Tuesday, March 25, 2008

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Adam Curtis: Century of the Self
Adam Curtis: Power of Nightmares
Adam Curtis: The Trap (What happened to our Dreams of Freedom?)
Alan Watts: Time
Aldous Huxley: Language
America: Freedom to Fascism
Bill Hicks: Standup Comic
Brian Greene's Elegant Universe
Chakras: Energy Centers
Chris Rock: Never Scared
Crazy Rulers of the World
DMT: The Spirit Molecule
DisinfoCon presentations
Entheogen: Divine Within
Esoteric Agenda
Esoteric Science Roundtable
ESR - Occult Warfare
George Carlin: Standup Comic
George Harrison: Living in the Material World
GodsOtherDevil: Sex Soul Musick
Grant Morrison: Interview & Excerpts
Grant Morrison: Magick & Aliens
Inside Job (about the Economic Crisis)
Iraq For Sale
Jacques Fresco Future by Design
Jacques Fresco Paradise or Oblivion
James Arthur: Mushrooms and Mankind
Jill Bolte Taylor: How it feels to have a Stroke
Jordan Maxwell
Ken Wilber: Integral Theory
Kundalini: Sex the Secret Gate to Eden
Kymatica (Esoteric Agenda sequel)
LSD: The Beyond Within
Magical Egypt Series by John Anthony West
Magical Mystery Tour
Manufacturing Consent
Merchants of Cool
Michael Tsarion: Media Symbolism
Michio Kaku: String Theory
Naomi Wolf: End of America
One Step Beyond: Sacred Mushroom
Pharmacratic Inquisition
Philosophy : Guide to Happiness
Philip K. Dick Day in the Afterlife
Power of Dreams
Psychedelic Science
Psychotropic Drugs
Robert Anton Wilson Maybe Logic
RedIceCreations: Longetivity and the Grail
Richard Alan Miller: Your World and Consciousness
Rik Clay RedIceCreations Interview
Sacred Weeds
Secret America's Beginnings (Francis Bacon)
Secrets of Sleep
Secrets of the Occult
Shamans of the Amazon
Stuart Davis Show
Synchromystic Seallion
Synchromystic SoundlessDawn
Temporary Autonomous Zones
Terence  McKenna
Terence McKenna: Prague Gnosis
Terence McKenna: Shamanic Approaches to UFOs
Terrorstorm: False Flag History
Thomas Campbell: My big TOE (Theory of Everything)
US vs John Lennon
Victory of the Soul over Circumstance
Waking Life
World according to Monsanto
Yellow Submarine
Zeitgeist: Exposing Religion, Money, False Flag Ops
Zeitgeist: Addendum
Zeitgeist Movement: Orientation Presentation

Alan Moore Mindscape
Bill Hicks: Life is just a Ride
Bill Hicks: Politics
Bill Hicks: Positive LSD Story
Chris Rock: War on Terror
Dedroidify 8 Circuit Model
Doug Stanhope: Standup Comic
14 Characteristics of Fascism
George Carlin: American BS
George Carlin: Country Owners
God's Other Devil
Ignored Warning
Iraq: Kill Everybody
James Inman: Standup Comic
JFK: Secret Service Stand Down
JFK: Secret Societies
John Lilly: Center of Mandala
Know your Enemy
KRS One: Second Quarter
How to Rig an Election
Matrix: The Red Pill
M. Badnarik: How much is enough?
Money is Fake
Osho: BS
Physical is the Illusion
Robert Anton Wilson
RAW: Cosmic Schmuck
RAW: Joy of Art
RAW: Pessimists vs Optimists
RAW: Quantum Physics
Rick Strassman: DMT
Scapegoat the Mass Media
Shpongle & Joe Rogan: DMT
Stanislav Grof
T. McKenna: Culture is your O.S.
T. McKenna: On Conspiracy
T. McKenna: Reclaim your Mind
Thoughts from Within
T. Leary: Operate your Brain
T. Leary: Think for Yourself
Tool: 46 & 2
Turn off your TV
V for Vendetta Speech
Wayne Dyer: Life after Birth
We will not be Silenced

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