Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jake Kotze: The JFK Stargate Mega Ritual

Syncnificant list of Synchromystic connections of by Jake Kotze, check the comments for a few more connections. I really loved this bit:

This is a wonderful opportunity to attempt to explain a most subtle point about synchronicity and symbolism. "King-Kill 33" highlights in my mind the most pervasive error found in synchromysticism and related esoteric/conspiracy circles. This error, one that I have suffered under myself, veils a giant festering neurosis that needs to be brought into the light of consciousness in order for it to heal.

The error is this:
Finding symbolism and synchronicity that resonates with a certain group or subject (like Masonry) and then attributing its wellspring to similarly resonating entities instead of the true source of all symbols, Being or consciousness itself.
Attributing a thing or form as source for stuff in space/time, when all emanates from beyond thought and form.

Masonry (and any mystery school or order) did not and cannot create anything, Being (pure unconditioned consciousness) beyond thought and form creates and animates all things (symbols, signs, synchronicity). Masonry can adopt symbols, images and themes that resonate powerful forces and mysterious life cycles. It can however not claim singular authorship of these forces or there associated symbols.

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