzing and whirling starts again. And suddenly I'm in a forest, with the image of the fictional Pai Mei, and I ask him, "should I really pursue this NLP career?" And his answer was, while skipping about between some trees, and I shit you not: "yeah yeah sure, I'll keep you motivated, and read some Castaneda."
LOL. I woke up laughing out loud. So nearly finished with The Teaching of Don Juan :p, already heard the 3 audiobooks circling around the web years ago which I will re-listen to, will read the rest too lol. No idea what I'm supposed to get from this material but hey! Can't hurt lol.


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Just before you posted this,I had sent away for the book "Don Juan and the Art of Sexual Energy: The Rainbow Serpent of the Toltecs" by Merilyn Tunneshende.Not that I have ever read any of Castaneda's works,because I heard he was a bit of a charlatan.Plus I was watching this old "Kung-Fu" clip starring David Carridine,as well.

"Coincidence" ???

Unknown said...

ahhaha, oh man that's awesome. I wish half my "useful" dreams were that hilarious.

Dedroidify said...

CoincidAnce lol.