Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hello? This Is Your Light-Worker Calling

By Ted Twietmeyer from
Interesting article with interesting reader responses on the New Age Belief System and its more ridiculous aspects. I think some readers here might have a nervous reaction to this post and I suggest if you wanted to skip this to just read it anyway cause it's a great exercise in tolerance and some self-criticism can only make you reconsider some aspects of your BS and make you smarter. Can't say I agree with everything in there but then again I don't discard any of it either. That's the whole philosophy here ;-)


Anonymous said...

There's a lot of negative / controlling types that infiltrate the well-meaning and in some cases honestly-really-connected to their immortal souls folks that are involved in the many branches of things that 'new age' covers;

the article makes a good point about possession and cults - but that isn't the point of what the nice ones are encouraging people to do, which is more about connecting with their own selves - yourself before you incarnated and after you die; that kinda thing.
I've met plenty of folks masquerading as that type of new-ager, who are really just about making money and / or stealing souls.

The article also tells a total lie about LSD though - and those promoting that lie are very much the same as the negative types that are taking advantage of the likes of new-age workshops.

It's a common mind-control lie to make LSD out to be some invention of the totalitarian military aspects of intl, when really they just aquirred it as one of many agents they wished to use as a truth drug - they got a shock (some of them did anyway) when they realised that the kind of truths they were getting out of people were about the actual totality of their actions as employees of such dodgy organisations; thus began the campaign to smear psychedelics as dangerous drugs. Because they were far too truthful in effect.

At any rate, even if that isn't believed, further facts are that LSD in its natural form and a whole wide variety of other such substances have been utilised by humans since - ever, in order to clear the mind, or cure, or astral travel, or commune with spirits, and so on. There's absolutely no truth to the notion that the new-ages core subjects, or LSD, were a creation of any intl like organisations.

Indeed - if Native American (all the continent) spiritual ideas are read of, they sound very similar to many of the shamanic verse about starseeds - it can sound odd to folks used only to speaking in the forked tounge; by that I mean an examination of the languages themselves and how they are structured reveals that they are very different to how English is structured. There are some languages where it's almost impossible to lie.

One text to look at on that would be Secrets of Mayan Science / Religion by Hunbatz Men - it discusses things like how Mayan is constructed so that the opposite of what is being said - by its sound / pronounciation - is the opposite in meaning also.

**also - contrary to what the author seems to think - the 'secret govt.' types are scared shitless by the right kind of 'new-agers', because they know what they've done spiritually can't be hidden from those folks. I don't like to use this term (cause it's contrary to what shepherding actually is) but since it's known what it refers to I will - they (the 'secret govt.' types) rely on their 'sheeple' to not mirror back at them the actual truth of what they are doing; the 'sheeple' aren't able to do that because they're under a mindspell that prevents them from seeing anything clearly.

Dedroidify said...

I agree with ya, I didn't wanna force my thoughts on everyone from the get go.

I think the LSD & Leary comments are ridiculous, LSD has been a mind expanding excellent tool and if Leary was a government stooge there's one big problem they tend to ignore: his entire life lol.

Anonymous said...

If in doubt, go to the source - the judicious use of entheogenic plant medicines will set you right and reconnect you with Gaia/Sophia.

Everything else reeks of mediated confusion avoiding a direct connection to your higher self and to that of the Planet.