Sunday, March 23, 2008

Funny Prayers for Myers Briggs Types

This is pretty funny (the prayers below), Myers Briggs Types is a personality questionnaire designed to identify certain psychological differences according to the typological theories of Carl Gustav Jung as published in his 1921 book Psychological Types.

While many academic psychologists have criticized the indicator in research literature, claiming that it "lacks convincing validity data," (how can subjective data be scientific, why should it have to be? Is everything that's subjective not science? Surely not.) proponents of the test cite unblinded anecdotal predictions of individual behavior.

I suggest you take this test, see what can help you in becoming a better person - but don't "learn" new problems ;p just because your type has these. I've seen people take this test and instead of learning from it they used it as an excuse for new weaknesses. It can help you to understand a lot of your behaviour and others too. Providing for more tolerance.

4 Questions Test (not that easy for a lot of ppl though)
Longer Test (for people who can't answer the 4Q one)
PersonalityPage with lots of great info
Typelogic with more info

I'm an INFJ by the way. (Like Carl Jung himself, and Gandhi and Jesus too, LOL)

Here's the funny:
ISTJ: Lord help me to relax about insignificant details beginning tomorrow at 11:41.23 am e.s.t.
ISTP: God help me to consider people's feelings, even if most of them ARE hypersensitive.
ESTP: God help me to take responsibility for my own actions, even though they're usually NOT my fault.
ESTJ: God, help me to not try to RUN everything. But, if You need some help, just ask.
ISFJ: Lord, help me to be more laid back and help me to do it EXACTLY right.
ISFP: Lord, help me to stand up for my rights (if you don't mind my asking).
ESFP: God help me to take things more seriously, especially parties and dancing.
ESFJ: God give me patience, and I mean right NOW.
INFJ: Lord help me not be a perfectionist. (did I spell that correctly?)
INFP: God, help me to finish everything I sta
ENFP: God,help me to keep my mind on one th-Look a bird-ing at a time.
ENFJ: God help me to do only what I can and trust you for the rest. Do you mind putting that in writing?
INTJ: Lord keep me open to others' ideas, WRONG though they may be.
INTP: Lord help me be less independent, but let me do it my way.
ENTP: Lord help me follow established procedures today. On second thought, I'll settle for a few minutes.
ENTJ: Lord, help me slow downandnotrushthroughwatIdo.


Anonymous said...

Same here,(INFJ). According to this test we are "The Conspiracy Theorist":

Dedroidify said...

lol that site is funny but anything but positive. Holy crap! And I can't stand everything about Julia Roberts lol. Come to think of it Jesus & Gandhi were conspiracy researchers too (I hate the word theorist).

Anonymous said...

there's a great free resource at